Mafia Date Night

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Mafia Game Night

Mafia is a game you will not soon forget! Get together with your favorite couples for a thrilling evening because you may be joining the mob!

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is a group date night you’ll definitely enjoy. As you play Mafia, you will get to know the devious and dangerous side of your spouse and your friends. It’s never boring because each phase of the game is different and governed by the people who are playing! I love games that allow for some wiggle room and creativity! Get ready for some serious story-telling…

Mafia Game Night

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In our college days, my hubby (who was then my boyfriend) and I would get together with a big group of friends and play this for hours. When we were dating, I learned a lot about my spouse playing this game – like, he has a really good poker face! Me on the other hand… I’m pretty bad at being sneaky. But it’s all a part of the fun of the game.

We felt that it was time to put together a Dating Diva approved version of the game for a couples date night! Ya know, for old time’s sake! These super professional and fun printables were designed by Messes to Memories! We absolutely love how they turned out!!

Now… on to game night!

Will you be innocent? Or will you be proven guilty and eliminated?

Mafia Date Night Invitation

Before you can play, you’ll need to decide which of your friends you want to invite! Choices, choices… luckily, Mafia is really fun with a lot of people. Mafia can be played with anywhere from 8-16 people, so you’ll need at least 4 couples to really enjoy this game night! Print off and prep our invitation that comes with a little Mafia Lingo Sheet to help your guests decode the invitation from the Boss himself.

Decode Mafia Group Date Invitation

Be sure to study up on your Mafia-speak and stock up on Mafia-approved snacks for game night! You might even want to dress up with a fedora, bow-tie and some jewels! Date night is always better with food, am I right!?

Ready to find out how to play?

How to Play Mafia:

Before game night, you’ll want to print out and prep all the cards! To make the Mafia card game all come together, be sure to grab a great quality paper cutter and nice cardstock. You could even laminate the cards to make them last forever!

This printable pack comes with a detailed explanation of the game so that if you’ve never played (gasp!) or if you need a refresher, you’ll have it handy! But we’ll break it down really simply here, too!

Mafia Game Night Instructions

You will start by choosing a moderator (also known as a narrator). This person will facilitate the game. There are two teams – the Mafia and the Innocents which include the Detective, Nurse and the Citizens. At the beginning of the game, the moderator will distribute the cards with all the different roles! Keep your assigned role a secret, so that you aren’t discovered by the opposing team. The fun part of the game is that you don’t know who is on your team, so the whole time you are trying to figure that out! If you have a really good poker face, you can try and trick people into thinking that you have one role, when you really have another.

Mafia Game Night Cards

The object of the game is to eliminate the other team. So if you are on the innocents team, you are working to eliminate the Mafia and vice versa. We made a little Mafia Cheat Sheet to help you and your guests keep track of each of the roles throughout the game.

Mafia Sheets

The game of Mafia is played in phases – Night and Day. During the night, players will take turns “waking up” to perform their tasks. The Mafia will murder someone, the Detective will try to figure out who the Mafia is and the Nurse will heal someone. All of this happens in complete silence…

When the dawn comes all is revealed! During the day phase, the moderator will craft a story explaining how the Mafia murdered someone in the night and will reveal whether they were saved or sadly, eliminated. The group will discuss and accuse someone, ultimately resulting in another “death” as that person is eliminated from the game. The phases will continue until everyone is eliminated from one side.

Sounds exciting, right!?

Mafia Diva Cards

Well, it gets better! We’ve included a fun twist on the game called The Diva! The Diva’s role will switch each round (it will be determined by a card drawn by the moderator). The moderator will have to sneakily show the diva during the first phase while everyone’s eyes are closed so that The Diva’s identity isn’t compromised. The Diva can be on the Mafia’s side, the Innocent’s side, or they could be on a team of their own trying to bring down both sides! This little twist makes the game even more versatile. You never know what will happen!

Let the excitement begin! Grab this printable pack and send out your Mafia invitations! Then get ready for some fun!

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Mafia Game Night

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. I am thinking about using this as a surprise party for my husbands birthday. Any tips on “mafia food?”

    1. Oh that would be so fun!! When we think of mafia food we think Italian… Gourmet Pizza, Pasta, Meatballs, etc. If you look on pinterest for Italian Appetizers you’ll get some great inspiration.

  2. This is such a cute idea! I’m sending this to my nephew for a Christmas gift. I think it works perfectly for married couples as well as singles. I think he’ll have a blast asking his date and organizing a group date! Thanks, Carisa!!