NoteCube: A Perfect Anniversary Gift

NoteCube is a gift they won’t expect, but will remember forever.

Are you looking for the perfect anniversary gift? One that is a gift they won’t expect, but will remember forever? Our friends at NoteCube have created just that! NoteCube is a stylish keepsake box filled with beautiful messages written by friends & family (or just you). These messages are written on their website and once the last one has been submitted, they’ll print them on gorgeous textured cards, tie them together with a champagne ribbon, and send them to you in a specially made box that has been designed & crafted for longevity & style. When you’re giving such a thoughtful gift, every little thing matters.

NoteCube makes a meaningful gift they will cherish forever!

NoteCube: A Perfect Anniversary Gift

NoteCube is the perfect anniversary gift and a great way for you to express your feelings towards someone special; a box full of memories and love. It’s an opportunity for you to give them something unforgettable for your anniversary, a gift they can rely on to make them smile; a reminder of how wonderful they are. It’s the kind of gift that’ll make them love you even more! 

NoteCube is made from beautiful materials to ensure a beautiful gift.

We all know anniversaries are important right? It’s a day to remember and honor one of the most important days of our lives! Your anniversary marks the date of a lifetime of love, a new family and a lasting legacy! A day even your children and grandchildren will want to celebrate!

If you want to get them a truly perfect anniversary gift, you’ll need to do something unique and memorable. NoteCube is just that. We especially love the ‘52 reasons why I love you‘  idea. What is that? You fill a NoteCube with 52 reasons why your sweetie is so amazing! You could write about past memories, your favorite qualities in them, future promises, kind words and more. Maybe you can even add in something spicy {wink}. You can see how the possibilities are endless and fun! You can even visit their website for more ideas.

NoteCube can be given as a military deployment or homecoming gift.

What Makes NoteCube Special?

NoteCube was started by siblings after they created it for their mom’s 60th birthday. How sweet is that!? After it was such a hit they decided to share that thoughtful gift with others. As a family run business, you can definitely feel this company cares a lot about making their customers 100% over the moon, so you can trust they will put in the same effort that they did with their first gift. 

NoteCube makes a thoughtful birthday gift.

So, how does Notecube work?

1. Order a NoteCube today, it only takes a few minutes.

2. Start writing and submitting your messages.

3. Mark your NoteCube as complete once you’ve finished.

4. They’ll print and deliver your unforgettable NoteCube.

Not a writer?

They can help! NoteCube offers tools that will assist you in writing that perfect note and expressing how you truly feel. Use the ‘Assisted Note Writing’ tool to help you write notes. The ‘Reasons I Love You’ tool takes the ‘Assisted Note Writing’ tool a step further and displays finished notes you can use and edit.

With their refer tool they even aim to take the hassle out of reminding your friends & family to write a note. Once you’ve entered their email they remind them every 3 days to write a note until they do.

NoteCube is a meaningful anniversary gift they will cherish.

But wait, there’s more!

Hold the phone! Not only is NoteCube a great anniversary gift, but it also makes a fabulous gift for birthdays, a special gift for a military deployment or homecoming, or a wedding gift. You get the picture, right? Imagine putting this together for a child’s birth. Such a perfect keepsake that you could involve friends and family in or just special notes to your little one.

Give them a gift they won’t expect, but will remember forever.

Next time you are in need of an anniversary, birthday or any other type of meaningful gift we hope you give NoteCube a try! We know you won’t be sorry!




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