Sexy Mad Libs for Adults

Printable Mad Libs Online

Do you want to spice things up and laugh like crazy while you’re at it? Um, YES! Of course, you do! Lucky for you, it’s as easy as downloading these printable mad libs for adults! They are sexy, funny, and strange–just the way mad libs should be. We have 10 different sexy mad libs printables for you to choose from. You could also make a night of it and do them all! Print them off, fill in the bottom portion without peeking, then fill in the corresponding numbers. Read your sexy mad libs aloud for your partner to hear! Trust me, you will be busting up laughing!

Turn up the heat in your marriage--while laughing like crazy together with Sexy Adult Mad Libs! #madlibs #madlibsforadults #printablemadlibs

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Mad Libs Printable

Did you grow up doing Mad Libs? They are the best! The wackiness and pure absurdity of the sentences leave you dying with laughter. So we had an idea, why not make Sexy Mad Libs for Adults?! You will be laughing like crazy together as you read these spicy mad libs to each other!

Mad Libs Date NightWe were laughing at the hilarious sentences we had come up with! They were so off the wall, we read them over and over!

Printable Mad Libs for Adults

Mad Lib Game

The best part about mad libs is how unpredictable and strange they are! These mad libs for adults are no different. Each of the 10 sexy mad libs included at the bottom of this post has a numbered bottom portion for you to fill in different parts of speech.

Mad Libs PrintablesFill in each of the boxes within the bottom portion first. After you have filled in words for each of the bottom boxes, then fill in the box above that with the corresponding number. Once you have each of your words filled in, read your Mad Lib out loud!

Mad Libs Online

Printable Mad Libs for Adults

We have included 10 different printable Mad Libs for you. Peek at the titles and see which sounds the funniest, spiciest, or sexiest to you! You can also make a night out of it and print them all off and each of you fills out 5. You will have so many laughs as you read your silly stories out loud.

Couples Mad LibsMad Libs for Adults

The Sexy Mad Libs for Adults include the following topics:

  • Fantasy
  • Sexy Love
  • Your Body
  • Mile High Club
  • Make Up Love
  • Our First Time
  • Sexiness 101
  • How to Turn on a Woman
  • How to Turn on a Man
  • A Wild Night

Funny Mad Libs

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