The PERFECT Super Bowl Date

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Football, Food, and Friends for a Perfect Super Bowl Date!

It only happens once a year and you need to be ready! Put on the PERFECT Super Bowl date to please any football lover in your life — even it it’s you!

The PERFECT Super Bowl Date idea with Free Printables
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We have amazing FREE printables made by Leslie from the amazing NinaBean Designs. She has made the perfect set that can be used no matter what teams are fighting for a ring.  The first thing you are going to want to do is invite your guest(s)! We have 4 invites in case you want to invite some other people over, if not, just use one for the love of your life.

The PERFECT Super Bowl Date Invite - Free Printable

Next, start planning the details! We believe that any good Super Bowl date has delicious dips! It’s an easy finger food that just needs a bowl and some chips to keep people happy.

Here are our top 4 fave chip dips for your party:

The PERFECT Super Bowl Date with 4 Dip Recipes

  1. Queso Blanco I Heart Naptime has an AMAZING recipe. 5 ingredients and a 5 minute prep?! We’re in!
  2. Pico de Gallo This Chipotle copy cat is the thing of dreams. Everyone will love it!
  3. Cowboy Caviar A little twist on the classic Pico. We love the addition of black beans and corn!
  4. Ranch Buffalo Chicken You may not want to buy or make chicken wings for your party, we hear you! Luckily this dip will hit the spot and keep those cravings at bay and your fingers clean.

 Just don’t forget the chips and bowls! We are fans of this adorable football bowl but if you are serving a bigger crowd we suggest going all out with this stadium serving set.  We love serving pita chips and the tortilla chips with a hint of lime. And of course, you have to decorate that food table!

Super Bowl Date Banner

Nina Bean Designs created the cutest mini-bunting to hang on your treat table. Those baby-sized footballs and fields make us love football even more! We connected the printables to a medium sized jute cord to keep with the “vintage-y” colors and style. Glue dot or regular tape will work just fine.

Adorable score card and award for the PERFECT super bowl date!

Invites are sent, food is taken care of, now on to the festivities! These adorable score cards were inspired by a guest post from 2012. Make as many copies as needed for your guest list and make sure to have pens on hand… maybe get these football pens. Before kick-off, have everyone fill out their guesses. If you don’t know much about football, ask your resident pig-skin pro what the average running/rushing yards are and go from there!

Super Bowl Date Award

At the end of the game, check the stats and see who won the score card challenge! They receive the highly coveted: MVP Score Card Trophy! This trophy even has a little stand that you can set up. It looks like a regular T – stand and just needs a couple folds and some tape.

For those of you who aren’t so much into the Super Bowl for the football… we have commercial bingo!

Commercial Bingo for The PERFECT Super Bowl Date

These 4 cards have the same items, but they are each scrambled so all 4 of you don’t win at once 😉 Again, if you have more than 4 visitors, just make more copies and hope that one of them isn’t as enthralled with the new cat commercial!

The winner of Commercial Bingo receives the Commercial Bingo MVP Trophy! It also comes with a T – stand that can be set up in the same manner as the MVP Score Card Trophy.

The PERFECT Super Bowl Date - Pin the football in the uprights!

If you feel like you need another game to supplement, put some of the same jute on your wall in the shape of an upright. There are extra footballs scattered throughout the printable pack to help you play “Pin the football in the uprights!” find a blind fold, spin your guest around and see who scores the first field goal!

The PERFECT Super Bowl Date Free Printable Pack

Free Download

The PERFECT Super Bowl Date

Printables Designed by Leslie @ NinaBean Designs


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