Peek-a-Boo Mini Date

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Ready for a fun, easy, and memorable evening with your spouse?  Then you are ready to try this out.  We have all played hide and seek as children.  We may even have children who play that now.  Well, why not try flashlight tag in your own house?  Don’t leave all the Halloween fun to the kiddos this year.

Micah Folsom Photography

Micah Folsom Photography


Micah Folsom Photography

Print off the printable, grab a flashlight, and a costume of your choosing. Afterwards,  you are off and ready. Remember you can be creative with your costume and make it fun for your spouse. Then leave the note on your bed right around your normal bedtime along with a flashlight. (Your kids should already be in bed.) You will be hiding somewhere in the house for your spouse to find you wearing that special costume. You can continue playing for however long you would like and you can even take turns. Have fun and make sure to make this exciting!

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