Couple Goals To Set with Your Spouse

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Relationship Goal & Checklists

Today we’re here to talk about #RelationshipGoals! If you’re wondering what a couple goal is, here’s the skinny: relationship goals are all about you and your sweetheart working toward something together — and when you have a common goal in mind, your relationship can’t help but be strengthened! That’s why it’s so important in a healthy relationship to set some good couple goals, whether that’s striving to have a weekly date night or something as simple as hugging for a minute each day. Because we SO strongly believe that you should set goals in a relationship, we’ve compiled the best of the best daily, weekly, and yearly relationship goals for couples. We’ve got ready-to-go relationship checklists for you as well as a blank printable for any personalized goals you and your spouse want to set together! Ready to take a closer look?

Looove these printable relationship goals checklists!! Totally pinning! #relationshipgoals #couplegoals

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Before we explore these relationship goals, examples, and ideas, we have to give a shoutout to Diva Elizabeth. She helped us design these cute couple goals printables, and we couldn’t be happier with them!

Checklist Ideas for Spouses

Your Couple Goals Printable Download

So you’re ready to amp up your relationship by setting some goals? We’ve made it so easy! Check out the variety of options in your relationship goals printable download below!

  • Daily Relationship Goals
  • Weekly Cute Couple Goals
  • Yearly Relationship Goals, Examples & Ideas
  • Blank Checklist

Your printable pack of checklists is pre-made and done for you, so all you have to do is complete each item with your spouse and check it off! That’s right, we’ve chosen to list the best relationship goals and ideas for you on these pages. However, we’ve also included a blank option in case you want to come up with your own dating goal, relationship goals, or ideas. So easy, right? Take a look at the included relationship goals, examples, and ideas below and get to printing. After that, display them somewhere fun where you’ll see them each day!

Daily, Weekly, and Yearly Relationship Goals Printable Checklists

Daily Relationship Goals

First up, your checklist of daily goals. Each of these ideas is easy and quick enough to do every day! However, as you do them, you’ll begin to notice a significant impact on your relationship. Take a look at the following DAILY goal recommendations:

Daily Relationship Goals Printable Checklist

  • Physical Affection: Be sure and give your sweetheart a hug and a kiss each day
  • Be Complimentary: Make sure and give your spouse at least one genuine compliment
  • Perform an Act of Service: Complete one chore or task so your husband/wife doesn’t have to
  • Say “I Love You”: Remember to say those three magic words every day
  • Reconnect: Call or text your sweetie to reconnect

Relationship Goals for a Healthy Marriage

Weekly Couple Goals

Next up, your weekly list of relationship goals. Similar to the daily goals, this list is packed with fabulous ideas to make your marriage shine. Additionally, this list is perfect for those who want to give their relationship an even greater boost every week. Take a look at the following WEEKLY ideas:

Weekly Relationship Goals Printable Checklist

  • Weekly Date Night: Go on a fun date night together
  • Spouse Check-In: Plan an evening to check in with each other and discuss schedules
  • Walk & Talk: Take a weekly walk around your neighborhood and chat
  • Treat Time: Make or get a treat together, or cook your spouse’s favorite meal
  • Intimacy: Take time for intimacy

Relationsihp Goals for Couples

Yearly Relationship Goals, Examples and Ideas

Ready for the Big Kahuna? Check out the cute annual relationship goals checklist and get ready to make some memories this year! These yearly couple goals require a bit more planning and preparation, but they have a seriously big payoff. Take a look at the following YEARLY ideas:

  • Getaway: Plan and take a trip together
  • Learn New Skills: Choose a new hobby or skill to learn throughout the year together
  • Education: Pick a marriage book to read together or attend a workshop or conference
  • Family Photos: Get updated family photos taken each year & display them in your home
  • Remember: Go through your wedding photos/video

Set of Relationship Goals Printables

Blank Checklist For Your Relationship Goals

Last but not least, we have a blank list for you and your spouse to customize with your personal couple goals. For example, you could come up with your very own ideas for completing projects around your house, visiting members of your family, or even saving up to buy something. Whatever goals you make, your marriage will improve because you made the goals together.

Blank Printable Checklist for Couples

Don’t forget to display your goals sheet somewhere you are sure to see it. You could even pop it in a fun photo frame and use it as part of your home decor. (You could even create relationship goals drawings!)

For even more relationship fun, be sure to check out our list of 101 Couple Activities and Tips for Healthy Relationships as well as Our Best Marriage Tips!

Free Download

Relationship Goal Checklists

Printables Designed by Elizabeth Edwards Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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