I’ve Kissed The Ground You Walk On…


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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it….and if you are anything like the majority out there – you have procrastinated in figuring out something cute to do for your sweetheart!  Don’t you worry!  The Dating Divas have got your back!

Ready for the easiest Valentine’s Day idea EVER?

Materials Needed:

  • A bag of Hershey’s Hugs
  • A bag of Hershey’s Kisses
  • Ribbon
  • A Clear Baggie
  • Rose Petals
  • “Now That I’ve Kissed The Ground…” FREE Printable

Setting Up:

This will literally take you less than 15 minutes to prep!  Place the Hershey’s Hugs in a bag, tie a ribbon around it, & hang it on the door your other half will walk through when he gets home.

Sprinkle a trail of rose petals AND Hersey’s Kisses along the ground leading to whatever destination you have in mind.  It could lead to your bedroom door.  {Hint, Hint..}  It could lead to the Master Bath where you would have a relaxing bubble bath waiting.  It could lead to the kitchen where you would have a yummy dinner or present waiting.  It’s completely up to you what you would like it to lead to!  Ahem….it could lead to YOU!  🙂

I have learned from fellow diva, Kristen, that fake rose petals are the BEST!  They are reusable, look realistic enough to set the mood, and they don’t wilt!  Perfect combo and great investment!  I grabbed mine at Michael’s Arts & Crafts for $10.  If you aren’t near a craft store, you may have time to order some!  Amazon sells a huge pack of Rose Petals for only $11.99!  This is a must-have for setting a romantic mood….  🙂

Where ever you have the trail of roses & kisses ending, you would place this cute downloadable sign which ties everything together!  Our fabulous friend, Aileen with Li’l Buckaroo Designs created this for us!

Want a closer look?  Here you go…

Adorable, huh!  You could punch two holes in it, tie a ribbon on, and hang it on a door.  If you don’t have ribbon, then just tape it on whatever door he will open. No tape?  {Gasp!}  Last resort would be to prop it up against whatever item/gift/etc. you are giving him. Easy-peasy!  Now, if you are looking for an entire Valentine’s Date – then you are in luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family… especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! We are expecting a miracle baby boy this year! I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST running this website with some of my closest friends!

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40 Responses to I’ve Kissed The Ground You Walk On…

    1. GIRL! Leave him hints! Open up this post & gush over it when the hubby is around. Point Blank, say, “I would LOVE it if you got on this website & did one of these cute ideas for me for Valentine’s Day!” Men oftentimes need to be told what you are wanting….hints don’t always work. 🙂

  1. Love it! Thank you! I got my rose petals at Wal-mart in the wedding section. I got them a year ago so who knows if they still sell them. But it’s a good place to look!

  2. OMG, Tara!! I LOVE this idea! So dang cute!! And the printable…oh, that is just awesome. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! I’m setting my printer to print it out…right…now.

  3. I found some beautiful rose petals at Michaels this year in the wedding section. They have petals made of several materials mixed in the same box, shimmery transparent and silky. But what really made for beautiful petals was when I cut up Poinsetta flowers that were on DEEP discounts at the craft store. Michaels has big grab bags of Christmas flowers now for $2, I saw them last week. I just separated out the layers of flowers and then cut off each petal. The poinsettas were velvety and they added another depth to the rose petals. I love them and definitely am keeping these around! I took pics of the petals at our romantic getaway. I could share them with you if you want, since you are so generous to us. 🙂

  4. This is a much cuter execution than what I did for my then sweetie and now hubby. I was a broke college student and I kissed the ground he walked on and left a gift before I left to go back to school. I may have to break this back out.

  5. Every idea is cuter than the last- told alot of my friends about you-this is your ministry what a gift you are encouraging marriages you bless me so much- please friend me on face book jm monroe

  6. I was just going to say, hit the dollar store, grab a couple bunches of silk roses, and start cutting all the pedals off for your stock of rose pedals…. the more spendy ones often only come in one color. For a couple bucks you can get basically a lifetime supply (keep them in a ziplock bag in the lingerie drawer) of red, white and pink, or whatever combo you want! Much more cost effective than a craft store, or online 🙂

  7. You can put like a bag of rose petals on top of the door and make it work so that when the person comes in, they will be showered with rose petals. 🙂 Just a thought…