Sexy Scratch-Off Tickets Couples Game

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Sexy Couples Game 


Are you ready to turn up the heat? This sexy game for married couples is going to kick your passion up a notch or two, at LEAST!  With each scratch-off reveal you will be turning up the heat one degree at a time.  

Scrochin' Hot Tickets A Game For Married Couples

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I’m loving the design of these steamy tickets just as much as the game, that’s saying a lot!!! Huge thank you to All Things Bright and Beautiful for creating these scorchin’ designs, be sure to check out Courtney for any of your design needs! 

Sexy Printable Game for Married Couples


The steamy game for married couples to play comes with:

  • 1 Slip Envelope
  • 4 Degree Scratch-Off Tickets
  • 4 Variable Scratch-Off Tickets
  • 5 Blank Scratch-Off Tickets

The slip envelope is a darling way to hold all of your scratch off tickets.   The degree tickets range from simmering 15 degree activities to an explosive 100 degree activities. If you want to keep a little bit of mystery, opt for the variable tickets. A reveal on the variable tickets will either warm you up or get you hot and bothered. 

Steamy Envelope and Tickets Game for Married Couples

Assembling your envelope and tickets is a cinch. You will need three items: a heavy duty glue stick to glue the envelope and tickets together, a paper cutter, and scissors. 

Follow the directions on the slip envelope printable. Cut out the peek-a-boo window, fold the envelope, and glue the folds together.  

Cut out the tickets, simply fold the envelope in half and glue the cards together.  

“Scratch off Ticket” How-To

Items To Create Scratch Off Tickets

Now that your printables are put together, it’s time to transform these into scratch-off tickets.

You will need metallic acrylic paint, dish soap, and clear packaging tape.

Steamy Printables Game for Married Couples

Tape packing tape over the sections to be painted.

Mix two parts paint to one part dish soap.

Paint a couple of coats inside the four circles.

The Steamy Night

Steamy Tickets Game for Married Couples

The rules of game play are written on the tickets. Do you want to jump right in and explode or do you want to simmer on low before heating up? The choice is yours! If you want to simmer and take it slow start with 15 degree tickets, move up to 45 tickets, onto the 80 degrees, and finally to 100 degrees.  Don’t have time to simmer, that’s ok, jump right to the 80 and 100 degree tickets.  Maybe you like to try your luck, if so pick up the variable tickets for your sexy couples game.

For those of you who want to add your own ideas, we’ve made plenty of blanks for you to get all creative with! You’re welcome! 

Grab your printables and enjoy your sexy couples game! 

5 Blank Scratch-Off Tickets

Free Download

Ticket Slip Envelope

Printables Designed by Courtney @ All Things Bright and Beautiful Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

4 Degree Scratch-Off Tickets

Printables Designed by Courtney @ All Things Bright and Beautiful Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Variable Scratch-off Tickets

Printables Designed by Courtney @ All Things Bright and Beautiful Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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