DIY Thanksgiving Countdown Banner

DIY Thanksgiving Countdown Banner

Happy NOVEMBER 1st, everyone! Hopefully you all had a wonderful night trick-or-treating or just enjoying a fun Halloween! But NOW it’s time to start prepping for THANKSGIVING!

Sometimes it feels like the Holidays speed right by. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas it’s hard to even get your decorations up and down fast enough! So this year, slow down the clock by savoring each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving with our adorable Thanksgiving Countdown Banner! Courtney, of All Things Bright And Beautiful helped me make this a reality by doing ALL the incredible design work! Don’t you just love the ‘woodlands’ feel she put together? Plus, tucked inside each banner pocket is a daily act of kindness for you and your family to do that will help cultivate an attitude of gratitude as you prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. LOVE it!!

Thanskgiving Countdown Banner
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Putting the banner together is a SUPER easy, but it does take some time. I do have a few tips that should help:

  • Print your banner off on cardstock at a professional print service place {such as Office Max} to save your printer’s ink and make your banner last MUCH longer.
  • Use a paper cutter instead of scissors to make all the cuts {there’s LOTS of cutting!}
  • You’ll need a glue stick, hole punch, scissors for some detail cutting and twine {or anything else to string your banner from}
  • Follow the instructions below for EACH banner pocket to make sure they come out perfect!

Cutting and Assembling Each Banner Pocket

DIY Thanksgiving Coundtodwn Daily Acts of Service - Web Size

Each page of the printable contains a banner pocket along with the act of kindness card that goes inside the pocket. In order for your pockets to assemble correctly, you will want to make sure there are 3 tabs surrounding the design side of the pocket {in this case, it’s the R}. You will want to carefully cut these tabs out with scissors to make sure they fold flat. Each tab then gets folded under and glued to the back {the white half of the pocket}. Then, cut the notch out of the top {using your scissors again} and finally, using a hole punch, punch two holes in the upper BACK of the pocket about this far apart. {NOTE: the distance doesn’t have to be exact because once you fold the pocket the holes will not show. They are only there to string your banner up!} Here’s another look at it when it’s all cut out and with a few of them already strung:

DIY Thanksgiving Countdown Service Card Banner - Web Size

Once you’ve got them ALL cut out, you can place each act-of-kindness card inside the correct pocket, string them up, and TA-DA! Your banner is complete!

DIY Thanksgiving Countdown Banner - Web Size

Now, each day in November {starting with TODAY, the FIRST!} you can pull out the new act-of-kindness card and enjoy a fun activity together as a family.

DIY Thanksgiving Countdown Service Cards - Web Size

Some of the days also feature ideas or printables you can download from our site. To make finding those easier, I’ll include the links right here:

Thanksgiving Countdown Service Cards 2 - Web Size

Showing gratitude and expressing appreciation for our MANY blessings by serving others is what Thanksgiving is ALL about! Keeping our hearts and minds centered on this will teach us the true meaning of Thanksgiving and help us keep an attitude of gratitude throughout the whole year!

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