If The Shoe Fits Game

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Couples Date Night Game 

Who is the better driver? Who initiated your first kiss? Find out what your spouse really thinks in this hilarious group date night game!

If the shoe fits game idea.

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Find out how much you really know about your SOLE-mate with this silly date night game! Inspired by a unique game that Diva Courtney saw a bride and groom play at their wedding reception – we have converted this fun idea into a couples date night game! 
Converse Tennis Shoe Invitation

Start by inviting your favorite couples with this seriously awesome shoe invitation! I mean, how cool is this?! I love this yellow bakers twine, too! Our brilliant Diva Designer Crystal Nale from A Well Feathered Nest is the brains behind this creation. She created all of these amazing printables. I am totally in love with her work!

If the Shoe Fits Game Invite

 The inside of the shoe has a brief explanation of the game and has a place for you write all the details of the event! You can then use baker’s twine of even real shoelaces to tie up your invitation so it is ready for delivery! What a fun way to set the tone for this couples date night!

Here is How to Play: 

Once you have all your couples gathered, have each couple sit with their chairs back-to-back. Then, have them remove their shoes and give one to their partner so that they are holding one of their own shoe, plus their partner’s shoe.

If the Shoe Fits Game Questions

Next, a designated person will choose one of over 30 questions from our question bank! Questions range from Who spends more time on their phone? to If both of you were contestants on the game show JEOPARDY, who would have the higher score? 

If the Shoe Fits Game Questions for Couples

Then, the couple will hold up the shoe of the person who they think best fits the answer to the question. So – who has the craziest family? If you think you do – raise your own shoe and if your spouse agrees they will hold up your shoe too!

If the Shoe Fits Game Scorecard

If the couple both put up the same shoe – they get a point! You can use our fun printable scorecard to keep track of the points! If the Shoe Fits Game Jar of Questions

You can repeat the questions for as long as you want! You can play to a certain point value or just play until your sides can’t take it any longer from laughing!

If the Shoe Fits Game Free Printables

Fun, right? You can get all these printables that Crystal created here to start your couples date night game right away! Just make sure to stop by A Well Feathered Nest to give a big thank you to Crystal and see what else she has!

Free Download

If The Shoe Fits Printable Game

Printables Designed By Crystal @ A Well Feathered Nest Exclusively For The Dating Divas


I met my husband, in a beginning ballroom dance class at the age of 15. He was my first crush, my first date, and twelve years (to the day) later we married. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a spunky little boy. I love dancing, hosting parties, photography, organizing & chocolate!

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  1. Hello there! We have played this amazing game with our marriage ministry! Truly awesome, I have lost where I saved it to and now I can not get the download to work. We are playing again on Monday night with a new group. Any chance you could email me the pdf?

  2. How would this work with a large group- say 15 couples? I’m needing to have about 15 minutes worth of game time for our marriage retreat.

    1. This would be a great activity for a large group! You can easily have each couple (all 15 of them) sit back to back with their shoes in hand. You can call out the question and all of the couples raise their answer via shoe at the same time. I would have each couple just keep score for themselves, or have a helper keep track. They receive points if the matching shoe is in the held up so it is pretty easy to see who earns a point. I think this would be so much fun! I hope it turns out amazing! If you have any other questions – feel free to message me here nad I will help you out!

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