New Year’s Eve Makeout Party for Two!

New Year’s Eve Countdown for Couples

Pucker up because the countdown is ON! We Divas live for that special midnight kiss with our sweeties, but what is up with one and done?! We say, no more! Introducing our New Year’s Eve Makeout Party for Two—the PERFECT way to ring in the New Year and get all sorts of smooches. From a one-of-a-kind NYE countdown to plenty of kissable extras, this is one couple’s party pack you do NOT want to miss. So grab your honey-bun and kiss last year goodbye (literally!).

New Year's Eve Makeout Party for Two #newyearseve #datenight
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BTW, how ADORABLE are these printables designed by Carisa from Messes to Memories?! She is seriously stellar and we could NOT have done it without her! You’ll want to save them on your favorite Pinterest board!

New Year's Eve Makeout Party Invite

Alright, alright, alright, let’s get to the good stuff! We’ll help you get your sweetie all sorts of excited for your New Year’s Eve smoochin’ with our printable invite! Fill in the time (we recommend 7 o’clock or earlier to ensure you don’t miss a single step of the Kiss Countdown) and placing it somewhere they’re sure to find. A pillow perhaps? Their car’s steering wheel? Get creative!

New Year's Eve Party Banner

Next up… Party time! Our New Year’s Eve Kiss Countdown is not only BEYOND adorable but doubles as both party decor (banners ftw!) AND a New Year’s themed activity. What’s better than that?!

New Year's Eve Makeout Party for Couples Kissing Games

We’ve made it super easy to follow and super-de-duper fun. Starting at 7PM, each hanging tag of the banner has a kissing activity to complete. There’s one for each hour so you’ll NEVER be bored – trust us on this one. Simply follow the instructions and have fun, you two (wink-wink)!

New Year's Eve Makeout Party Photo Booth

During your makeout breaks (if there ARE such things!), we’ll help you keep the mood festive and the laughs a flowin’ with our Kissing Booth printables!

New Year's Eve Makeout Party for Two Couple

With multiple props to choose from and some handy-dandy signage, you two are in for a REAL good time!

New Year's Eve Makeout Party for Two Pack

So fun, right?! Do your lips a favor and grab your New Year’s Eve Makeout Party for Two pack ASAP! Happy Smoochin’ and a Happy New Year! Don’t forget to save this date night idea on Pinterest!

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  1. LOVE this Date Night idea! Couples need to #kisseachother more often!!! It seems like we often forget the joy and passion of a good kiss with each other. Our favorite thing to do when headed out the door for work, or returning from an errand is to kiss each other for 10 seconds. The butterflies always return and it definitely helps stay more in tune with each other.