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If you love to play the games in the newspaper, this date is perfect for you!

First go to the Dollar Store and get two game books that are exactly the same. I chose Sudoku, but you could choose Crosswords, Word Searches, or Mazes. Send one of the books to your spouse with theย FREE PRINTABLE that has instructions.

Time yourself as you go through the book and send your times to your spouse to see if they can beat them!

You could also use this on your regular date! No need to time each other, just start at the same time and see who finishes first! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have Fun “Gaming!”


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  1. My husband and I did something similar when we dated 16 years ago, Only it was logic problem books and we took them on a picnic. I thought it was one of the most romantic dates ever and was just thinking about trying to replicate it recently.

  2. I was so psyched to find your site!! It is so awesome! We just celebrated our tenth anniversary and are always up for new ideas on how to keep things lively! But, we do this ALL THE TIME!! We have races doing Suduko or freecell on the computer. It ends up being a very fun and flirty time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Fun idea. I love playing games that make you think. My husband and I found a really fun app that we like to play together. It is so fun to try to beat our own couples top score. The app is called Kakooma addition and it was only .99 which was so worth it. My mom got us hooked and now everyone in my family plays it.

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