Thanksgiving Traditions BINGO

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Family BINGO Game

Start a new tradition where you’re on the lookout for… family traditions! You know those things that seem to happen every. single. year. Right? When you think about Thanksgiving, it’s those hilarious and often unplanned but reliable things that you think about. These unintentional events are what make spending time together with your family SO much fun—I mean you can’t make this stuff up! Well, we’ve come up with a new tradition to add to your repertoire: Thanksgiving Traditions BINGO. With this game, you’ll see who can get BINGO first by noticing when these typical Thanksgiving events happen. It’s the perfect activity for any family of any size!

Thanksgiving Traditions BINGO

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Carisa from Messes to Memories created these stunning BINGO cards. This girl is seriously incredibly—she can create absolutely anything and make it look fabulous! Aren’t these cards just adorable?!

Family Thanksgiving Activity

Carisa created EIGHT different Thanksgiving Traditions BINGO cards to choose from—you’ll probably need them all if you’ve got a bunch of family members visiting. If you’ve got more than eight people, you’ve got a few options: you can have families team up, you can just make duplicates and see who says BINGO first, or you can print off a bunch of the last page and have your guests create their own card! Make sure you print them on good quality cardstock so that they last through dinner!

Thanksgiving Traditions BINGO Game Cards

You can pass out these cards as soon as everyone arrives or you can use them to help you set the table and introduce the game over dinner. You just want to make sure everyone has time to play and win!

Thanksgiving Traditions Bingo Cards

All you need to do is print the cards and make sure you have a huge supply of items to cover the boards.

Funny Thanksgiving Traditions Bingo Card Game

You can use fall-themed candy or decor as markers to make it more festive. We used a combination of acorn caps {HINT: You can keep the kiddos busy by sending them out to collect items to mark the boards!} and matching, colorful pom-poms!

Play Thanksgiving Traditions Bingo

Make sure you let everyone know exactly how they can win. You could even award winners for winning in different ways, like Blackout, Borders or Five in a Row.

Blank DIY Thanksgiving Traditions Bingo Cards

In my family, we have some very specific traditions that seem to happen every year so the adults decided to use these blank BINGO cards. {The kiddos stuck with the pre-made ones!} We used the pre-made cards for inspiration and then added things like “The Cranberry Story” and “Nana says, ‘Finish that last bit.'” It was even more fun because there’s a little strategy involved with coming up with your own family traditions, plus it’s so much more personal! Everyone laughed a ton and got really excited when they got one!

Family Dinner: Thanksgiving Traditions BINGO Game

Here’s to hoping your Thanksgiving is filled with traditions, new and old—and some meaningful family time with the ones you love! Now grab these cards and get playing!!

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Thanksgiving Traditions BINGO

Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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