Our Blue Man Group Trip + GIVEAWAY

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**This giveaway has ended. Thank you to all those who joined the fun!**

Our Blue Man Group Experience + A GIVEAWAY!

Blue Man Group Tickets Giveaway
We JUST got back from Las Vegas to go see Blue Man Group and…
I want to start out by telling EVERYONE that if you think Blue Man Group is simply just a bunch of drummers and some paint then you are in for a HUGE surprise! I have to admit, I was a little skeptical myself… I had heard of Blue Man Group before, but never had a chance to see them for myself, and I didn’t really expect too much from the show other than 3 guys on some drums…

BOY was I wrong!

Blue Man Group Show

The show has lights, cameras, paint, TONS of audience participation, MUSIC, art, laughter… OH my goodness I did not expect to laugh that hard!! You would never think a group of guys who don’t talk could be THAT FUNNY!!

Blue Man Group at Luxor

Ok, I am getting ahead of myself… let’s start out by talking about the casino, shall we? 
Luxor Hotel and Casino where we stayed and got to see the show! And fun fact about Luxor {you know, the famous pyramid in the Las Vegas skyline}, you can actually see the light that shines through the top of it at night FROM SPACE! Yep! And there are ALL kinds of other amazing shows and attractions {my favorites are Titanic, which is SO, so cool. My hubby and I got to see this on our honeymoon and LOVED it! And Bodies… uhm, if you haven’t seen this yet you are MISSING OUT! It is seriously so fascinating!} It is one FAMOUS HOTEL!

So once we got situated in it was time to get ready for our amazing Behind The Blue experience! And little did I know the incredible time we would have! We were able to see the equipment, play the drums, and we even got to feel the blue paint… THE blue paint that they paint their faces with! And fun fact about that: it NEVER dries. Crazy, huh?! That’s how their skin can breathe underneath all the “makeup”! Ha! They said it takes about 20 minutes for them to wash it off of their face. I can’t even imagine! We were also able to actually TALK to a Blue Man after sound check before he got bald and blue for that night’s performance. {shocker, they actually CAN talk… WINK!} I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to ask him since I wanted to know EVERYTHING, but I thought it might be kind of cool to know exactly what it takes to be a Blue Man! And guess what he said?!

  • You have to be a drummer
  • You have to have acting skills
  • You have to be between 5’10” and 6 ft tall
  • that’s it! LOL

So once we were done with our Behind The Blue Tour it was SHOW TIME. Wooohooo!

Blue Man Group

From start to finish, the show was absolutely UNREAL. The colors, the music, the HILARIOUS audience participation all last the ENTIRE time. They were seriously so funny, you guys! I don’t want to give it all away, but there’s this one part where one of the guys tries to stick as many marshmallows in his mouth as possible, and, well, yea… I can’t give it away but I was seriously DYING. It was SO FUNNY!!!

Blue Man Group Show

A few more things I LOVED about the show were:

  1. The intimate feel of the theater meant there wasn’t a bad seat in the house AND you could really get a HANDS ON experience from the show!
  2. How IMMERSED in the experience each member of the audience was, from watching the video on the big screen to interacting with everyone around you… you really become a part of the show!
  3. The AMAZING finale at the end. I can’t give anything away, but it was seriously one of my FAVORITE parts of the whole experience!

And at the end of the show, we even got to meet a Blue Man in their VIP experience where we got to take photos and get their “signature” {they touch their thumb to their face to get some paint and then use that as their signature! Fun, huh?!} It is truly a once in a lifetime experience that everyone has to try out! I can’t wait to go back!!

After the show we headed over to a SUPER fun and tasty restaurant called RiRa! It’s an Irish Pub that has yummy food, a really fun atmosphere, incredible service, and THE best live music!

So there you have it! And now that you ALL want to experience your very OWN Blue Man Group show… you can use this exclusive discount code and get your very own tickets for 30% off!

To use the 30% off code go here

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And while you’re at it, you may as well enter to WIN TWO TICKETS of your own! Yep! We are giving away ANOTHER set of two tickets to go see their show in Las Vegas! To enter, just leave a comment telling us what you love about Blue Man or what you’re excited to see in their show and that’s it! Giveaway ends March 15th!

A HUGE thank you to Blue Man Group in Las Vegas for putting on SUCH an incredible show and good luck to all who enter the giveaway!


Win TWO tickets to see Blue Man Group in VEGAS!

This is a sponsored conversation written by The Dating Divas on behalf of Blue Man Group. The opinions and text are all that of The Dating Divas.


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    1. The winner has already been contacted… but we DO host giveaways all the time so definitely keep checking in! Good luck and thanks for playing!

  1. I’m headed to Vegas in April. My husband is currently deployed to Egypt, so I plan to go to the Luxor so that I can have my own “Egypt” experience, haha. I would LOVE to see Blue Man Group while I’m there!

  2. I have never seen the Blue Man Group before besides from the countless posts and comments from friends who have. This is something we need to see! Please make it happen 🙂

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