11 Setting the Mood for Epic Romance Ideas

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Setting the Mood for Epic Romance

You’ll be at the very top of your game with these epic romance tips! Twice a month we are going to post an “Intimate Moments” idea… Yeah! Something new for your bedroom rendezvous! Sweeeet! So… when you think of your ideal romantic setting… What exactly is IT that makes it ideal? What sets the inviting mood? Here are a few simple diva ideas that are EASY to apply to your favorite “lovin’ place” and can be used again and again.

  1. 1. Calm and Soft Mood Lighting

The first thing that comes to my mind is soft lighting! Candles are a totally romantic choice. There’s just something about the dancing flames… If you’re like me and don’t like the thought of half-melted candles in your room decor, consider the little tea lights. You can get a ton of them for $5, and they’re basically disposable. Easy. YAY!

Another idea is to drape a strand of little Christmas lights around the perimeter of the room or across your headboard. Red especially! It gives the room a soft and romantic glow.

Or if you can get your hands on something totally cute like this… perfect! Once your hubby sees lights up in the room, the secret code is immediately deciphered…
you + me = tonight


2. Music ~ Your Way

Whether it’s soft country, a mixed CD of the love songs you like best, or more of a relaxing “spa sounds” that create the ambiance you’re going for…one thing is certain – music definitely changes the atmosphere of a room!


3. Light Appealing Scents

Candles can totally do “double duty” in this department – smell lovely along with mood lighting.
This can be a negative thing if overdone though, so remember a little goes a long way! Pay attention if your hubby notices a certain smell he loves on you. Wear that perfume mostly in the bedroom (so it’s not an everyday smell) and he’ll smile the next time he gets a whiff.


4. Surroundings

Take a look at the following rooms… which would you choose and why?


COLOR can make a huge difference in the energy of your room! What says YOU? Calm, relaxing toned blue? A vibrant lively color? Maybe the beautiful clean feeling of white? Paint is fairly cheap and will last a long time… make a splash of color on your love life!


5. Clean House

Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to be surrounded by piles of “stuff” and “junk” in what is supposed to be your getaway room. The clutter has got to go! The clean look is refreshing and definitely more of an invitation to relax. Oh, and don’t forget to make your bed… yes, every day. It’s kinda like the good feeling you get at a hotel when you walk in and suddenly your bed looks brand new again and you can’t wait to mess it up!


6. Love Your Sheets

You gotta! It doesn’t have to be Egyptian Cotton, but what a difference it makes to crawl into something soft and romantic vs. flannel HOT sheets or old, thread bare ones… *nod* If you don’t love your sheets, start keeping an eye open for sales (especially at TJ Maxx, Ross, or similar stores).


7. Specific Visuals

Yes! Of course, YOU are the main visual! You are the centerpiece, baby!

Lingerie may be the obvious choice for the greatest appeal (and I love it!) but don’t underestimate the power of just wearing one of his dress shirts partially unbuttoned or your bathrobe over your little beautiful self!

This usually goes without saying, but since we’re being candid…SHOWER! Not only should you look amazing with your sexy lingerie ON….but you should be clean and *yummy* smelling. (He should too!) Make sure the legs and underarms (and any other areas…) are shaved.

Look AND FEEL fabulous!

And as I’ve mentioned before… if you have a pair of these, that won’t hurt either!


8. Say It On The Wall

Ultimately, any diva wants her bedroom to feel totally different than any other room in the house, right? One more way to invite the LOVE factor into your bedroom is to throw in some all-about-love vinyl lettering!

Seriously? You have always wanted to get a few things to put up, but just haven’t yet? Try it and you’ll love ’em! They definitely devote the room to “US”.

One of my favorite vinyl sayings a friend of mine has up is
“My husband is HOT!” So cute!

My favorite place to find fantastic ideas for lovin’ vinyl is at vinylspeaks@yahoo.com! They have something for everyone and a ‘dahling’ variety of warm fuzzy love quotes!


9. Own It

Display one of your ab-so-lute-ly fav-o-rite pictures of you and your honey! It might be from your wedding or another sentimental and happy memory.
After all, this room is all about YOU!


10. Throw That TV Out The Window

WAIT! Not literally… but this one is a BIGGIE! When you’re going for a romantic environment that is all about you and the spouse, there is ZERO room for a TV in the bedroom. It’s easy to zone out, veg, and unintentionally fall asleep to the TV… No thanks! “We gots betta things to do!” Not to mention that making your spouse the focus of your attention will get you WAY more mileage in your marriage than watching “Dancing with the Stars” from your bed ever will!


11. Eliminate Distractions

Make sure the kids are down, phones are off the hook, cell phones are turned off, and the PETS are outta the room! Nothing like a romance-killer than fighting kidlets, a slobbery KISS from your puppy, or a text coming through on your phone!




I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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  1. Love this post! We’re going to be moving soon and I haven’t done really anything with our bedroom so I’m going to change that with our new one! I’ll be referring to this for sure! p.s. I liked the red one hehe. p.s.s. Looks like the link for the sisterssayitall is broken :(. i googled it and found a blog but that seems to be under construction… did I find the wrong places?

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  3. My favorite things are the candles it doesn’t matter if our room is a mess as soon as he lights the candles it seems romantic. My hubby built me a head board with candle holders and picked out apple spice and pumpkin smelling candles, surprisingly the smell of them very much an aphrodisiac. (as crazy as it might sound)
    So I’m with the candles and smell it helps us relax great ideas guys!

  4. I have a mirrored canopied bed. It was a water bed, but we replaced the water bed with a regular mattress. So the entire top is mirrored. But….I came home one day and hubby had taken purple lights, those that are like in the tubes, dont know what you call them, and strung them all the way around the perimeter or the canopy and also entwined artificial flowers with it!! He chose purple cause its my favorite color. Those lights and flowers have been up now for about 8 years!!! And every night I go to bed and see it, I think of what my hubby did for me! 😉

  5. I need to work on my room! I made a board for my hubs for V-day that says: “You’re nothing short of my everything.” We love it, now I just need to work on the rest of the room!

    Thanks for the tips, this is a great post!

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