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One of my good friends recently recieved THIS date idea from her thoughtful husband.  So when I heard about it,  it was too cute not to share!

This is Thayne and Nicole.  They are two of de’ coolest people I know. Not too mention such a cute pair! So it’s no surprise that Thayne goes all out when it comes to spoiling Nicole. Not too long ago Thayne plotted up a storm and decided on a plan for her 23rd birthday. He would invite her on 5 consecutive dates, leading up to her special day.  After all, those birthdays only come around every so often and she’ll only have one 23rd birthday in her lifetime.

With the stage set, Thayne dove right in. Every week he jotted up a little Date Card and randomly placed it for her to find. When Nicole awoke and stumbled across it, the fun would begin.  Each card had a riddle to tease her into  what to expect for the evening. Here are the clever lines that he came up with for each date:

Date #1- “Clip on your wings and let’s glide our way to love”
That night the lovebirds went to dinner at the “wing” coop and “glided” on ice at the skating oval.


Date #2- “Finding love can be a pain in the a$$” (His words, not mine!)
This date took them snowboarding with Pizza to follow….and just for the record, the last time Nicole was on a hill she was on her boomarocka (rear end) the entire time.


Date #3- “Vamos Gritar para o Inicio de Nossas Pulmoes Como o Nosso Amor Atinge Novas Alturas. Como Amor, Thayne”
Which translates to:
“We will scream at the top of our lungs as our love reaches new heights!! With love, Thayne.”
On that day they went to Tucanos for dinner hence the portuguese!  Followed by rock climbing.


Date #4- “Finding love can be very tiring, but extremely worth it…”
That night they dined at Red Robin followed by some tubing fun!

At the close of each date he was prepared with a dolla-store rose. And as long as she accepted it, there would be anther date!  I’m pretty sure she would have dates anyway. 😉

A BIG thanks to Thayne and Nicole for letting me share this fun idea!!  If you are a “Bachelor” fan….then go ahead and check out the cute “Bachelor” date that Kristen’s husband prepared for her!

If  this sounds like the date for you, print out these blank Date cards and personalize them to your liking! ENJOY!

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