Printable Snack Love Notes

Romantic Printable Love Notes


Looking for a quick and easy gift idea for your man? Use our free printable snack love notes!  

Free Printable Snack Love Notes for your Husband

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We even have FOUR sets of love notes for you to choose from, depending on the occasion… 

  • VALENTINE Snack Love Notes
  • ANNIVERSARY Treat Love Notes
  • BIRTHDAY Breakfast Love Notes
  • “LOVE YOU” Snack Love Notes {for ANY time}


All you need are some snacks…

Snack Gift Ideas for Husband or Boyfriend

… and our FREE printable love notes!

Romantic, Printable Love Notes for your Husband

Yep, that’s right-  Kristin, the fabulously talented designer at CdotLove, is hooking you up with 5 PAGES of DARLING love notes!!  SCORE!  If you use them, make sure to head on over to her blog and give her a much-deserved “Thank You!”

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we HAD to create a set of Valentine’s Day love notes first!  


1.  Put them ALL together in a fun gift basket

2.  Leave ONE note out every day the week leading up to Valentine’s Day

3.  Hide them around your bedroom or house for him to find

It’s totally up to you!  

Just wait until you see how CUTE they are…



Cute Valentine's Snack Gift Basket for Hubby

Here’s a closer look at what’s inside…

Snack Love Notes for Valentine's Day for Husband or Boyfriend

VALENTINE’S Snack Love Notes 

  • I know this might be a little CHEEZ-y but… {Cheez-its}
  • I’m going to POP a CORNy question. {Popcorn}
  • DEW you want to be my Valentine? {Mountain Dew}
  • I’ve been CHEX’n you out and…{Chex cereal trail mix}
  • You are HOT! {Hot Tamales, Hot Cheetos, Hot Pocket, or anything HOT}
  • You’re all that and a bag of CHIPS! {Chips}
  • Please say yes?! I promise I’m NACHO average Valentine! {Nacho Chips or Nacho Cheese sauce}

The PERFECT, easy Valentine’s gift, right?!  And, of course, we couldn’t stop there!  We also made sets of love notes to use for your anniversary, his birthday, AND another set to use ANY TIME you want.  Because you never know when you’ll want to show your man a little extra lovin’!  

Check them out… 



Fun Anniversary Gift Basket- with free printable love notes!

Here’s a closer look at what’s inside…

Free Printable Anniversary Love Notes

ANNIVERSARY Treat Love Notes

  • Being married to you is a TREAT! {Husband’s favorite treat}
  • After all this time, you still make my heart do FLIPZ {Flipz chocolate covered pretzels}
  • You are the CREME of the crop! {Oatmeal Crème cookies or Chocolate Crème Milano cookies}
  • Loving you is a piece of CAKE! {Cupcake, piece of cake, or cake balls}
  • I was one smart COOKIE when I picked you! {Cookie}
  • We were totally MINT for each other! {Any mint flavored treat}
  • Happy Anniversary, Sweetie PIE! {Slice of pie or hand pie}



Fun Gift Basket Idea for the Hubby's Birthday

Here’s a closer look at what’s inside…

Free printable romantic love notes for the hubby's birthday

BIRTHDAY Breakfast Love Notes

  • Happy Birthday, STUD MUFFIN! {Muffin}
  • It’s your day, go ahead and MILK it! {Milk}
  • I’m so LUCKY to have a CHARMing husband like you! {Lucky Charms}
  • I DONUT I’d do if you weren’t born! {Donut}
  • So glad that you’re my main SQUEEZE! {Orange Juice}
  • Let’s get NAKED and celebrate in our birthday suits! {Naked brand drink}
  • What can I say, HONEY? I like your BUNS! {Honey buns}



DIY Romantic Gift Basket for Husband or Boyfriend

Here’s a closer look at what’s inside…

FREE Printable Romantic Snack Love Notes

“LOVE YOU” Snack Love Notes {for ANY time}

  • I’ve got a CRUSH on you! {Crush Soda}
  • We make a great COMBO {Combo Pretzels}
  • You are awesome SAUCE! {Applesauce or any sauce}
  • I’d be so MIX-ed up without you. {Trail Mix}
  • It’s plan as BLACK & WHITE- I’m in love with you! {OREOS}
  • I wouldn’t CHEWS anyone but you! {Gum}
  • HONEY-COMB your hair because we’ve got a date! {Honeycomb Cereal}

What are you waiting for?! Go show some love!

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