40 Hilarious Thanksgiving Charades Words for an Epic Game Night

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Everyone loves a good game of charades, but with Thanksgiving-themed charades words, it makes for the ultimate post-feast game for families! Check out the best list of Thanksgiving charades words below!

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What Is Charades?

Charades is a classic game that everyone can enjoy. Add Thanksgiving charade ideas and words centered around Thanksgiving Day and you are in for a holiday treat! And, with our downloadable printable charades (linked below), prepping this game couldn’t be any easier! Just print off these cute designs by the talented Leslie from Nina Bean Designs – and you are set to play!

A girl holding free Thanksgiving charades ideas for the holiday party | The Dating Divas
A lady holding free printables with Thanksgiving charade ideas on them

How to Play Thanksgiving Charades

The basics of the game of Thanksgiving Charades (for anyone who is not familiar with the game) is to divide into two teams. Each team will select someone to choose a printable charades words and act out what is on the card without using their voice. They have to get creative to help their team guess the ideas on the cards. The team tries to guess as many cards in the given time (usually 1 minute) before giving the other team a turn.

Numerous printable charades ideas for Thanksgiving this year | The Dating Divas
Charade printable cards laid out on a white background

Here is a slight twist on OUR funny Thanksgiving game: there are three different categories or cards based on the level of difficulty. For instance, the most challenging items to act out are red cards, and the easiest ones are mint green cards. Additionally, the harder the card, the more points your team can earn! This makes it a great addition to your list of Thanksgiving games for kids AND adults to play.

A girl writing on her free Thanksgiving charade ideas printable for game night | The Dating Divas
A girl writing on the Thanksgiving “I am Grateful for” printable



Here is a list of the best Thanksgiving charades ideas to use!

  • Turkey
  • Pie
  • Fall
  • Cooking
  • Football
  • Oven
  • Family
  • Dinner
  • Tablecloth
  • Hungry
  • Gravy
  • Native American
  • Thankful
  • Dessert
  • Home
  • Leaves
  • Leftovers
  • Pilgrim
  • Tasty
  • Hungry
  • Blessing
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mayflower
  • Cornucopia
  • Drumstick
  • Feast
  • Gobble
  • Harvest
  • Wishbone
  • Plymouth Rock

Click on the pink download link at the bottom of this post to print them all off!

Thanksgiving GAMES

My favorite part of our version of the game is the blank cards! First, have each person playing the game fill out what they are grateful for this year. After that, add it to the pile for players to act out! This is how you can play year after year, and it will always be different. Plus, maybe you can add bonus points if players can guess who wrote that card!

A woman holding a free printable for the whole family to play on Thanksgiving | The Dating Divas
A woman holding a Thanksgiving charades scorecard printable

We even have a printable scorecard for you to keep track of all of the different points earned during the game! If you plan to make this a Thanksgiving tradition, I suggest getting it laminated and then using dry erase markers.

November family activities that are perfect for Thanksgiving | The Dating Divas
Colorful Thanksgiving charades printables


In addition, you can add all the Thanksgiving charades words and scorecards in a manila envelope. We even have a cute printable for you to attach to the front. This simple storage solution allows you to easily keep your printable charades together in one place and use them year after year.

Printable List of free turkey day games that are perfect for young kids | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving-themed printables for charades

And… there you have it! A unique and fun twist to a classic game – a perfect addition to your family games to play on Thanksgiving Day!

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