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Got lingerie? Who doesn’t?  It’s no secret that what a gal wears {or doesn’t wear} in the bedroom definitely has an affect on her Mr…  So, what about your Mr.?!?  How often does HE show up wearing a little sum’n sum’n playful for your bedtime parties?  If the thought of seeing him in anything other than the “regular” makes you laugh, it’s still all good!  Don’t underestimate the delight of laughing together in the bedroom.  After all, it’s about enjoying each other and experiencing that irreplaceable bonding.  Here are a couple of examples of a fun surprise for him to discover and get the party started.  What would you choose for your man?

Mr. Funny Pants

Go overboard with something to make him laugh!  There are plenty of themed “drawers” you can find especially around the holidays.  Place it out in the open for him to find.  Not hard to decipher who and what it’s for!

Go Twinner Style

Pick a style of lingerie you already have for yourself and find him something that coordinates.  Hide his “lingerie” inside the covers and let him find it as he climbs into the sheets.

Mr. Tough Guy or Mr. Sweet Tooth

Think of whatever makes your guy macho, and suggest he wear it.  Um… can you say “tool belt only?”  Ha!  No seriously, I really got one for him as a gift that doubled as some flirty fun {Super cheap too!}  Or go with the opposite and dress him in whip cream with a cherry on top!  You can’t deny that would definitely liven things up!  Remember, the goal is to enjoy each other, rekindle the desire for bedroom romance, and of course to make each other feel loved.



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