DIY Sex Dice Game for Adults

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Sexy Dice Game For Couples

There is no better game to play with your spouse than this sex dice game! Get ready for a free printable dice game that will please in more ways than one! This intimate dice game will fulfill your sexy needs and you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re at it. Give it a roll and you’ll see just how fun this intimate date night can be!

You can start off slow, using just one die, or you can be adventurous and use them all! These DIY dice are easy to assemble and you will be able to pull them out and use them over and over again.

Spice up your marriage in no time with this printable dice game! Roll the dice and let the bedroom games begin! #sexydicegame #DIYdice
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Let the Sexy Dice Games Begin

Intimate date night doesn’t get easier than this! Carisa from Messes to Memories created super cute, and very functional DIY dice for us. All you have to do is simply print them out and assemble them. Let the bedroom dice games begin!

5 diy sexy dice

Get your sexy dice games date night all set to go! Print each printable page onto white cardstock. Regular paper will likely be too flimsy for making these DIY dice.

5 sexy dice in a row

There are 5 different dice for you to choose from. The dice included for that are included are:

  • A body parts die
  • A time die
  • An actions die
  • A location die
  • A toys die

The dice games you can play are endless because there are so many different possibilities of combinations with each roll!

stack of 5 sexy love dice

Print and Assemble Your Bedroom Dice

Print and cut out each dice using the dice games printables below. Fold on each of the fold lines. Once creased on each fold line a box will form. Use a strong glue stick to bond the sides of the dice together, placing the glue on the wings. Once assembled, you should have a strong, proportional dice that are ready to be rolled! If you are in a pinch, you could also use tape to complete the DIY dice.

pink sexy love die in a hand

How to Use Bedroom Dice

Choose dice categories (body parts, time, bedroom toys, sex, locations, or actions) to use for your dice games. Pick as many or as few dice as you want. Get wild and use all 6!

sexy dice for adults

Take turns rolling the dice and doing the combination suggested by the dice. For example, you’d roll all six dice, then you would suck your partner’s lips in the shower while using a massager in some way! FUN, right?!

row of sexy Dice for Couples

There are endless combinations, let the sexy dice lead the way. This will be a night of dice games you will never forget!

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