Scavenger Hunt Clues All Couples Will LOVE!

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Adorable Scavenger Hunt Clues for Couples

Are you craving some extra time with your sweetie? Are you looking for a more creative way to spend your time together or spice up your date this week?

Those little moments are so important when we’re investing in our marriages but sometimes it can feel like we just need MORE. 

A man and woman using a variety of scavenger hunt riddles on their scavenger hunt date | The Dating Divas
Couple holding a variety of printables for their scavenger hunt date

Look no further! Try out this ULTIMATE date – it’s the perfect elaborate adventure for you and your sweetie MINUS all the work. Check out how easy we’ve made this!  

Couples Scavenger Hunt

Love your spouse ALL day long with this epic day date!

Your relationship is special and deserves to be celebrated! With this unique scavenger hunt, you and your spouse will follow 14 scavenger hunt clues leading to bonding and interactive activities to celebrate your love! We have everything you need to set up this memorable experience with minimal preparation and no additional purchases. So, relax and get ready to connect, flirt, and remember why you fell in love in the first place! 

This INCREDIBLE design includes 14 pre-made envelopes AND clues complete with instructions on how to hide each one so every clue lines up perfectly! 

Can you say….SO EASY?!

A wife prepping the printables for a  Scavenger Hunt date | The Dating Divas
A woman holding a scavenger hunt clue amongst a variety of printables

But wait! There’s more…

As if a 14 clue scavenger hunt wasn’t fun enough for all you QUALITY TIME adventure lovers out there, this piece of the Valentine’s Day bundle ALSO INCLUDES 14 activities to enjoy!

Here are the BONUS activities you’ll receive:

  • A Couples Love Challenge {Ahem! If you’re competitive, there’s a place to tally points!}
  • THIS or THAT Game
  • Compliment Game
  • Roll Some Romance {bring your own dice!}
  • Speed Service
  • Silly Phrase Game
  • Music for Your Muse
  • Create a Pet Name
  • Love Bird Love Notes
  • Memory Lane Top Ten
  • Phone Scavenger Hunt
  • Flirty Photo Challenge
  • Sentimental Scavenger Hunt
  • Food for Thought Activity

How the Couples Scavenger Hunt Works

Open the email you receive after purchase and download your printables for your scavenger hunt, which includes:

  • 14 easy-to fold scavenger hunt clues + corresponding envelopes.
  • 14 easy-to-cut scavenger hunt activity guides and printables.
  • E-instructions on how to hide each scavenger hunt clue!
A woman prepping Scavenger Hunt riddles for date night on Valentines Day | The Dating Divas
Fun Scavenger Hunt riddles with printables

This has been intentionally curated to be SUPER EASY set-up for you while still giving you the experience of a very well-planned date! Your spouse will SO appreciate this effort.  

These scavenger hunt clues can be hidden on a bottle in your shower, in the pantry behind your sweetie’s favorite pasta, or even somewhere secret in their car! Each clue comes with an idea of where to hide it and it’s all SO cute!

Scavenger hunt clues for couples with printable cards and guide | The Dating Divas
Variety of printables for a Scavenger Hunt date

This unique and romantic 14 clue scavenger hunt can be yours for just $15! (Remember, ALL DONE FOR YOU.) 

This is pretttyyy much $1 per activity. This extensive day date is WELL worth it!

Click below and choose to invest in your marriage by creating a sense of ADVENTURE today!


Couples Scavenger Hunt

These scavenger hunt clues have everything you need to set up this memorable experience with minimal preparation and no additional purchases! So, relax and get ready to connect, flirt, and remember why you fell in love in the first place! 


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  1. This was beautifully & brilliantly done in every way imaginable. Wasn’t even sure if my spouse would go along with it or enjoy it but later said “WOW!! What Ia fun Valentine’s!” We even somehow managed to get the house clean. AND our cars! 🤣 “speed service” was magic 😉
    The entire hunt was magical
    Thanks for an unforgettable Valentines!

    1. YAY! This is seriously the best news and we are SO happy that you both enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting!