Sexy New Year’s Retreat

Sexy New Year’s Countdown

While New Year’s is a popular time for parties, sometimes it’s nice to just have a private soiree with your spouse! Whether you can get away together on New Year’s itself or you can’t steal away until the next date night, this countdown to midnight is a steamy way to celebrate the new year with your spouse!

Sexy New Year's Retreat

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The Gorgeous Design

New Year's Eve Sexy Printables New Year's Eve Countdown Printable

We cannot get over how beautiful these printables are! The gold, purple, and blush combine for a sophisticated and sexy design, perfect for an intimate night alone. The creator of these printables is none other than the fabulously talented Crystal Nale from A Well-Feathered Nest. This lady is seriously incredible! She can take your ideas and turn them into a masterpiece, so don’t forget to check out her website!

The Invitation

New Year's Eve Free Invitation New Year's Eve Countdown Free Printables

Our sassy invitation is sure to catch your spouse’s eye, and he or she will have no doubt what is on your mind! Simply cut out and assemble the envelope – then you can pop in your invite! It can be hard to get alone time on New Year’s Eve as there are so many parties, but who says you can’t celebrate it together later when you can get away? Whether you are heading out to a hotel or spending time at home, this retreat is just what you need!

The New Year’s Countdown

New Year's Eve Countdown

Our adorable New Year’s Countdown Cards will have the two of you sharing intimate moments starting at 8:00pm. Each half hour you will have a different sexy activity to indulge in, and all you have to do to prepare is fold and glue the cards together … as well as grab a bubbly drink and a sweet treat. Now, if you’d like to add some other decorations to dress the place up, feel free! However, we think that if all you can throw together are these cards, you’re still sure to have a rockin’ New Year’s {Wink}!

DIY New Year’s Countdown

DIY New Year's Eve Countdown

Now, say one of our ideas makes you blush or you have your own ingenious activities to substitute? That’s exactly why we’ve included some cards for you to make your own creations. Or you could use them in any other creative way you think will get your spouse’s heart racing. They are perfect additions as they continue the same theme as the rest of the printables.

New Year's Eve Printables

Even though the holiday season is winding down, we know life is still crazy! But you and your spouse deserve a night in which you can treat yourselves, so carve out some alone time – whether it’s New Year’s Eve or not. Take some time to celebrate your love and the beginning of another wonderful year together!

Free Download

Sexy New Year's Retreat

Printables Designed By Crystal Nale @ A Well-Feathered Nest Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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