Moving Tips & Organizational Planner

Moving Tips & Organization Binder & Planning Kit

Moving is one of those dreaded events EVERYONE has to do… no one escapes! Some of our Divas have moved dozens of times, and we can all agree – it’s no walk in the park. We’ve put our heads together to come up with some of the BEST moving tips to solve the hassle and headache of moving. Our Moving Organization Kit is stuffed full of moving tips like timelines, checklists, packing hacks, and MORE to make your next move easier than ever!

SO many awesome moving tips in this Moving Organization Kit & Binder! #TheDatingDivas #MovingTips #MovingMadeEasy

The practical, yet darling designs in the Moving Tips & Organization Kit are the work of our fabulous Courtney, from the design shop Paperelli! I love the binder she designed, with the fun little moving truck! She has the cutest stuff and does AMAZING design work. Click over to her adorable Etsy shop – Paperelli – and see the goodies! I want one of everything!

Once you print off your own Moving Tips Kit, you’ll find:

  • Moving Tips Binder Printables – An all-in-one place for your important documents, calendars, and to-do lists!
  • Packing Box Label System – Color-coded stickers and signs to organize your boxes by room.
  • Clever Packing Hacks – 3 pages of useful packing ideas and tips for all of that stuff you have to move!
  • Moving Announcement Cards Let everyone know you are off to new adventures with a cute postcard!
  • Moving Help Thank You Notes– Moving is never a one-man job! We’ve also included thank-you notes for your amazing moving helpers- couldn’t do it without them!
  • Welcome Home Print  Gorgeous printable art to frame and display in your new home.
  • Sexy Box Surprise  Make the unpacking a little more fun for your spouse with a steamy note!

Moving Tips & Organization Binder

It takes A LOT of hard work and planning to make a move happen. Our Moving Tips Organization Binder will help your planning come together MUCH smoother, quicker and easier. Inside this adorable binder, you’ll find to-do checklists for the months & weeks leading up to your move, along with a perfect place to put important dates, contact information, and more!

Moving Tips - Moving Organization Binder

Moving Tips: Packing Box Label System

Don’t you hate when you arrive at a new home and you can’t find anything you need? Avoid the digging, AND make the job less confusing for your moving help with our box labeling stickers! Just print our color-coded tags onto Avery label stickers and stick onto your boxes. You can note what’s inside, as well as whether they are especially fragile or heavy. When the truck is unloaded, movers can follow the color-coded signs and know exactly where to put each box. This saves time and energy for everyone later! This is probably one of the BEST moving tips out there!

We have labels for the Kitchen, Living Room, 6 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Garage, and Basement.

Packing Tips - Moving Organization Box Label System

Moving Tips & Packing Hacks

We’ve also come up with a great list of hacks and tricks to make your packing simpler and more organized. You’ll find pages of clever packing ideas – everything from jewelry to books, to electronic cords! These packign tips for moving will make your life SO much easier and get rid of any undue stress during an already stressful time.

Moving Organization Kit Packing Hacks

Moving Announcement and Thank You Cards

Another moving tip is to send out a cute Moving Announcement Card to let loved-ones know your new address! We’ve also included Thank You Cards for those helping hands that pitched in during the move.

Moving Tips - Moving Announcement Cards

Moving Tips - Moving Thank You Cards

Welcome Home Print

Once the boxes are unloaded and you arrive at your brand new place, it takes a little while to make it feel like home. Another moving tip that we have is to quickly do something simple yet meaningful to make your new place feel like home. Print and frame a sweet little saying to remember that home is with the ones you love!

Moving Tips - New Home Wall Printable

Sexy Moving Box Surprise

No matter how many moving tips we give you, it’s no secret that moving is exhausting and not much fun. Add a little fun amongst the mundane with a sweet surprise for your honey! Pack up a special box just for them (this is where you pack up your lingerie drawer!). You could also add in a little something from our sexy gift guide! Once you get settled and recover from the hard work, pull out this sexy surprise box. They’ll open it to find your surprises with a note suggesting you “break-in” some rooms in the new house! {WINK!}

Moving Tips - Moving Organization Kit Sexy Box

This kit has everything you need to make the big move as painless as possible – minus the boxes!

Snag your own


for only $9.97!

After the truck is packed, sometimes a long road trip is in store for a big move. Check out our easy & fun Family Road Trip in a Box for great ideas to keep everyone in the car entertained and happy on the way to your new home!

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    1. Hey Niki! We didn’t create labels for those rooms, but we should have! Maybe you can use one of the extra bedrooms for the office, and combine living room and family room? Sorry about that, hope you can make it work! xoxo

    1. Hi Sharon! The Add to Cart button is at the bottom of the post. I just tested and it’s working! Hope you love this kit and it’s super helpful for your move 🙂

    1. Hi Brittany! There are actually more than 6 rooms! We have labels for the Kitchen, Living Room, 6 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Garage and Basement. That was a great question- I think I will add that to the post for other readers! Thanks!

    1. Hi Meghan! The file is a PDF. We don’t offer editable files but if you contact the designer Courtney, she may be able to make some changes for you on commission. Her info is in the post above! Good luck!

    1. Hi Maria! As we speak, I am literally sticking these labels on boxes- I’m moving Friday! 😉 There are 6 colors in all, but all the bedrooms are the same color (teal), and have different numbers 1-6. The same for the bathrooms (green) but they have numbers 1-4. It’s SO helpful!!

    1. Hi Evie! There are 53 pages in this kit! About 10 of them are instructions and descriptions, so you wouldn’t need to print those. There are a few different options of some of the printables, so you may not be printing every single page. This awesome kit is jammed packed with ideas and you sure get a lot included!!