Shower Curtain Love Note

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Shower Curtain Love Note 

REALLY WAKE up your hubby in his morning shower with a surprise shower curtain love note!  

This idea is cheap and easy

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First, lay your white shower curtain flat on the floor.  Now, I’m not super crafty, nor do I have a good eye, so I used a yard stick to help pencil in light straight, lines across the curtain. It made it a little easier to write the words straight. I then penciled in my message lightly to make sure I liked it okay before using the marker.  For my message, I decided to write a lyric from our wedding song, Nothing Fancy.  {If you haven’t heard the song, Nothing Fancy by David Barnes, click the link for a little treat – wink, wink! 😉 }


After the marker is set, hang it up in the shower for his pleasant surprise in the morning! Given that shower curtains are relatively cheap {hint – think dollar stores…}, pick up a couple and surprise your man with new messages in the shower throughout the year! It’s such an easy DIY project to show him the love! If your man prefers to shower at night, have this Suite Retreat Kit waiting for him for a little one-on-one time! OR for another great DIY gift, check out Sarina’s Exploding Love Box!



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Recent Comments

  1. Sarah, that’s ANOTHER great idea! It’s a little easier than swapping the curtain for each message! Good thinking…thanks for sharing!

  2. You can also get those window markers for kids. You write on the window with them and they wash off. I’m going to do this with those and write on the tub surround. I think it’ll have the same effect and be washed off to write a new message later.

  3. FABULOUS idea!! I have written on our bathroom mirror… but have yet to write on our bathroom curtain! Our only problem would be that our master bathroom is a glass shower… and the guest bathroom has the liner curtain on the inside. We alternate showering in the bathrooms – our guests might wonder a little about the love lines written on the inside. LOL

  4. I love this idea Paige…so easy, so personal and the Dollar Store suggestion is right on. The next time my guy has a big presentation…this will be a great way to send him off! Thanks!

  5. Love this idea… Just curious though, as I have not yet tried it… I work in a school, and sharpie markers can be removed using rubbing alcohol. Perhaps you can remove the sharpie from the curtains too so that you can write messages back and forth? Might be worth a try…. (I would imagine that purchasing curtains over and over would become expensive for someone on a limited budget.)

  6. Do you think the sharpie would run or is it pretty permanent? Like Ali said, our shower curtain liner is due for replacing and it would be fun to leave little notes throughout the work week or even start a game of Hangman we would work on every shower! So fun. BUT I don’t want the pen to run all over my shower…

    1. Hi Hayley!

      I used permanent sharpie and it seemed to work just fine! Hope that helps!

      Kelli! No one knows out wedding song either! I’m happy to hear another couple loved it too! It’s so pretty!

  7. ooooh, what a fun idea! We have to replace our shower curtain regularly b/c with our humidity it gets super gross, so this is perfect for next time! 🙂

  8. That’s our wedding song too! Usually when i tell people, they’ve never heard of it. So it was a nice little treat to see the lyrics this morning! 🙂