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And They Were Not Ashamed

by the famous

Laura Brotherson

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“Friendship is a vital and wonderful part of courtship and marriage. A relationship between a man and a woman that begins with friendship and then ripens into romance and eventually marriage will usually become an enduring, eternal friendship. Nothing is more inspiring in todays world of easily dissolved marriages than to observe a husband and wife quietly appreciating and enjoying each others friendship year in and year out as they experience together the blessings and trials of mortality.”

We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage! Right? Along with that, I can’t imagine anyone’s sex life being perfect either! Right? Well maybe some of yours are!? {WINK WINK} Either way, would you like to learn a little more on how to really connect with your spouse in this area?

Ever wonder how to talk to your children about sex? Ours are babies and we’re getting nervous for that day already! 🙂

Do you work with teenagers at school or church? Do you ever get asked questions about sex that you are unsure how to answer “safely” without spilling the conversation beans or TOO MUCH INFO?

This book would be perfect for you if you have answered “YES” to any or all of these questions!

Let us share with you… or shall we say, “let Laura share her advice with you!”

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First!! Our favorite part of this book has to be when Laura talks about “Becoming One-Emotional Intimacy…” which is what every woman wants right? Things like… date night, accepting yourself, forgiving and accepting your spouse, nurturing your friendship, loving in the right Love Language, communication, and creating marriage traditions!  She is so good at sharing her advice as well as giving suggestions for all these things… even date night! 😉 It was amazing to me when I thought about all the areas that could help my marriage AND the areas that have helped my own marriage already! Also, after every chapter, there is a homework section which is so genius! Such a fun activity for every couple to get to know each other *better*! You simply answer questions about the chapters topic and discuss it with your spouse afterwards so you are both on the same page! Besides emotional intimacy, she also covers spiritual intimacy and physical intimacy in depth. These are three key factors to a great marriage!

An amazingly true quote on Real Love… Dr. Harville Hendrix has described the state of real love as a spiritual experience with “many moments of ecstatic highs… an immense sense of well-being, a ‘relaxed joyfulness’ [and]… vibrant aliveness” {DON’T YOU  ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT??} He contends, “Real love lasts! It is built upon the rock of character change, which makes it possible to hold the experience and maintain it when the storms come.”

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Ever heard of the “good girl” syndrome? This book is incredible at explaining the importance of having a good sex life in your marriage! Some of you can probably relate to the good girl syndrome, feeling like sex may be more evil than good. You were always told to wait for marriage or that “special” person.  So if you did, when you do finally tie the knot, all of a sudden it’s ok??? Yes it is!! Laura explains very, very well how it is a gift from God, and it is a great thing in all marriages!! Seasoned marriages OR new ones!

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One of the big reasons we volunteered to read this book was for the excellent advice on speaking to your children about sex. It seems more and more children are engaging in sexual activities at younger ages. Teen pregnancy rates are up, soon it will be 10 and 11 year olds having babies. If you are ok with that, that’s completely up to you. {LOL} I, Wendy, would prefer my kids enjoyed their childhood as kids and not parents. So, I was super interested in how to teach my kids about sex. Letting them know it is natural and good, but that it is special and that they should wait until they are married.  I love love love the angle Laura takes on this.  And They Were Not Ashamed gives very educational classy suggestions on how to speak to any future generation child about this important topic. Well worth the reading… I promise!

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This book has so much information, it is hard to review just a few parts of it. We think any marriage struggling with any of these things or not, could benefit from this book! Get yours today on Amazon! Also, check out Laura’s website here for more great information on strengthening your marriage! She is always posting great ideas to keep the romance alive!  We are HUGE fans of hers!  🙂

But we saved the best part for last… we are giving away 2 copies of her AWESOME book to our fabulous readers for FREE!

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About the Author: Wendy

I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can't get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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137 Responses to Rockin’ Review: Laura Brotherson

  1. I am an official newsletter reader and also a Facebook junkie. It’s hard to choose THE one most important thing in marriage to make it the strongest, but one of the big ones is to be FRIENDS! Make your spouse a friend to you, be a friend to your spouse, and treat him/her how you would treat a friend.

  2. I am a newsletter subscriber and am now getting your daily entries in a daily email- yes! This way I won’t have to catch up at the end of the week! 🙂
    After 16+ years of marriage I think one of the most important aspects to marriage is communication and commitment. I love my husband. I am thankful to have found your site to keep the love alive in exciting ways.

  3. I’m a subscriber! The best way my husband and I have made our marriage stronger is through communication. We can talk about anything in our marriage, and do it lovingly and respectfully!

  4. I am a newsletter reader and also a Facebook junkie. The most important thing in marriage to make it the stronger is having a Christ centered marriage! Thanks!

  5. I’m an official newsletter subscriber and following on facebook.

    It’s hard to pick one thing! Being friends by taking an interest in each other’s hobbies and just spending time together, making time for romance, speaking to your spouse in their love language, those are all important! I know praying together every night has been really good for my marriage!

  6. I get your newsletter and now “like” you on facebook. I think it’s important to be able to compromise and let each other know that you love them daily!!!

  7. I subscribe, and like you on FB.
    The thing that is most important to marriage, is remembering that love is a verb, it’s something that you have to work at and put the other person’s needs in front of yours.

  8. I like you guys on FB and I am a subscriber! There are so many things that are important and they all fit together like a giant puzzle. Having a Christ-Centered marriage is of the most importance to me. If you do that, everything else, like putting your spouse first and letting them know that you love them will naturally follow!

  9. I am both a newsletter reader and FB follower.

    I don’t know what is the MOST important. Some of the other comments are really great. I think I will have to go with the first thing that came to mind, and that is communication. Being open and honest about EVERYTHING has made a huge difference in our lives.

  10. I’m not ashamed to say it: I love my husband because he is willing to do any job that I do (I help him too, though). He helps with laundry, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, getting up in the night with the kids, doing dishes, etc.

  11. I am su scribed to the newsletter as well as a facebook liker. I think the most important thing in a marriage is communication. Too many fights stem from misunderstandings.

  12. I follow on FB and I get the newsletter!!! I think the most important thing in marriage is having the same focus together on the most important thing. Christ! If getting back to Christ, together, is your ultimate goal, all the other pieces fall into place. Sometimes you have to work them in, shove them in, and really push those pieces in, but eventually, they do all fall into place!

  13. I’m not ashamed to say it…I love my hunka’hunka burning love cause he is SO great with our two little girls. They look up to him and adore him so much it’s adorable. He travels a LOT for work (he left on Sunday for a full month and last year he was gone for 5. Consecutively. It was awesome…..sarcasm much?) and when he left my 2 year old kept asking to go to the airport to be with Daddy. So sad and sweet at the same time. He’s the best!!!

  14. I am a subscriber and a fb fan. I think the most important thing is taking the time to re-connect and spend some ‘date time’ after you have children. It’s so easy to get caught up in being parents and forget why you fell in love in the first place!!

  15. I subscribed to the newsletter & ‘like’ you on fb!
    I wholeheartedly think that communication is the most important thing in marriage, and in any part of marriage. Some things are harder to communicate about, but that makes them that much more important to communicate about.

  16. I get your newsletter and I “like” you on Facebook 🙂

    To me the most important thing other then Love is Communication with your spouse! Talking with each other about everything no secrets is what I think makes a marriage strong!

  17. Fb fan and newsletter subsriber- thank you thank you for all the fab tips!
    Communication has the be one of the most important- you have to be on the same page with all aspects of your household- disapline, finance, chores etc…) Without communication my house would be a zoo!!

  18. I LOVE this website. I am ALWAYS telling my friends & family when they start up about spouses “you can fix that look at dating divas this idea or this idea would be great.” This last year while Jers was in Iraq I just missed him so much & realized how much I appreciated him & made a goal that when he returned I would never let a day go by without letting him know. Ideas from your website were great in care packages & for keeping our relationship strong while he was away. I think the most important things in a marriage Are #1 keep Christ at the center! Let your spouse know every day they are the best thing in your life. This website is great in ways to do so. I am excited to start getting your newsletter & I love facebook & like you on facebook!!

  19. I am a new facebook follower/newsletter subscriber!
    I feel the most important thing to strengthen a marriage is learning to love your spouse in their love language, not your own….

  20. I’m not ashamed to say it, I love my husband because we are perfect for each other. The longer I’m with him the more I realize there is NO ONE else that can put up with me as well as he can. My man is SO amazing!

  21. I would LOVE this book. Thanks for the recommend. I’m new to this website and I’m so excited about it. I subscribed to the newsletter and like you on facebook. I’m very excited to try new things.

  22. And i forgot to add this to my first comment so i’ll add it hear, but the thing that I think helps to make marriage the strongest is a combination of love, patience loyatly and help of divine assistance.

    I used facebook and spread the word about the giveaway. I posted on status: “This website I heard from a friend:
    They had ideas for dates with your husband, gifts make or get, and recipes. They also have a few giveaways that are marriage related. There is a giveaway happening right now so check it out. it end tonight.”

  23. WOW…I need this book for the talking about sex things. My 7 year old is getting there and I want to do it the right way and not just to chose to not talk about “it”.
    My marriage is pretty awesome and strong…I think it’s because we are FRIENDS. I treat him with respect and love and put him first whenever I can with my 4 kids around.
    I’m crossing my fingers that I win this awesome giveaway!

  24. I signed up for the newsletter and “like” you on FB. I think the most important thing is talking about the little stuff. If you always feel comfortable telling your husband the silly/mundane things that happened that day and vice versa, you hopefully will also be able to talk about the big things when they come up.

  25. I’m not ashamed to say it. I love my husband because he is so willing to do anything. He’ll help clean the house, take care of our daughter so I can have some me time, and he will also watch chick flicks with me when I want to watch one. Those are just a few of the things that he’ll do. We also just click so well together. He is the best!

  26. That we sacrifice for each other. If you really love the other person, you put their needs ahead of your own. If each of you are doing that, then you are more in tune with each other and even yourself. Your needs are being met and so are your spouses. That is true love. That is a satisfied partnership. That is the most important thing in a marriage (besides God!)

  27. I’m not ashamed to say it. I love my man because he inspires me to be my best. He is very encouraging and supportive in the things I want to do. He is also a great listener. We can talk about anything.
    I subscribe to your emails, and I am a facebook fan.

  28. I’ve been a newsletter girl since you started newsletters 🙂
    I think, for myself anyways, in order to have a strong marriage, then there’s got to be humor with both people. I don’t know how many times my husband and I have handled a hard/random situation with laughter. It gives you something to look back on and smile about 🙂

  29. I think one of the most important things to do in a marriage is to communicate. Sometimes we as women think that our husbands should know what we want or how we are feeling but most of the time they don’t. You have to be able to talk to each other and share with each other.

  30. I have been following this blog through google reader and love all the ideas and help to get my brain working. I think one of the most important part of marriage is communication in all things. I have found we aren’t always on the same page on the same issue and just talking about it helps you to choose the best option since we are bound to come up with different things.

  31. I subscribe to your emails and Facebook. The most important thing for me in marriage is being able to talk to my spouse about anything and know that he will always listen to me.

  32. Totally have the newsletter and a facebook fan! 🙂
    I think I have to agree on communication. We are just newly married so we are still trying to work through some stuff. Without communication….it would be impossible!

  33. ummm it seemed to not post this…Totally have the newsletter and a facebook fan! 🙂
    I think I have to agree on communication. We are just newly married so we are still trying to work through some stuff. Without communication….it would be impossible!

  34. I’m a subscriber & like you on facebook.

    I think the most important thing in marriage is to realize it isn’t 50-50, it has to be 100-100, meaning that each person must be giving everything they have to the marriage!

  35. I like you on FB and subscribe to your RSS feed. Two people who have the singular destination of knowing God will naturally draw closer to each other in the process.

  36. I subscribe to your newsletter.
    I “like” you on facebook.

    Something I think that makes a marriage stronger is patience and understanding. You have to be patient and remember that most of the petty little things that drive us crazy really aren’t important. You also have to be patient as your spouse learns about you, what you like & don’t and what works for you and doesn’t. Don’t expect instant understanding on the part of your spouse. I also believe you must be understanding of your spouse. Understanding when they are having a tough day, when they do things differently than you, when he clings to certain traditions or quirks {like always leaving every single door in the house open……not that I would know anything about that 😉 }. I feel like both of these things are important and have strengthen our marriage because we don’t “fly off the handle” and let our emotions run away with us. At least, this works for us.

  37. “I’m not ashamed to say it” . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . My hubby will always drop everything he is doing and help me. No matter how important what he was previously doing was to him, he will forget about it if I need him. No questions, no “just a minute”s. Always right away and always just because I asked.

  38. I confess, I feel like a blog stalker when it comes to your site! I’m definitely a fan on facebook and now I get the newsletter! Thanks so much for all of the effort you put into this site! I think that the most important thing in a marriage is love. Unconditional, unrestrained love and charity for your spouse.

  39. Going on a weekly date seems to really bless our marriage (which is why I love this websites so much, so many fun ideas) it gives you time for each other. Time out of our busy lives and lets each other know that you are still the most important thing in my life.

    I liked you on facebook, and subscribed to your newsletter and while on facebook left this comment:

    The Dating Divas!!- I just recently discovered this website and have been hooked! I used their Valentine Idea for a gift for Wayne and he loved it. I also love all the fun dating ideas. They also review marriage books. They just read “And They Were Not Ashamed” they liked it so much they are giving away two copies. Check out the website to find out

  40. I singed up for your newsletter and I liked you on Facebook.
    I think the most important thing in marriage is the constant act of going out of your way to make the one you love happy!

  41. I subscribe to your newsletter.
    I like you on fb

    The most important thing I think is working together in everything, communication, house duties, taking care of the kids, ect. When you have thing in order you will find yourself happier and your family happy as well.

    1. I forgot to mention the thing I think is most important in marriage- I think selflessness and communication is huge. If we are thinking only of ourselves we will fail if we aren’t expressing ourselves we will fail.

  42. I subscribe to your newsletter; I like you on FB. The most important thing I think in a marriage is communication and keeping arguments between the two of you. If you and your spouse can’t communicate with each other then you’re going to have problems. And I’ve learned, through others experience, that when you have an argument try to keep it between the two of you. Getting friends and family involved just makes it an even bigger problem because everyone has to put in their 2 cents.

  43. I am signed up to your newsletter and am have liked you on FB. I feel the most important thing in a marriage relationship, is the ever lasting friendship spouses should have. Friendship is the basis and an essential part of marriage! without friendship your marriage cannot progress. Now what is friendship, it’s the complete trust, love, the silly times and team work, etc…

  44. Ok my friends….I’m sure alot of you have already heard about this amazing website that has great information on improving your relationship with your husband and the best part is….they have amazing and way fun ideas for dating your spouse. Take a look at… There is a free give away for a fabulous book too!

    I posted this on Facebook.

  45. I just became a newsletter reader and am exciting to hear of new insights on dating my honey and strengthening my marriage. I check FB WAY too much, but am looking forward to what you divas have to offer! I think the most important thing in strengthening my marriage is to be conscious and aware of my husband’s needs and desires and not just focus on myself and what I may think he’s not doing for me…so in all, I should be more aware of him!

  46. Love your newsletter & I’m already a FB junkie! I feel like the most important part of marriage is the communication. No matter the topic, you have to communicate or you have problems!

  47. I subscribed. I think one of the most important things in a marriage is service. I think you’ll find that the moe service you do for your spouse, the more your love grows for them.

  48. The site that has the most married-life fun is giving away the most complete LDS-based book on improving your sex life! Why aren’t you clicking on the link already? I’m entering their give-away, and you should, too! (Actually, I wrote this, not the Dating Divas. Really.) I read the book, and it is The. Best. Ever.
    Just do it!

  49. I am a Newsletter reader and fb junkie. I think the most important thing in marriage is communication. Knowing what each other needs in order to feel loved (5 love languages), but also their backgrounds and future dreams. I think a very close second is physical contact – hugs, kisses, … even just a touch. When I am busy with the children or other things my husband squeezes my shoulder or brushes my hand as he walks by me, I love his touch. 🙂

  50. I have subscribed to your newsletter and like you on facebook. My friend turned me on to this website and it looks great! Lots of great ideas. I htink communication is the best thing for a marriage. We all need to work on that.

  51. Newsletter and FB… I am a huge fan of the Divas!

    Some advice that I have gotten over the years that I tell all newly weds is “The couples that shower together, stay together”. I just think you need to keep working at your love. Just because you have caught them doesn’t mean you get to keep them. Also it takes two! No one person can keep a marriage together and no one person can tear it appart. Anything worth having is worth working for.

  52. I am an official “newsletter reader” and FB junkie 😉
    I think the two most important things in a marriage are:
    Never stop dating each other

  53. I am an official “newsletter reader” and FB junkie and I really really really would LOVE to get this book!!!

    First, let me say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website. My husband and I have been doing a lot of these dates and I think it has really helped us grow closer in the last few months since we found the site. He even thanked me on V-Day for all of the amazing dates and the effort I’ve been putting into them to strengthen our marriage and time together. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    I think there are many important things in a marriage that you must do to keep it strong. Patience, compromise, intimacy, etc. but the MOST important to me is simply loving each other unconditionally. If you just love your spouse, things will work out. If you didn’t love each other, you wouldn’t care if feelings got hurt or there weren’t dates or talking. You would just go day to day living in the same house as husband and wife, possibly wondering why you got married in the first place. If you keep love in your marriage by talking to each other, making time for each other (dates) and really remembering why you are married; marriage can be strong and amazing! I LOVE my husband so much and I know he loves me and we can get through anything that happens, knowing we will always be there for each other and there will always be someone to love you.

  54. I am now subscribed! FB junkie-from my personal account so I will get ALL your updates! And I think friendship is close to the top.

    I just found your blog and you have inspired me in SO many ways! THANK YOU!

  55. I subscribed to the newsletter and I’m a FB junkie!
    I think the most important thing in a marriage is communication, forgiveness and always showing your spouse how much you love them.

  56. I am an official “newsletter reader” and “FB junkie”!!!!

    Among the many important things in a marriage, I think the most important things in mine are communication, service, and patience.

  57. I am officially a newsletter reader, AND have been a FB junkie for a while now. 🙂

    The most important part of a marriage, well…in my marriage, is the “anxious concern” for my spouse. If we have that, the rest sort of falls into place.

  58. I’m a newsletter subscriber and a FB junkie (I spend way too much time checking out the things you guys post on there!). I think the most important thing is to keep doing things together. We may not always be able to afford “going out”, but we try to watch movies together, play games, we play our trumpets together every week, even having snacks together (all of these WITHOUT the children). If you LIKE to be together, other things seem to fall into place better.

  59. I love your blog! FB fan and newsletter reader!! I shared this post and said: “These ladies know what they’re talking about!! Don’t wait until next Valentines Day to find romance, check out The Dating Divas!”. You can find it @

    I feel that the most important thing in a relationship is to feel like you are always on the same team! You’ve both gotta feel like you have each others back, it’s you two against the world.
    Thanks for all your great ideas! <3

  60. I am a new letter reader, and facebook Junkie/ friend of the divas.

    The most important thing about marriage is honest communication, both speaking freely and truly listening.

  61. I’m an official newsletter reader and facebook follower on facebook! One of the most important things about marriage is not being a servant! Being a servant and loving your spouse like one is the greatest asset you can provide for your marriage. It’s not easy but it works! When I want to be selfish and have it my way, I rethink. When I want to puff up and stay frustrated, I rethink! I am so excited about this book and the datingdivas! HOORAY!

  62. I am totally a FB junkie and of course a newsletter subscriber!!
    I think the most important part of a relationship is communication…but communication in ALL areas including spiritual, sexual, emotional, etc.

  63. Here’s my tweet:
    The @DatingDivas are giving away yet ANOTHER book…and 2 of them! I totally want one. Head on over to enter because the giveaway ends 2nite

  64. I’m not ashamed to say it ’cause I totally LOVE my honey’s quiet love and selfless service…he’s not one to be bold about his love so I look for it in other ways!

  65. I am a official newsletter reader and FB junkie. I think service is key in a good marriage. I can be as simple as remembering that special someone’s fav drink and keeping the fridge stocked or rubbing their back. when they need it. It’s the small things you do that build or break a relationship.

  66. I follow the dating divas on facebook, fb junkie, andd receive the newsletter!

    I think the most important thing in a marriage is COMMUNICATION (something me and my hubby need work on) and putting each others feelings above our own

  67. I’m a newsletter reader.
    I think there are many important things that a marriage “needs.” Time is one of the more important things. It takes time to talk with each other. It takes time to do things for each other. It takes time to do activities with each other. It is important to take the time to show your spouse your love for them.

  68. I am a newsletter subscriber. I don’t know if I can pinpoint one most important thing. Right now my husband is far away for a year, and I feel strongly that the most important thing we can do while he is gone is to keep our marriage strong. For now, that will mostly be done through Skype.