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At-Home Patio Prom Date for Two

Prom is such a nostalgic part of growing up. 80’s movies made us all believe that our date was our future, just waiting at the end of the aisle. And while that may be true for some – not all of us got to experience those awkward teenage pictures with our one and only! To help curb the “what-ifs” we created a date that will take you and your spouse to the prom of your dreams! You only need a few of the basics: a cute dress and/or a tie, some snacks and bubbly, and of course the top tunes from when you were living that teenage dream… and yeah, the backseat of a car wouldn’t hurt…

Ask your spouse on a Patio Prom Date.

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 There’s always a theme at a prom, so we decided that our Patio Prom would be no different. The tagline: The Stars Shine for Us! Isn’t that the best?! It instantly conjured up a rich navy sky with sparkly stars and our BRILLIANT designer Carisa of Messes to Memories delivered just that!

Patio prom invitation with special hidden note.

She was able to make all my Prom-Posal dreams come true with this interactive invite. It’s a dot-to-dot for your sweetie!! Because the print is that luscious dark navy, you’re going to want to include a white or silver gel pen or paint marker. If you want to go to extremes {we’re thinking sticky notes all over the car, balloons filling the inside, you know, the usual} go for it!! Put that little invite under all the balloons and your spouse will have a true prom-posal experience.

Interactive Patio Prom Date Invitation

I wanted our prom to be a date we could do at home after the kids were in bed.  I didn’t want to pay for a babysitter and I LOVE our back patio and that is how this became a patio prom. We fed the kiddos and put them to bed then got gussied up for our special night to remember.

I didn’t want to have to purchase an actual prom dress or rent a tux for this.  Obviously, that would have blown our budget out of the water.  So I picked one of my favorite dresses to wear and told my husband to match his outfit with mine as best he could.  I think he did a pretty amazing job!

Patio Prom poster for a fun night in.

You could always set the mood with some fun white lights. We love twinkle lights because the bulbs are larger and give off more light.  String them around your yard, your poster, yourself 😉 — make it look official! If you need more décor items simply cut some stars out of navy or silver cardstock.

Enjoy a special patio prom with your spouse!

No prom night would be complete without photos! Grab selfie sticks and go for it OR you could set up the nice camera and a tripod or even ask a neighbor. Whatever you choose – get that awkward prom photo!

A shine list for your spouse at Patio Prom.

Our proms never had food served at them, we usually just had a nice dinner at one of our parents’ houses before the dance. I was always scared I’d spill on my nice dress! Keep it as simple or fancy as you want… but I do not suggest spaghetti ;P While you are eating and chatting, take time to fill out a top ten list for each other. Why do the stars SHINE for them? Why did you fall in love? And no fancy dinner is complete without some bubbly! We included a bottle wrapper with the prom theme so you can ALWAYS remember this fun night! If you want to take it to the next level you could even personalize some His and Hers wine glasses!

Drink Wrapper for Patio Prom

For dinner and dancing, I incorporated music from our graduating class years, our wedding reception, and new releases we love.  I don’t know about all of you, but I LOVE to dance with my hubby.  It is very romantic to me.

Patio Prom Supplies
The next part of the date is one that we can all pretend doesn’t happen on prom night… but we all know that it does.  What prom night doesn’t include a make-out session?! Haha! Maybe guide your sweetie to the car for a little parking action! But be careful… there may be a Diva that set off her car alarm doing this with her husband… just maybe.

About the Author: Shanelle

I am a reading, singing, shopping queen! (I'm very lucky that my handsome hubby likes shopping as much as I do) Married for 7 years and ready for forever, I love spending time with Brigham (my husband), our girls, and our new baby boy. I teach high school English and in the summertime we love to go on adventures in the great outdoors.

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60 Responses to Patio Prom Date

  1. Haha! This was SO cute! I loved the idea! I love how you asked him all cute and I enjoyed your writing, it was fun and cute to read. What a creative, memorable date! I wanna do that with my hubby now!

  2. I found your site googleing about ideas to do with my boyfriend. We are together for a while ago and sometimes I just want to do some fun with him. Since he is younger than me (pfeh cougars ) we would had the choice to go his senior prom together a couple of years ago but because of several reason (for example that 6000 miles between us) we couldn’t make it and I was so so so upset about it. Which women doesn’t want to show up all nice dressed up with her love? When I started to looking through your date ideas my heart stopped for a beat when I found this one. I LOVE IT!!! Since I have some nice dresses at home from previous events and he has a nice suit we could also do it dressed out and we can finally have our own prom!!! 🙂 I am sooo excited about it!:) Thank you so much, you are awesome!

    a used-to-be LDR girlfriend from TX 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing!! That is such a sweet and touching story, I SO hope you recreate this date for the two of you!! It sounds like it would be very meaningful for you both. I would LOVE to hear how it went if you decide to do it! Please share!

  3. Okay, I LOVE this idea. New to the site, lovin’ it, etc… but dying to see the little black dress and the link takes me to a PDF of raspberry pork chop recipe… 🙂 Is that on purpose? 🙂

  4. So excited about planning this date with my husband. Even though we are about to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, we were prom dates waaaaay back in 1987! He could not have been a better or more fun date then or now (we were apart for 20 years!) and since reuniting we have made it a point to go to our prom date restaurant each year on our prom anniversary to celebrate. Last year he surprised me by having our local florist recreate my prom corsage (a black lily – extra huge like the 80s hair) to wear on our “Promaversary” Date. But, this year I am going to throw in some of the ideas from this date (including the music and “Parking” at the same place…lol). Love your site and all the ideas! We plan to live in the newlywed phase for the rest of our lives to make up for missing the 20 years together.

    1. Wow, Jennifer, this date was meant for you!! You were seriously prom dates!? That is awesome! And I love that you call in a “Promaversary”…too funny! Curious what restaurant you went to…do you still love it all these years later? And did you wear the corsage…’cause that is super sweet that he did that! love this, thanks for sharing!

      1. I was so excited to see this date idea – he will flip!! Yes, we were prom dates! I did feel a bit odd wearing a wrist corsage and not being “dressed up”, but I absolutely wore it. He could not have been more proud of that corsage if he had made it himself, and it was beautiful!! The florist was so sweet to help him order the flower, dye it (a purple-ish black like the original) and to closely match the ribbon and even the spray glitter (it was the 80’s) from our prom pictures. We had dinner on prom night at Kanpai of Tokyo (it was new that year) and yes, we still love it! We rarely eat there outside of that one night a year, it’s too special of a place to us for just any dinner.

        1. Awe, you are such a good wifey! I totally would have worn it too. It’s sounds gorgeous and what an effort he made to have it redone! Did you take any pictures?? if you did and think about it, please send them to us or post them on our fb page. I’m dying to see that corsage! I have never heard of that restaurant, but it sounds sooo good! Those are the kinds of places me and my husband love to eat at.

  5. I posted our original prom picture from 1987 and then a picture of the corsage he gave me last year on your FB Page. I think they are only a local Japanese place – there is one in Spartanburg (the one went to) and one in Greenville (I think this is a newer one). He always says he is more comfortable eating there with me now than on the original date – because he was worried about all that taffeta and lace on the dress and the open flames! LOL!!

  6. I LOVE this idea!!!! My husband works two jobs right now. With 3 kids and him working, me being a FULL time Mom…time just slips away! We have been married for 18 years 🙂 Seems like after having kids, and jobs, school parties, life etc. We just dont make time for US like we need to! Thank you for this idea and your website…LOVE!!!

    1. Whoot!! Congrats, Kathy, on 18 years of marriage!! That is wonderful! I’m so glad that you are making time for the two of you! It IS, SOOO hard to cut out time on a regular basis for each other. It seems like there is always something that needs your attention and it makes it nearly impossible to find the time to dedicate to dating! I’m so glad that you found this date and love it! We had such a fun time, I hope you have so much fun on your version of it! Thanks so much for your comment!