Sexy Thanksgiving After Party

Romantic Thanksgiving Idea for the Bedroom

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday filled with food, family, and friends! But in all the fun and celebration of all the things we are thankful for, we might forget to show attention to that one person we are most thankful for… our spouse! After spending days slaving away in the kitchen, a Sexy Thanksgiving After Party – AKA: A Romantic Thanksgiving Idea for the Bedroom 😉 is the perfect way to end your holiday celebration! Don’t forget to show a little gratitude to your spouse this Thanksgiving!

Sexy Thanksgiving After Party #sexyafterparty #couplesthanksgiving

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Diva Intimacy Ideas Disclaimer

Since Thanksgiving can often be a pretty busy holiday with a lot of meal prep and family time, we wanted to make this idea quick and easy, but also fun and relaxing. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what you need after all the holiday fun!

We didn’t want this idea to require too much prep at all… here’s all you have to do:

First, print out the gorgeous, romantic Thanksgiving printables {designed by Carisa from Messes to Memories}!

Sexy Thanksgiving Bedroom Game

Next, grab a bag and attach the tag to the front and leave it somewhere only your spouse will find it!

Thanksgiving Bedroom Idea in a Bag

Now simply fill your bag with lingerie/boxers, candle, oil, a feather, and maybe some other similar sexy things. This part is really up to you! Leave the invitation in the top of the bag or somewhere it is easy to find so your spouse knows what they’re getting themselves into. 😉

Romantic Thanksgiving Idea for the Bedroom

Make sure to have a couple of pens on hand and ready for the intimate bedroom game! We’ve kept this game super simple and straightforward. All you have to do is each grab a paper that says “So Thankful for your Body” and list your favorite parts of your SPOUSE’S body! Keep in mind you will be giving these body parts some attention.

Sexy Thanksgiving Game

Take turns rolling a dice to determine which body part you’ll be giving attention to and then pull a card to determine the action you’ll take. Enjoy partying with your spouse on Thanksgiving night!

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