40 Top St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

40 Ideas for an Incredible St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and we want to make sure that you’re prepared with the BEST ways to celebrate this Lucky-Leprechaun holiday in style! We’ve got all the best gifts, treats, crafts, dates, and romance ideas right here in ONE post!
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Whaaat!? That’s right, pick your favorites and get to planning an amazing day with your spouse that will be one for the record books!
1. Anti-Pinch Polish {eighteen25} – Help your spouse or friends out this St. Patrick’s Day with some Anti-Pinch polish in a lovely shade of green. Just print off these darling tags from eighteen25 and attach to some green nail polish with twine. Or place in a 4×6 clear plastic bag with some paper crinkle. A quick little gift that is practically guaranteed to keep the pinches away on St. Patty’s Day!

2. Good Luck Charm Necklace {Bellezamia} Every woman needs a little good luck charm… and this one is absolutely fabulous, don’t you think!? It’s simple, it’s classy, and it’s sure to bring it’s wearer good luck all year round!

3. Lucky Subway Art {eighteen25} – Here is a lucky NEW Subway Art all ready for you! (We bet your frame’s been waiting) you can find it over at eighteen25!! Just print and frame to bring a little green decor to your home.

4. Luck of the Irish Banner {Any Occasion Banners} – Now here is a banner that we LOVE!! This LUCKY banner is made on chipboard and hand-stamped. Note the flaws in the stamping process… that’s what gives these banners their vintage look and feel. LOVE it!

5. St. Patty’s Day Oreos {Lolly Jane} – Make your spouse a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for St. Patrick’s Day luck to show your love by whipping up these chocolate dipped Oreos! Yuuummmmy!

6. Leprechaun Love Hunt {Dating Divas} – Our St. Patty’s Day Scavenger Hunt has the perfect printables for an unforgettable night of charm, LUCK, and a wee bit of mischief! If you enjoyed Kristen’s St. Patty’s Scavenger Hunt, then you are going to LOVE this post! If you are looking for a DIY St. Patrick’s Day gift that is clever and inexpensive, this date has it all!

7. St. Patrick’s Day “Kiss Me” Tag {Homemaking Hacks} – Ready for some St. Paddy’s Day fun? We found this printable gift idea for those of you who aren’t Irish… but want to celebrate like you are for a day. What better way to celebrate any day than with some chocolate? Share some green or some Lucky Charms cereal treats and plan to have some fun this year with this cute “Kiss Me” tag!

8. Leprechaun Kisses {Dating Divas} – Create something simple and fun for your husband to wake up to and take to work with him on this day of luck! We’ve created this simple printable box that you can fill with your spouse’s favorite kind of Hershey’s Kisses. Print out this Leprechaun Kisses Box for an easy, romantic surprise this St. Patrick’s Day!

9. Lucky Charms Gift {Blue Skies Ahead} – I am “CEREAL”-sly lucky {wink}. Let your spouse wake up to one of these little bowls of Lucky Charms with a fun little note attached! Surprise! A little luck to start off the day…

10. Lucky In Love With You {Dating Divas} – Want an easy way to show your spouse you love them on St. Patrick’s Day? Simply print off this list, fill it out and leave it for them to find. Why not let your spouse know at least 10 reasons you love them for St. Patrick’s Day? Easy as pie!

11. “You’ve Been Pinched” Door Hanger Treat {Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams} – Make this adorable door hanger for your spouse to find when they come home! Just a fun little scrumptious way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day….


12. Kiss Me Printable {My Sister’s Suitcase} – We certainly love all the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” buttons, shirts, and prints that seem to be everywhere this time of year. But, what about those of us who don’t happen to be Irish? Well, here is a cute printable for the rest of us. We deserve some action on St. Patrick’s Day, too! Ha, ha!

13. You’re One Lucky Leprechaun {Dating Divas} Add some romance for your lucky leprechaun this St. Patty’s Day and play the part of a sassy lassie with these 3 flirty tips! It’s the luck of the Irish to find a marriage like yours! So let’s create a fun and exciting night for your hot leprechaun in the bedroom! Rainbows, a pot of gold, four leaf clovers, and plenty of green…(unless your sweetie likes to be pinched!) will make this a blarney stone fantasy come true!

14. Shamrock Shake {That’s What Che Said} – You love them, they are only around for a limited time and it’s hard to justify going to McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake every night, right??  Well you are in luck! We’ve found a tasty copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe!! So celebrate St. Patty’s Day with your spouse by sharing a one of these yummy Shamrock Shakes!

15. Leprechaun Hat {Hostess with the Mostess} – What’s luckier than a leprechaun’s hat? A leprechaun hat made of chocolate and marshmallow with a great cookie crunch! Delicious as they are cute, these little hats would be the perfect addition to any St. Patty’s Day dessert table, or a festive sweet to enjoy at home.

16. Lucky You… To Be Married To Me {Dating Divas} – Use this FREE printable to show your LUCKY spouse some love this St.Patty’s Day! This is the PERFECT gift to place in spouse’s car in the morning to start his day off on the right {lucky} foot.

17. Pot of Gold Pops {Lil’ Luna} – Everyone is big fans of Oreo Truffles… Not just because they taste good, but they are easy to make and easily customizable for every whim. Speaking of ‘customized’, why not make these Pot of Gold Pops for your lucky family this St. Patrick’s Day!? They are fun, easy, and pinch proof!

18. Hershey’s Shamrock Tutorial {Qbees Quest} – Want to spread the shamrock love around? Share your Irish luck with those you love by making these super easy, but incredibly festive Hershey’s Shamrocks!

19. I’m Lucky To Have You {Dating Divas} –  Use this cute printable to tell your spouse TEN reasons why you’re LUCKY to have them this St. Patricks’ Day! Surprise your spouse with ten notes of why YOU consider yourself LUCKY to have him or her!

20. Top of the Mornin’ Breakfast {My Sister’s Suitcase} – Think GREEN! As in green pancakes and green milk. Basically adding a little green food coloring to anything you can get your hands on! Give your spouse or family a full-out “Top O’ the Mornin” Breakfast par-tay!

21. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Place Card {Life in Wonderland} We all need a little DIY activity around St. Patrick’s Day, just to make sure our green thumbs are still working! All you need to make one of these fun and DIY friendly Leprechaun hats is a clay pot, green paint, black ribbon and a gold buckle. Phew! No hard at all, but certainly a festive item to add to your green decor!

22. Irish Cream Puppy Chow {Life, Love & Sugar} – Who doesn’t just LOVE some puppy chow! My husband eats it up like crazy, which means it’s the PERFECT treat to give him on any occasion… so if you and your spouse need a little snack and the end of the rainbow {er, ‘day’}, this is a quick and easy recipe to feed those sweet cravings!

23. Healthy St. Patrick’s Chocolate {Dating Divas} – We. Love. Chocolate. In fact, one might call The Dating Divas chocolate connoisseurs. Well, we have the best of both worlds… healthy chocolate! What?! Oh, yes, guilt free chocolate! What’s luckier than that!?

24. St. Patrick’s Day Ombre Design {Life in Wonderland} – Wouldn’t this cute craft idea make for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day project!? It incorporates the hot new style of Ombre design. Just pick up some pre-cut shamrocks in varying shades of green {at Michael’s craft store} and a fun frame to get this craft started!]

25. “Lucky In Love” DIY Keychain {Dating Divas} – Create this darling DIY Lucky in Love Keychain with just a few simple tools!! Use our FREE printable and attach it for a unique and thoughtful gift. How cool are these?? And the best part? It’s manly enough for your man to love as well.

26. Sprite Bottle Printables {Catch My Party} – We found this super creative St. Patrick’s Day ‘Emerald City’ Party idea that is absolutely over-the-top-perfection for celebrating St. Patty’s Day! My personal favorite!? These darling Sprite bottle printables. Super easy and super fun.

27. Taste the Rainbow {Lil’ Luna} – Have YOU “Tasted the Rainbow” of fruit flavors? This next idea is so super-duper simple, but would make a very cute and easy St. Patrick’s Day gift for your handsome leprechaun or sweet lassie. It only takes about 2 minutes total to put together and is bound to send some luck their way!

28. Make It HIS Lucky Day {Dating Divas} – Sshhhh! We’ve got a secret plan that you can put into action for your spouse this St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s just say that your spouse is gonna have…. one freakin’ LUCKY day! {Of course you can “rig” PURE LUCK day any time, but ya gotta admit that St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to do it!}

29. Magical Date Night {Dating Divas} – Dazzle your spouse with magic tricks using these creative date ideas. Great for St. Patrick’s Day or any time you are in the mood for magic! St. Patrick’s Day is one of those crazy-fun holidays that somehow gets overlooked… except for the pinching part. Nobody forgets to pinch you if you’re not wearing green! This date is a fun, simple, and cheap way to celebrate green day or just a great date when you are feeling a little magical!

30. Luck of the Irish Party Mix {Hoosier Homemade} – Oooh, we have a delicious treat that is super easy to make and sure to be a hit for St. Patrick’s Day! Luck of Irish Party Mix is perfect for parties, to enjoy at home or even give as a gift to your spouse! With Green Caramel Corn, Chocolate Chex Cereal, Pretzels, Candy and more…you can’t go wrong! The nice thing about this Luck of Irish Party Mix is you can add whatever you have on hand. Life Savor! {Er, I don’t mean that literally…}

31. St. Patrick’s T-Shirts {eighteen25} – Do you have your green shirts ready for the BIG day?? You can whip up a few of these lucky t-shirts simply by checking out this super quick and easy tutorial on how to make your own!

32. Irish You A Happy St. Patrick’s Day {eighteen25} – St. Patrick’s day isn’t a huge gift giving holiday for most of us, but imagine the smiles you’ll get by sharing a little somethin’ somethin’ with friends and family {ahem… like your SPOUSE}. Especially when that somethin’ somethin’ includes chocolate!

33. Our Love ShamROCKS {Dating Divas} – Let your spouse know that your love ShamROCKS with these four fun printables this St.Patrick’s Day! Lucky for you, The Dating Divas are here to share a few ideas to make St. Patrick’s Day a hit with your spouse!

34. St. Patrick’s Day Tubes {SRM Stickers} – Check out these super creative St. Patrick’s Day Tubes that are filled to the brim with luck AND Chocolate! There are many other ways that you can create fun gifts with these tubes… but this one just happened to be one of my favorites.

35. Rainbow Fruit Cookie Cake {I Am Baker} – I love fruit pizza.  And I love the latest trend of “cookie cakes“.  So naturally, this  Fruit Pizza inspired Sugar Cookie Cake caught my immediate attention. Doesn’t this look like one of the yummiest treats that you would ever find at the end of the rainbow? Oh yes… and we’d just bet that your spouse would agree!

36. St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props {Be Bop Props} – Let’s face it. Photo props are HOT, HOT, HOT! Everyone loves them and so do we! Here are some darling Photo Booth Props that you can use to spice up St. Patty’s Day and make it more memorable than ever before!

37. Shamrock Pretzel Pops {Jessica Weible Illustrations} – Okay, you should definitely try out these Shamrock Pretzel Pops. Not only are they delicious, but they’re easy to make and just so darn cute! Deliver a bouquet of these to your spouse at work to show him just how lucky he is to have you

38. Shamrock Pretzel Bites {That’s What Che Said} – How cute are these emerald shamrock pretzel bites?! They are so easy to make, seriously… so easy! They take about 20 minutes to make {no lie!}, which makes this recipe rate high in the “best-spouse-ever” category.

39. “Pinch Proof” Protection Card {Dating Divas} – Check out this printable “Pinch-Proof” card that you can give to your WHOLE family this St. Patty’s Day! Hopefully we have given all of you a LOT of fun ideas as far as what to do for your spouse on this LUCKY day, but here is just one more little addition to make sure no one gets ‘pinched’ on accident!

40. Feeling Lucky Punch Poster {Dating Divas} – See how lucky your man is tonight with this saucy “Feeling Lucky?” Punch Poster. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day (or night!). Alright ladies (or Gentlemen) – even if Valentine’s Day is over, the lovin’ does not have to stop! We can find any excuse all year long to bring some spice to the marriage. Here is an idea for you that just might make  St. Patrick’s day the steamiest holiday of the year! Who knew?

Now that we’ve rounded up the best-of-the-best St. Patrick’s Day Ideas on the Internet, it’s time for you to pick your favorites and make them happen! Show your spouse some love and some LUCK from his little leprechaun that will make him feel like the luckiest man alive!


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