Naughty or Nice Kit: Christmas Husband and Wife Gifts

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Christmas Husband and Wife Gifts

Every Christmas the gift-giving anxiety ramps up! What will I get him?! What will he get me?! In order to keep the fun alive in Christmas and the gift-giving sweet {maybe a little spicy…} we have a brand new idea for everyone: The Naughty and Nice Gift Kit! It will give you some ideas for a home-made gift, while also making sure that each gift is presented in a beautiful, funny, and yes, sexy πŸ˜‰ manner. Get ready to have this year’s gift-giving anxiety taken off of your naughty list with these sweet and sexy Christmas gifts!

Naughty or Nice Husband and Wife Gifts for Christmas His and Hers - Naughty and Nice def describes my relationship perfectly! I can't wait to prep this for my hubby. #ChristmasGift #GiftKit #DatingDivas

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Christmas Gifts for Husband and Wife

Naughty Or Nice Christmas Husband and Wife Gifts Whole Kit

The adorable print pack was designed by the amazing Courtney of Paperelli. She really makes it a cohesive pack so it all looks beautiful together!

What I Love About The Naughty or Nice Kit

Christmas Husband and Wife Gifts Kit for 2

  1. Adorable Gift Bag Covers – I have a million gift bags in my storage and these cute covers allow me to just grab one, paste or glue this one, and ta-da! A new bag that is totally acceptable for my sweetie!
  2. Naughty or Nice Theme – This theme really is the best. My husband was so excited to see the naughty section! Haha! Sexy Christmas gifts are right up his alley! Sometimes it seems that Christmas husband and wife gifts are just things you knew you needed and hadn’t bought yet, this takes the ho-hum right out of the gift.
  3. Coupon Pack – The coupon back has both naughty and nice themed cards. This was great because I could pick and choose what I wanted to present to my husband {Ok I gave him ALL of it!} so it was tailored to our relationship.
  4. Funny Gift Tags – I like the gift tags and their attitude! Can a piece of paper have an attitude? YES! And the tags I didn’t use can be used throughout the year with other little gifts, or next Christmas season.
  5. My Husband’s Smile – Yes. This is actually my favorite part of the kit. Sometimes we worry if our spouse will think these cutesy things are cheesy, but they rarely do. In fact, I hadn’t seen my husband so excited as he was when he got his Naughty gift!

What You’ll find in the Naughty or Nice Gift Kit

Husband and Wife Gifts for Christmas

This gift really hit all the boxes for my husband because it spoke to his love languages. You can speak to those love languages too with all of the elements of this adorable gift pack.

  1. Gift Bag Covers

  2. Gift Tags

  3. Coupon Book

  4. Naughty and Nice Idea List

Husband and Wife Christmas Gift Bag Covers

Giving your sweetheart a special gift has never been easier. There are 4 different bag covers so that you can give the gift to your spouse, or you can each give a gift to the other!

Gift Bag Covers for Christmas Husband and Wife Gifts

There are Santa and Mrs. Claus themed covers {Seriously so adorable!} and Naughty or Nice covers. The Naughty cover is red and the Nice cover is greenβ€”just a little subliminal messaging there. πŸ˜‰ My husband and I just split the bags up, one of us was in charge of a Naughty gift and the other was in charge of the Nice ones. Let’s be honest, we both benefitted!

Gift Tags for Christmas Husband and Wife Gifts

Gift tags really are the icing on the cake of presents. I feel like tying that little tag on a gift makes such a difference. They show care and extra detail, and your sweetie is totally worth it!

Christmas Husband and Wife Gifts Tag

This kit comes with both Nice and Naughty gift tags. It would be so fun to wrap individual gifts and place them in the bag, or next to each other so they all really make a big impact on your spouse.

Sweet and Sexy Christmas Gift Coupon Book

Coupon books aren’t necessarily a new idea, but they are ALWAYS a winning idea! My husband loved looking through all of his new options and I could tell he instantly started planning when he was going to use them!

I think if you split the whole pack up to do Christmas husband and wife gifts, just keep this little coupon book for yourself and surprise your spouse with it. You will really both benefit from the cards, in service to or for your spouse.

Naughty and Nice Idea List for Christmas Gifts

Christmas Husband and Wife GiftsThe Divas wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite Naughty and Nice ideas to help you out. Not all gifts have to be purchased at a brick and mortar store! Some of the best ideas are simply printed and planned for some personal time at home. Feel free to use this list to link to some of our favorite ideas {Hello Jingle Panties!} and employ them in your Naughty and Nice gift to your spouse.

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