Orbit the Moon

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My hubby lately has been going above and beyond in all aspects of his life (family, work, etc.).  I know he has been feeling the pressure of life and yet he has managed to keep such a happy face and great attitude, even when things have been tough.  I wanted to give him a quick ‘pick me up’ without having a sweet attached to it (since he is a health nut :).  When I thought of this, I knew it was perfect for him.  It’s an idea that doesn’t have sweets, let’s him know I love him, AND included a little something for him to walk away with (besides a smile) – GUM!!!

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Who doesn’t love GUM?  {LOL}  Even my hubby likes that!  When creating this, I wanted him to know that even though at times he feels like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, I am always in his corner, willing to help in anyway possible.  If I have to orbit the moon to help him, I’ll do it!

To replicate this idea, all you need is some Orbit gum and the cute printable I created.  Easy peasy!

Being a Diva, I am always trying to make things even that more special.  I thought another fun, sugar free way to spice this up even more would be to get the glow in the dark stars for your bedroom ceiling.  You could even spell out “I Love You” with them above his side of the bed, so when he goes to sleep that night, he has one extra ‘love’ surprise waiting for him.  Also, if you are wanting more healthy ideas, check out this ‘Basket of Healthy Love’ for another fun idea.


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  1. I”m kind of new at this so I need some help. I love all the cute ideas. I used to be able to print them all off but now when ever I click on one of your highlighted links I get a bubble with with a red exclamation mark in it and it won’t let me do anything. Help anyone?

    1. Hi Tausha- I am so sorry I am slow in responding…I had a baby and haven’t had a chance to respond to comments yet. If you are still having this problem you can clear your cache and restart your internet program. If that still doesn’t work, try downloading a different printable on a different post. If you can’t download anything than it’s on your side, if it’s just this post, I will try to fix the problem. Another Diva and I have tried it and it’s working for us. Let me know if you are still having issues. Hope this helps!

  2. I love this! So simple and sweet! I may create my own printable with gum from Aldi – their brand is called “excite-mint” and I can think of all kinds of ways to work that kind of name in! ;0)

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