Sexy Santa Bundle: The Ultimate Christmas Gift for a Couple

What could you POSSIBLY get your spouse for Christmas this year?! It may seem like they have everything they could ever need! I mean, you could ask them what they want and then get it for them, but then you are missing out on the fun of surprising the one you love most. Or, you could come up with an idea on your own while Christmas shopping, and risk it being a total bust. If only there was a special and unique Christmas gift for a couple you could surprise them with that you know they would love!

We are SO excited to announce our perfect, most surprising, and steamiest Christmas gift that will help make your marriage rock:

Sexy Santa Bundle!

The perfect Christmas Gift for a couple!

Have yourself a naughty little Christmas!

We have gathered our absolute FAVORITE sexy gifts all in one place and bundled them together for a gift your spouse is sure to love all year long.

No matter where your sex life is right now, this collection of steamy, hilarious, and educational resources, games, and bedroom activities are going to take things to the next level! Any spouse will love opening any or all of these on Christmas morning, and the best part? They can be used all year long! 🎄🎁

A Christmas bundle of sexy gifts to give your spouse this 2021 Christmas. | The Dating Divas
Wife behind her husband covering his eyes while holding a Christmas bundle.

What is included in this Christmas Bundle?

Okay, okay, this collection is SO EXCITING! These are some of our (and YOUR) absolute favorite bedroom-related products of all time – PLUS there is a brand new product that is being offered for the very first time, only in this bundle!

🎁 Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase a Sexy Santa Bundle for your spouse:

  • *BRAND NEW* HIS Room Service – $20
  • *BRAND NEW* HERS Room Service – $20
  • *BONUS* Room Service Scavenger Hunt – $5
    • (Okay, read below and I will tell you ALL about these ROOM SERVICE products, because they are brand-spankin’ new and super steamy!! Honestly, this is worth the bundle price alone!)
  • 12 Sexy Days of Christmas – $12
    • 12 intimate activities to shower your spouse in love as you countdown to Christmas day!
  • Naughty and Nice Kit – $5
    • A super festive collection of gift tags, gift bag covers, a coupon book, and ideas to give both naughty and nice gifts this year!
  • Reindeer Games – $8 
    • Celebrate each of the nine reindeer with nine festive date activities that will bring fun and laughter into your relationship!
  • Christmas 5 Senses – $5
    • Everything you need to put together a gift pack for your sweetie that will please ALL of their five senses! What better Christmas presents for couples can you find?
  • Sex Seminar 2020 AND 2021 – $53
    • Our Sex Seminars are one of our most popular resources of all time! We gather videos from leading marriage and sex experts who each dive into a certain focus for how to improve your sex life, understand your relationship better, or take things to the next level. These are true SEX-perts, and you’ll gain access to hours and hours of their advice!

That’s a LOT! So how much is this bundle?

Were you doing the math there? If you need some help, we’ve added it all up for you!

You can find each of these products individually on our website and purchase them for a total of… $128!

Are you hoping to spend a little less on your Christmas gift this year though? What about if we offered this bundle for 70% off for this week only?

That’s right! It’s a holiday sale, and you only will pay $35 for several steamy gifts to shower your sweetie in love! And, you can get your Christmas shopping done early! Win-win!

What is the “Room Service” product that’s included in this bundle?

“Room Service” is going to totally take your sex life to the next level because it is the perfect Christmas gift for couples.

Have you and your spouse been:

  • Feeling like you are “in a rut” with your bedroom routine?
  • Noticing that it seems to only be one person who initiates each time?
  • Desiring bedroom time less and less often?
A sexy date night using the Room Service app you can buy on our holiday sale. | The Dating Divas
Sexy Dine-in game on a phone app found in our holiday sale!

Room Service is the sexy new digital product that is going to help you mix things up time and time again in the bedroom!

Essentially, they are companion HIS and HERS APPS dedicated to sex and intimacy. Now both of you will be able to alternate taking charge in the bedroom!

Here’s how the Room Service apps work:

When you or your spouse are ready for some steamy alone time, you’ll open your Room Service app (totally different than the one your sweetie will have on their phone!) and go to a “menu.” Unlike menus you’ve seen before, this menu will offer options such as “Foreplay Fun” or “Position Play”; “Tame” or “Spicy”; and “Short and Sweet” or “Take Your Time.”

You’ll take a screenshot of the “menu” you want to treat your spouse to tonight, and send your sweetie a text asking for their answers.

Once you get their “order” (their selections between a few options on a menu), you will enter your spouse’s options on your own app, and VOILA! You will be served up the perfect steamy activity designed for exactly what your spouse is in the mood for!

In our Christmas bundle, you can find an adorable and flirty app to play with your spouse. | The Dating Divas
The phone screen shows a flirty app you can find in our Christmas bundle.

Want to see a few of these sexy bedroom activities? Here are just a handful of the 48 total options that are housed between both the HIS and HERS apps!

  • Naked Charades
  • Frisky Fortune Cookie
  • Moonlight Dancing
  • Movie Make Out
  • Sexy This or That
  • Turn-on Treat
  • Blindfold ‘n Feed
  • Spicy Yoga Melt
  • … and SO MUCH MORE!

The HIS app and the HERS app each contain 24 completely unique foreplay activities, which means you’ll get access to 48 total sex games! (Plus, once you find some favorites, you can repeat them over and over!) So these apps will last you for a loooong time.

But wait, there’s more…

Each of the HIS and HERS apps also includes its own Bonus Date! So if you are in the mood for a full-on date night with activities AND sexy options, you can always click on one of these Bonus Dates.

If you are wondering how to give your spouse a steamy digital app for Christmas and still make it exciting, we’ve taken care of that part, too!

Included with your purchase is a Room Service Scavenger Hunt!

There are a series of printable clues that you can place around your home that will build suspense and intrigue for your spouse. By the time they get to the end, they’ll get a card that briefly explains the gift and presents them with a QR code to scan and get instant access to their app! It’s the perfect way to actually gift this to your sweetie in a way that will continue to wow them.

(The HIS and HERS apps, along with the Bonus Scavenger Hunt for gifting are worth $45 together, so taking advantage of this Sexy Santa Bundle and only paying $35 is totally worth it just for this SEX-LIFE changing array of steamy activities!)

Find a flirty scavenger hunt for your sweetheart with printables in our holiday sale. | The Dating Divas
Sexy room service scavenger hunt printables you can find in our holiday sale.

What if I’m not interested in everything this Sexy Christmas Bundle includes?

Here’s the cool part– if you’ve been hanging with The Dating Divas for a while, and you know how much we love creating sexy products that bring you and your spouse closer together, you may already have a few of the products included in this bundle!

🎁 But this can still be the perfect gift option for your spouse if:

  • The products you ARE interested in using are worth more than $35 (like the 2 Sex Seminars?! Those are a hot ticket item and this is a HUGE discount!)
  • You really want our brand new Room Service product (Room Service is only available as part of our bundle right now!)
  • You feel confident looking through the materials you’ll get and using the ones you think your spouse will enjoy the most.

For only $35, this is a no-brainer, no matter what you already have!

This is only a Limited Time Offer!

The only sad thing about bundles is that… they don’t last forever!

The Sexy Santa Bundle is only available from November 8 through November 14!

This week is your only chance to get all of these products for ONLY $35:

  • HIS Room Service – $20
  • HERS Room Service – $20
  • Room Service Scavenger Hunt – $5
  • 12 Sexy Days of Christmas – $12
  • Naughty and Nice Kit – $5
  • Reindeer Games – $8 
  • Christmas 5 Senses – $5
  • Sex Seminar 2020 AND 2021 – $53

After November 14, you’ll need to track down each of these products individually and pay full price. So take advantage of our awesome holiday sale, because this set of sexy items make up the perfect set of Christmas presents for couples!

A sexy santa Christmas bundle for a perfect date night with printables. Which of these will your first date be?! | The Dating Divas
The Sexy Santa Bundle is the perfect Christmas gift for a couple.

Make Christmas a total WIN this year by giving your spouse something that will surprise them AND that will be a favorite for both of you for a long time to come!

HURRY! Don’t miss this Sexy Santa Bundle!

Click the button below to take advantage of this over 70% discount, and have yourself a NAUGHTY little Christmas this year! 🎄 Your bundle will be delivered directly to your inbox after you check out! You’ll receive an email with instructions and links on how to access everything within. We promise it will be like Christmas morning when you get that email! And keep in mind that it may take up to 15-20 minutes for your email to arrive.

Limited Time Offer Version

Sexy Santa Bundle: Christmas Gift for Couple

We have gathered our absolute FAVORITE sexy gifts in one place and bundled them together for a gift your spouse is sure to love. No matter where your sex life is right now, this collection of steamy, hilarious, and educational resources, games, and bedroom activities are going to take things to the next level! And the best part? They can be used all year long! 🎁


IMPORTANT: Our delivery system is known to have technical issues delivering this product to “Yahoo” email addresses (including yahoo, ymail, AOL, & aim). If possible, use an alternative email address at purchase. As always, please email us at if you do not see the delivery email within 15-20 minutes after purchasing.

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