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How do you remember the special moments in your life?

We all have those life-defining moments in time which we will always remember – a moment where we wish we could freeze time and hold onto it forever. Maybe it’s your first dance as husband and wife: After months of careful planning, it’s just the two of you and the perfect song, beginning the “dance” of your lives together. Maybe it’s the moment you held your tiny baby for the first time: Whether you’ve waited nine (or ten) whole months for this baby, or you’ve battled through years of the adoption process, the moment you look at that tiny, new miracle everything else seems to fall away and nothing else matters.


If you are like me, these are all moments you want etched in your mind forever. I always try to soak it all in. I close my eyes and try to capture a mental snapshot. Breathing in the moment through each of my five senses. Holding on to it.

So when we learned about a family-owned company that has been built around capturing these moments and “etching” them in time, we knew we had to share them with our readers, and maybe our hubbies {Wink}. That company is Stamp the Moment and we are especially in LOVE with their Etched Reflections Collection!

Stamp the Moment Custom Jewelry Gift

Stamp the Moment Custom Gift

Stamp the Moment Grandmother Gift

Just in time for the holiday season, these beautiful and high-quality pieces make an incredible gift. Because you aren’t only giving the gift of jewelry, but the gift of a precious moment. Something unique to the receiver, that is more precious than anything. The gift of freezing time.

Stamp the Moment Custom Bracelet

Stamp the Moment Timeless Jewelry Pieces

Try as we might, as the years go by so many of those memories begin to fade. But these beautiful, hand-crafted pieces from Stamp the Moment will become not only a treasured heirloom, but a treasured memory. Stamp the Moment has the ability to create so many custom pieces that my imagination kind of ran wild. What moments big AND small do I want to capture?

Stamp the Moment Custom Key Ring Gift

Stamp the Moment Jewelry Gift

I know the time will come when I look back on even these simple days and miss the kids’ artwork piling up on the counter, the note from my grandma with her beautiful (yet growing ever shakier) handwriting, or the sweet nickname my hubby calls me.

They can take any of these moments from doodles, to photos, to footprints and make a beautiful piece of jewelry! How cool is that!? The options are endless which definitely makes it a great gift option for those hard-to-buy-for types on your list!

Stamp the Moment Custom Birthstone

Stamp the Moment Unique Jewelry

The best part? Maybe not the BEST part but it’s pretty awesome – is the price! These pieces are super affordable. Stamp the Moment takes a lot of pride in offering the best prices. Every time I check their website they have another special offer going on and for the biggest discounts—make sure to sign up for their newsletter!

Special moment + beautiful jewelry + amazing price = WINNING!

Every design in this collection is permanently laser-etched into stainless steel, giving you a treasured piece of jewelry that is hypoallergenic but will stand the test of time.

Stamp the Moment Beautiful Custom Necklace

Stamp the Moment Thoughtful Jewelry Gift

The process is SO simple!

Custom Jewelry Process

You can have their talented jewelry designers create a piece custom for you, or you can take your own design and have them etch it permanently onto a piece of jewelry that fits you.

Custom Pendant Jewelry

Stamp the Moment Custom Jewelry

Add birthstones as charms to any of these pieces to customize it even more!

They come tied up in a beautiful package, great for gift-giving, especially if you aren’t one who likes to wrap. {Wink} Just in time for the holiday season!

Stamp the Moment Beautiful Gifts

Stamp the Moment Beautiful Birthday Gift

Stamp the Moment Custom Key Chain Gift

Stamp the Moment Beautiful Custom Jewelry Gifts

What moments do you want to capture? A favorite pet? A quote that gets you out of bed in the morning? Or even a song that brings you back to lazy summers and lemonade stands. With Stamp the Moment’s new Etched Reflections Collection you have the ability to take any of these moments and turn them into a piece of jewelry that reflects your style and will last forever.

Stamp the Moment Custom Pendant

Ready for some exciting news? Stamp the Moment is offering our readers an amazing offer! Buy 1, get 2 FREE + FREE shipping on ANY DESIGN YOUR OWN Etched Reflections. These can be 3 different designs OR all the same. Whatever combo of three you want! Seriously, your Christmas shopping is one stop – right here and at a discount!?! Yes, please! Use the code: Divas123 to take advantage of this generous offer!

Use code: Divas123

Last, but certainly not least, we are so excited that Stamp the Moment is also offering our readers a chance to win one of these beautiful pieces! I hope you are crossing your fingers AND toes that you win one of these timeless pieces. Make sure to enter below! Hint: have your spouse enter to increase your chances of winning, they will also get great inspiration on their gift giving this year. Win-win! Make sure you enter today!

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  1. These are actually Etched and not stamped. The process is a bit different and also allows for almost any image you create to be etched into the stainless steel. I have one I made on my keychain that goes everywhere with me. It is handling the abuse of my travels quite well. Love it!

  2. Hi there, the pictures of hand stamped products is awesome and this is the best thing to make our memories lifelong. My husband gifted me silver sterling bracelet with our name stamped over it and that was the best gift on my birthday from him. His friend suggested him annbijoux for this idea which made my day.

  3. I would capture my grandmas signature she used to write me every week almost my college career. I looked forward to getting my mail just to receive that letter.

  4. It’s working now! woo hoo! I just got matching necklaces for myself and all my siblings. It has been something I have been wanting to do since my mother passed 8 years ago and this made it super affordable. Thanks Dating Divas and STM for a great deal.