Simple Birthday Ideas for All Day Fun for Your Spouse

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Simple Birthday Ideas for Celebrating All Day

Don’t we all love spoiling our sweethearts on their birthday? Whether it’s his or her birthday, celebrating your better half all day long is part of what being in a relationship is all about! Unfortunately, the recent quarantine has made it much more difficult to do anything big to celebrate birthdays. So, we took it upon ourselves to provide some simple birthday ideas that you could do from home AND that pack a big punch!

In short, gifts, treats, and other romantic gestures are great ways to show love to your sweetie. However, sometimes you have to think outside the box! If you’re wondering how to celebrate your sweetheart’s birthday at home this year, we’ve got an extraordinary idea for you. Plan an entire day with birthday ideas at home that will make your husband (or wife) feel special! Are you ready to hear how you can surprise your wife or husband with the best birthday they’ve ever had? Read on below!

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But first, we have to give a huge “Thank you!” to Diva Elizabeth for creating these adorable printables! She knows just how to make something look fabulous and fun, doesn’t she?!

A “Day of Birthday Love” Experience

So you need some romantic birthday ideas for your husband (or wife’s) upcoming birthday, huh? We have just the idea for you! A “Day of Birthday Love” Experience! Essentially, you’ll be gifting your spouse an entire day of their choosing. From sun up to sundown, from meals to relaxing activities, they get to choose what they want, and you make it happen! Of course, we’ve included everything you need to make this day for them (and you) run smoothly. Simply organize your at-home birthday ideas by first printing off the “Day of Birthday Love” printable set below. Make sure to read them over, so you know what to expect! Included is a pocket brochure to stash a list of simple birthday ideas they can choose from. Additionally, we have accompanying printable inserts. You will just die when you see how cute these are!

Birthday ideas for a simple all-day celebration.

Next, simply cut, fold along the lines, and slip everything on into the brochure! It even has a little pocket inside for the insert pages. Specifically, the inserts include everything from an instruction sheet for your sweetie (so they’ll know what to expect on their special day), a celebration request form, and a reminder tag (for you to fill out later).

Spouse birthday celebration ideas for a simple day at home.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take a peek at the brochure details before you pass it on to your spouse to fill out. That way, you know what their options are for selecting. You can start planning part of the day based on the options that are given regarding the birthday ideas within.

How to Use Your “Day of Birthday Love” Brochure

Before your spouse’s birthday, leave the “Day of Birthday Love” brochure somewhere they’re sure to find it. We recommend maybe placing it on your sweetheart’s pillow, side table, or propped up against the bathroom mirror. The instruction sheet will tell them exactly how to proceed with filling it out. Once they see all their options for birthday spoiling, they’re going to get so excited! Even if their birthday can’t be spent out on the town, it can be unique and include all sorts of things that they will love!Celebrate your spouse's birthday all day long.

Their big job is to fill out their simple birthday ideas request form. This sheet is PACKED with ideas for ways they can receive some birthday love. And the best part is, you’ll know their exact preferences! Once they’ve filled it all out, they’ll insert everything back into the brochure folder and send it back to you. So easy peasy!

Surprise your spouse with these simple birthday ideas.

By the way, make sure to give it to them with plenty of time so you can also have time to prepare their requests. If it were me, I’d be asking for a special oreo candy bar. My sweetheart is going to need to plan some time to get one! Additionally, I’d ask for a nice bath pillow and a delicious candle as my favorite relaxation item. If you think your spouse might be asking for things that can’t be found around the house, definitely plan to give them their request brochure a week or more in advance. In case it wasn’t yet apparent, you won’t have to wonder how to make your wife’s (or husband’s) birthday special with this genius idea!

Simple Birthday Ideas You Can Do at Home

When the request menu is filled out and returned, you can start planning the romantic birthday ideas for your husband (or wife) at home. The great thing about this brochure of simple birthday ideas is how easy it will be to plan! Your spouse basically did it all for you! All you need to do is fulfill their requests! However, there may not be time to do everything they have listed. Just do your best to create as many of their requests possible! 😉

Celebrate your spouse's birthday the way they want.

Additionally, you could surprise your wife or husband with their preferred birthday requests at home throughout their birthday or birthday week. Do this by taking a close look at their requests and plan out the entire day or week, but don’t tell them EXACTLY when each request will be happening. Just be sure to make a note of any specific supplies you might need to get (i.e., ingredients for their requested meal, relaxation items, etc.)

Spouse birthday celebration reminders.

Also included are reminder notes for you to give your spouse a specific time for when things will occur. Write down the time a specific request will be revealed on the included reminder cards and slip that back to your sweetheart! This is especially handy if you are wondering how to make your wife’s (or husband’s) birthday unique when it’s in the middle of the week, and you can’t fulfill everything with conflicting schedules. Same with creating these romantic birthday ideas for your husband at home. The weekend might work better than a weekday. Without question, these simple birthday ideas for him or her will mean the world, no matter when they come!

How To Celebrate at Home

If you’re wondering how to celebrate a birthday at home, not only will this “Day of Birthday Love” brochure make the day special, you’ll win brownie points for thinking and planning ahead! You will know when to wake your spouse up (at their preferred wake-up time listed on the brochure) with kisses and maybe even breakfast in bed. Then, you can send them off to do their super fun activity (even if it’s just in the next room!) while you complete a chore they dislike. Next, you’ll be ready to greet them with a kiss and their favorite meal when they’re done! Their request card will guide you in all of this! Just remember that this day is all about showing extra love to your sweetie on their special day. Simply try to do whatever you can to make that happen!

A simple but sincere birthday celebration idea.

Sexy Birthday Celebration Idea

Want to spice things up in the bedroom on their special day? We’ve even included a special sexy birthday request form. Complete with this insert and reminder card, this spicy option is all about giving them what they most prefer in the bedroom! If you’ve been wondering how to make your spouse feel special on their birthday this year, catering to their preference for a little birthday-suit fun will probably fulfill that need! 😉

There’s even a reminder card for the sexy-time so that you both know when it’s going down! It helps to eliminate guess-work in addition to building anticipation during the day.

Prepare a simple birthday idea for your spouse.

Does this sound like the perfect at-home birthday idea or what?! I’m definitely going to be using this for my sweetie’s birthday this year!

If you are still wondering how to make your wife’s (or husband’s) birthday special, we have more ideas. Check out our list of Creative Birthday Gifts for Husband or Wives. Or, if you want to go a little bigger, we have a GIANT list of Birthday Party Themes that would be so fun to explore!

Enjoy spoiling your sweetie on their birthday this year!

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