Power Outage Date

Power Outage Date

Lights OUT,  date night ON!

There is so much fun to be had without electricity!

This date idea did not come to me on a whim but rather occurred by circumstance.  A few months ago, we were hit by a bad storm which caused our power to go out.  It wasn’t just a few hours but instead FOUR days without power! Thank goodness for nearby family!  Looking back we can laugh, and that’s why I decided to plan this Power Outage date.  It is a fun reminder of some of the creative things we came up with to keep us busy during this unpleasant time!

Power Outage Date Idea

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The Invite

Sneak this adorable invite, designed by our very own Diva Elizabeth, into your hubby’s briefcase or somewhere he will be sure to see it!.

Power Outage Date Invite

The Date

If you’re wondering what type of fun options you can do on a date with no electricity, have NO worries! I’ve included a fabulous, printable checklist full of bright (pun intended  :lol:) ideas:

Power Outage Date Activities List

  • Dinner by candlelight – (if you have an electric stove, you might be in trouble… good thing I had a gas one!
  • Take turns telling a ghost story
  • Dress up in glow stick jewelry

Power Outage Date Glowsticks

Power Outage Date Cracking Glowsticks

Power Outage Date Activity with Glowsticks

  • Create shadow puppets on the wall
  • A little truth or dare never hurt anyone {wink wink}
  • Dust off those old board games OR stack of cards and play by candlelight
  • Catch up on much needed conversation
  • Pick a favorite Dating Diva intimate moment and get busy!

Power Outage Date Glowing

Can you believe you just enjoyed a date with NO movie, cell phone or computer?!  I can!! For more fun in the dark, try Michelle’s Star Light, Star Bright date!

Power Outage Date


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10 Responses to Power Outage Date

  1. LOVE this idea. We spend so much time “plugged in” to our phones and emails- this would be a great way to intentionally unplug from the world and reconnect to each other! Thanks!

  2. I would lose my mind and totally ruin my diet without power for four days, I don’t know how you did it!!! With your fun ideas at least I wouldn’t lose the romance!!! lol Paige I love your pictures and I love all the ideas a ton. I’m not waiting around to lose power to try some of these ideas, just unplugging like Becca said, for several fun nights! xox

  3. I once endured a 5 day power outage after an unusually long ice storm in the mountains of West Virginia. My hubby and I did spend lots of time snuggling in bed, but mostly to stay warm. The thing I was most thankful for was a gas powered water heater that made showering possible. Wish I had had the suggestions in this article back then!

  4. I haven’t experienced power outages like the one you describe but I have some excellent ideas of what to do if/when i ever do 🙂 Love Becca’s suggestion though.
    Thanks for a great article Paige.

  5. i have done this before a few years ago, not because the lights went out but because i am a romantic who happens to love music and candles and doing sweet little different things like this. things like this are right up my alley

  6. Try a nearly two week power outage. And a 6 day one in the dad of winter. With a sprinkling of 2-3 power outages in between. All in one year. And I only live 15 min outside of a city, it’s not as if i’m in the middle of nowhere >.< Needless to say, I have become an expert in power outages & my pantry is always stocked with things that can be made over a campfire, grill, or portable burner. These are some nice ideas for making it fun for us adults, our kids take all the glow jewelry though (monsters! don't even share!) 🙂

  7. Hello! We are going to do this date tonight and are so excited! Thank you! Also… the “truth or dare” link is wrong. It takes you to a counseling agency website. Just a heads up! Thanks again for all you do!