Our Favorite Children’s Christmas Books

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Christmas books your kids will LOVE!

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…” Doesn’t that poem just get you all giddy and excited for Christmas?! These Christmas books will bring out the magic of the holiday and get you in the Christmas spirit. It is so important to remember the real meaning of Christmas and some of these books will do just that! We even have an entire list of books that follow right along with our Christ-Centered Countdown to Christmas. It is so fun as the child gets a book each day and learns the lesson taught inside. Plus it is absolutely perfect for remembering Christ during this time. 

These Christmas books can bring out the magic of the holiday, help you remember the true meaning of Christmas, and Get you excited for the season! #Children'sChristmasBooks #DatingDivas

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Children's Christmas Books


1. Santa Claus the Book of SecretsAn ALL-TIME favorite! Supposedly the author traveled to the North Pole and interviewed everyone. It tells all of the secrets like how the elves found Santa and THE cookie recipe! All those questions—answered!

2. The Polar ExpressGo on an adventure to The North Pole where the main character will make his Christmas wish! One of my favorite Christmas books!

3. How the Grinch Stole ChristmasA classic! This book is all about how the Christmas spirit can help the coldest and smallest hearts grow.

4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerThe sweet story behind that cheery song that is always stuck in our heads. HA!

5. Frosty the SnowmanWatch our favorite snowman with a button nose and two eyes made out of coal come to life!

The Best Christmas Books

6. The Story of the Nutcracker BalletAllow the classic tale to dance its way into your Christmas season!

7. A Christmas CarolEnjoy the classic turned into a beautiful picture book that the whole family will love!

8. Snowmen at NightIn this book, the snowmen come to life and play games while no one is watching!

9. Snowmen at PlayThe same snowmen in a fun activity sticker book!

10. Sneezy the SnowmanA cold snowman has the sneezes and in order to feel better he tries to warm up with cocoa, a hot tub, and a fire. But luckily the children know how to make him feel better!

Our Favorite Christmas Books

Children’s Christmas Books

11. Olive, the Other ReindeerOlive the dog, realizes she must be a reindeer so she heads to the North Pole to help Santa!

12. Gingerbread ChristmasAs the smell of gingerbread reaches the children, the gingerbread characters have to lead the kids on a chase to a giant Christmas tree.

13. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan ToomeyThe beautiful story of a lonely woodcarver who never smiles until a widow and her young son come to him with a request.

14. A Wish to Be a Christmas TreeA tale of an overgrown pine tree that is always passed by for Christmas and how his woodland friends help him!

15. Pick a Pine TreeThis would be the perfect book to read as you go to pick out a Christmas Tree!

Christmas Books for Children

16. The Christmas WishA brave little girl sets out to find Santa to become an elf and meets some animals along the way.

17. The Story of Holly and IvyThis sweet story includes 3 different wishes, but can all 3 come true?

18. The Christmas TrainThis story is about President Thomas Monson as he learns a beautiful Christmas lesson including his Christmas train.

19. The Snow AngelA story about an angel that is always looking out for you! So Sweet!

20. Silver PackagesEach year a rich man rides a train throwing gifts to children in order to try and repay a debt he owes.

Christmas Books for Kids

Fun Christmas Books

21. Christmas OrangesA girl is forced to leave her happy orphanage for an unfortunate situation, but then something unexpected happens!

22. Penny’s Christmas Jar MiracleEvery year Penny’s family fills a jar with their loose change and this year, Penny decides what to do with the money.

23. Christmas in the Big WoodsA family’s happy Christmas celebration in the Big Woods of Wisconsin.

24. Christmas Day in the MorningRob wants to get his dad the best Christmas present but he doesn’t have much money… what could he possibly get him?

25. Charlie and the Christmas KittyWhen a dog finds a kitty under the tree he learns friends can come from unexpected packages.

Christmas Books Your Kids will Love

26. A Very Marley ChristmasAn excited pup with good intentions ruins all of the decorations, will he be able to bring back the magic of Christmas?

27. The Legend of St. NicholasThe story of jolly old St. Nicholas and how he came to be!

28. How to Catch an ElfThese fun rhymes could be just what you need to finally catch an elf!

29. The Littlest ElfOliver, the littlest elf, wants to find his way to help Santa, but is he just too little?

30. Memoirs of an ElfSpark Elf needs to keep Santa on schedule but when Santa returns to the North Pole, there is something still in his bag!

The Best Christmas Books for Children

Christmas Books for Kids

31. Llama Llama Holiday DramaLlama Llama can NOT wait until Christmas but his mom teaches him there is more to Christmas than gifts.

32. The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout FishWill Mr. fish find the perfect gifts for everyone and will he find them in time?!

33. Fancy Nancy Splendiferous ChristmasNancy is so excited for Christmas and even bought a new tree topper but when things don’t go as planned, can the holiday still be splendiferous?

34. Eloise at ChristmastimeOur favorite little Eloise complete with tinsel and holly!

35. Madeline’s ChristmasAll the girls except Madeline are sick so she is left in charge. With some help, everyone is able to forget about their sniffles and sneezes.

Our Favorite Christmas Books

36. Bear Stays up for ChristmasLove this one! Bears friends try to keep him up from his hibernation to celebrate Christmas!

37. Little Blue Truck’s ChristmasThe little blue truck is spreading Christmas cheer by delivering trees to his animal friends.

38. How do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?Little dinosaurs love everything about Christmas but when it’s time to go to sleep, how can they?! It is WAY too exciting!

39. The Jolly Christmas PostmanThe jolly postman delivers letters including letters from the big bad wolf and all the king’s men!

40. Almost a Full MoonA warm-hearted story in a cabin full of friends and family.

Fun Christmas Books

Christmas Books for Children

41. Winter StoryThe biggest snow storm in years allows for an ice ball!

42. The MittenOne of my favorite Christmas books! Nicki drops a white mitten but doesn’t realize it. various animals come across the mitten, will Nicki find the mitten?

43. The Year of the Perfect Christmas TreeThis story is about courage and the power of family!

44. Finding Christmas3 friends find a sick swallow and realize their Christmas gifts can heal the sick bird.

45. The Snowy DayThis book is about the adventures of a little boy on a very snowy day!

Fun Children Christmas Books

46. You Are My MiracleThis sweet book is perfect for parent and child to read together!

47. You Are My MerryThis is about the magical time of spending Christmas together! LOVE this!

48. The Sweet Smell of ChristmasAs little bear prepares for Christmas we can go along and smell six wonderful scents!

49. Christmas from HeavenA US pilot flying a cargo ship drops parachutes full of candy for the German children!

50. Twas the Night Before ChristmasCan’t go wrong with this book! Love the classic poem and beautiful illustrations!

Christ-Centered Countdown to Christmas Books

Countdown to Christmas Books

Alright, are you ready to count down to Christmas?! The best part is that these books go right along with the different themes, countdown cards, and printable activities in our Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to! It’s such a fun way to make family memories this holiday season and focus on the real meaning of Christmas. These books are the perfect supplement to our Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown as you discuss a different symbol of Christmas with your family each night.

Countdown To Christmas Books

24. A Wish to Be a Christmas TreeChristmas Tree

23. The Legend of the Chrismas StockingStockings

22. The Sparkle BoxBows

21. The Christmas TrainGifts

20. The Shepherd’s Christmas StoryShepherds

Countdown to Christmas

19. The Baker’s DozenGingerbread

18. The Candle in the WindowCandles

17. A Christmas CarolCarols

16. How Many Miles to Bethlehem?Bethlehem

15. The Polar ExpressBells

Christ Centered Christmas Countdown

Countdown to Christmas Books

14. Angels Foretold of Baby JesusAngels

13. The Snow AngelSnowflakes

12. The Legend of the Candy CaneCandy Canes

11. The Jesus TreeOrnaments

10. The Legend of the Christmas CookiesChristmas Cookies

Christmas Countdown with Books

9. The Light of ChristmasChristmas Lights

8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerRed and Green

7. Christmas in the MangerJesus

6. The Legend of St. NicholasSanta Claus

5. Twas the Evening of ChristmasNativity

Christ-Centered Christmas Books

4. The Other Wise ManWisemen

3. Little StarStar

2. The Crippled LambLamb

1. Mama’s Wreath Wreaths

Alright, I am now ready for Christmas! These Christmas books have got me so excited because I cannot wait to read them with my babies and teach them the beautiful lessons held within. I love the idea of a book a day with our Christmas Countdown, something fun to look forward to each day leading up to Christmas! And then all of the fun Christmas books too, like How to Catch an Elf?! I would have LOVED that as a kid. Lastly, and best of all, books are gifts that keep on giving they can be used year after year! Hope you found a book or two that your family will enjoy and can make memories of reading it each year! 

We also have The Best Christmas Movies that are so fun! And if you’re struggling to come up with a gift, check our Christmas Gift Basket Ideas, they are darling!



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  1. Another favorite is “Humphrey’s First Christmas” by Carol Heyer! We love the illustrations in this book with a great message