Popcorn Bar Date Night!

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Popcorn Lover’s Date Night!

Tired of the same old movie night when Friday night, date night rolls around?  Spruce up your movie night with our popcorn bar date night in celebration of National Popcorn Lover’s Day!

Popcorn Lover's Date Night! The perfect popcorn bar from www.thedatingdivas.com
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My hubby and I LOVE a good movie!  Sometimes after a long week at work or with the kids, Friday night rolls around and I am SO ready to curl up on the couch, relax, and snuggle my man!  BUT it’s date night!  I want it to be special!  We have the perfect movie plan with our Popcorn Bar Date for all you popcorn lovers out there, to make your movie night something special!

National Popcorn Lover’s Day is March 12, but feel free to use this date any time {and as often!} as you would like!  Here’s how it goes:

First, spend the day getting your spouse excited for the evening with our corny {Literally – HA} popcorn love notes and invitation.  Thanks to our wonderful designer Crystal Nale at A Well Feathered Nest, these free printables are to die for!

Popcorn Lover's Date Night from www.thedatingdivas.com

Let your spouse know when and where this National Popcorn Lover’s Date Night is happening and what will be showing!  My hubby and I chose to watch The Princess Bride!

National Popcorn Lover's Day Date Night from www.thedatingdivas.com

Now it’s time to get all of those adorable supplies ready to go along with your movie!  I chose to add in all of my hubby’s favorite candies to go along with our popcorn bar: Skittles, Twizzlers, Oreos, the works!

Popcorn Bar Topping Ideas from www.thedatingdivas.com

We have fun blank labels for you to name all of the different toppings.

National Popcorn Lover's Day from www.thedatingdivas.com

If you’re feeling that adventurous cooking spirit, pull out the kernels and create some homemade popcorn flavors for the popcorn bar.  Your spouse will love them!  And once again use our free printables to let your sweetie know what kinds there are.  Here are some Divas favorite recipes to choose from:

1) Mint Chocolate Chip Glazed Popcorn – Uh, my FAVORITE ice cream in popcorn form?  Need I say more?!

2) Hot Chocolate Popcorn – The perfect winter or anytime recipe for all chocolate lovers out there!

3) Cheesy Taco Popcorn A fun way to spice up a cheesy favorite!

4) Cake Batter PopcornLiterally eating this one right now!  A-MAZING!

5) Butterfinger PopcornBe prepared to make seconds!  Seriously!

Popcorn Bar from www.thedatingdivas.com


National Popcorn Lover's Day from www.thedatingdivas.com

These are just a few of our favorites.  There are SO many out there and they are a great way to add some fun to your popcorn bar.  Not feeling like sharing your delicious popcorn come mid-movie?  Pull out those brown sandwich bags and make them adorable with our free printable bag covers!  I told you we were going to make this date night fun!

Set out your popcorn bar with all your favorite treats and dishes and you are ready for a night of fun!  Pop in that movie you’ve been dying to see and enjoy a special date night with your sweetie!  Looking for a fun activity for the family?  Make this date night a family affair, the kids will love it!

Popcorn Lover's Date Night Idea from www.thedatingdivas.com

Celebrate National Popcorn Lover’s Day with your spouse, your favorite movie, and some seriously delicious popcorn!  

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