101 Couple Activities and Tips for Healthy Relationships

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These bonding couple activities are a great way to put a little extra effort in and create a healthy relationship! Look through these categories to find the perfect idea for your busy relationship.
  1. Love Notes and Love Letters
  2. Date Ideas for Busy Couples
  3. Conversation Starters for Couples
  4. Intimacy Ideas for Healthy Relationships
  5. How to Improve Your Relationship While Apart
  6. Helpful Hacks to Be on the Same Page

Love Notes and Love Letters

Regardless of how busy you and your sweetie are, there is always time for a quick love note. It takes very little effort but makes a huge difference. Healthy relationships make the little things a priority. A love letter may be a little thing, but it can brighten the day and bring a loving feeling. When you are busy and your schedules seem to not match up, use one of these ideas to show your love that you are thinking of them.

Love Notes and Love Letters

  • Quick, Easy, and Free Love Notes – No matter how crazy life is, you can find the time to make your sweetheart feel loved with these very unique love notes. They take an ordinary object and turn it into a love note!
  • Sexy Notes & Snacks – If you feel like time is too limited to make your intimacy a priority, this is an easy way to up the anticipation while also showing your sweetheart a little extra love.
  • Clever Candy Sayings – SO many great candy sayings to choose from! There is no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect note to match your feelings!
  • Sexy and Funny Cards – The cutest and cleverest cards you’ll see! These cards have such cute designs, and the sayings are even better! Find one that best suits your relationship!
  • Quick Sweet Treats – These notes are paired with all sort of different sweet treats! You’ll be able to find something tasty to make your spouse feel loved!
  • Healthy Candy Gram Card – Do you want to show your sweetheart some love, but don’t want to feed them a bunch of junk? Get a basket full of healthy snacks and this sweet love note!
  • Printable Candy Gram Posters – Show your love in a BIG way! Use one of these engineer print love notes candy posters to connect with your partner.
  • Lyric Love Notes – Music has a way of making the heart flutter! Give your spouse a love note that describes your feelings using song lyrics.
  • Love Postcards – When it feels like distance has come between you, send a postcard! These cute postcards are the perfect way to send a love note!
  • Soda Pop Gift Tags – Does your spouse love a certain type of soda? In healthy relationships, both partners do the little things. Grab a soda from the store attach one of these cute tags and voila! They will feel so loved!
  • Hooked on You Notes – Put this cute, and a sweet love note in your spouse’s bag or pocket for a fun, unexpected surprise.
  • Grocery Love Notes Hunt – Make an ordinary, boring task like grocery shopping, into an opportunity to show your sweetheart some extra love!
  • Printable Love Sticky Notes – These are the cutest, modern-day love notes! Print them directly onto sticky notes and place them around for your spouse to find!
  • Sexy Honey Do List – Give your spouse a to-do list with a twist! Rather than being your typical list of boring tasks. This note will leave your sweetie antsy to see you again.
  • “Talk Nerdy to Me” Printable Love Notes – Are you in love with a nerd? Speak their love language using these adorable, and funny cards to say how much you care.
  • Printable Sexy Sticky Notes – Print these sexy sticky notes and leave them around the house, or your spouse’s car for them to find. Now that is a sexy idea they will never forget!
  • “Just Google It” Card – This is a clever way to write a love note to your sweetie. It is a thoughtful and unique way to express your feelings for your partner.
  • Declaration of Love Card – Give your spouse this very official document proclaiming your love! It can be silly, or sweet spending on how you fill it in!
  • Basket of “Healthy” Love – Healthy relationships and healthy love notes, what could be better? Use these love note tags to attached to healthy snacks for your love.
  • You’re Hot! – Use these cute printable notes, and attach them to a cooler with your spouse’s favorite drink. They will love the surprise, but they will love the compliment even more!
  • “Punny” Love Notes – Is there anything better than a good pun? Yes. A good pun love note! These are so cute, go take a peek and find one your sweetie will love!

Date Ideas for Busy Couples

You may be busy, and your schedules may be crazy, but that’s no excuse not to prioritize date night! Healthy relationships make time for date night. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful to plan. These couples activities are quick and easy. They condense all the fun and connection into an easy date night perfect for busy couples.

Date Ideas for Busy Couples

  • Spouse Speed Dating – Time is of the essence! You want to feel connected and spend quality time together, but carving out time for a date can be difficult! This idea is perfect! Bring on the first date jitters and excitement as you speed date your sweetie!
  • Star Gazing Date Night – You are busy, you don’t have time to get all ready and go out and about all evening, but that’s no problem! Bring that adventurous loving-feeling by just walking out your back door! Snuggle up for a date under the stars.
  • Indoor Picnic Date Night – You have to eat anyway! Why not make a cute date out of it? These couples activities are the perfect ways to spend a low-key, cozy night together doing something a little different than usual.
  • Multiple Choice Questions for Couples – When planning date night feels daunting because you’re worn out, stressed out, and just plain tired after a long week, use this multiple choice quiz to plan the night for you!
  • Date Night in a Bag – Prepare this date night bag and always be ready to go! Any chance your schedule clears enough for a date you’ll be perfectly prepared with couples activities! Just grab the bag and get ready for some fun!
  • Chocolate Tasting Date Night – Grab all sorts of chocolate and make it a date! No matter how busy you are, surely you have time for a night of quality time and chocolate tasting!
  • Cuddle Car Kit – Grab some takeout, pillows, blankets, and a laptop. Snuggle up for a cozy date night without leaving the car! Healthy relationships make the most out of the small things. This will be a fun night you will remember for years.
  • Superhero Movie Marathon – At the end of a long week is there anything better than curling up on the couch and snuggling together? Make it a movie marathon and enjoy every second relaxing and cozying up with your sweetheart.
  • Time to Unplug Date Night – Nothing could be better than uninterrupted quality time. This date is just what you are needing after busy schedules have kept you apart. Let this date show you how healthy relationships make time to just be together without any distractions!
  • Couple’s Cranium Date Night – A little friendly competition can breathe a little life back into a marriage. Don’t have many games? No problem! This post has all you need for a fun game night with your sweetie.
  • Spoil Your Spouse Romantic Date – When nothing seems to be going your way, and quality time together is sparse, it’s time for a little spoiling! Use this date to unwind and show your spouse how much you appreciate them!
  • The Ultimate Lip Syncing Date – Add playfulness back into your relationship. This date is SO much fun, and super easy to prepare. Enjoy an evening of lip syncing and being goofballs together!
  • Spouse Sleepover Date – Do you remember the magic of a sleepover? It was so fun to laugh, chat and eat junk food all night long. Bring back that magic, but with your best friend of all time, your spouse!
  • Chocolate Checkers – At the end of a long week, it can be hard to plan a date, or even to get out of the house. On the other hand, snuggling up, eating chocolate and bonding with your spouse while playing a game is the perfect low-key date night.
  • Heads Up Game Spouse Edition – Another fun date night idea, based on the HedBanz Game. This is a quick, at-home couples activity that will have you both laughing!
  • Penny Date – Don’t have time to plan date night? Don’t let that stop you! All you need is a penny! Flip it and see where to go next!

Conversation Starters for Couples

One of the hardest things about having your schedules not match up is feeling disconnected from your spouse. Even once you are together, it can be difficult to slip back into your natural rhythm once you’ve become out of sync. Having a deep, meaningful conversation is the perfect cure. Sometimes all you need at the end of a long, busy day, is to snuggle up and have a good conversation with the one you love the most. In healthy relationships, both partners are open and have thoughtful conversations. When it feels easier to give up on the day and turn on a show, don’t give in! Try one of these great conversation starter ideas to get each other talking.

Conversation Starters for Couples

  • 20 Questions Couples Games – Healthy relationships are open relationships. Use this 20 Questions game to open up and enjoy each others company!
  • Study Your Spouse Challenge – I know what you’re thinking, you’ve got enough to do, you don’t need more homework! Well, this is the best kind of homework out there. Get to know your spouse again by studying them with these insightful questions.
  • Conversation Starters for Marriage – These conversation starter sets from our store are the ultimate conversation starters for everything you could want. The prompts are thought-provoking and cover a little of everything.
  • Pillow Talk Conversation Starters – Pillow talk is the best time of the day. As you wind down together and review the day add some of these prompts into your nightly routine to make your time together even more meaningful.
  • Sexy Pillow Talk Conversation Starters – Make your bedtime more bonding– and sexy–by using these conversation prompts. They will help you be more open, and get you in the mood!
  • Conversation Starters for Families – Get the whole family in on the fun! Hectic schedules are hard on the whole family. These printables are a great way to sit down and have quality time together as a family.
  • A Few of Our Favorite Things – Favorite things change over time. Get to know each other again using these printables that will draw you closer together and help you get reacquainted.
  • The Newlywed Game – Sometimes it’s good to remember what it was like at the beginning of your relationship. Pull out The Newlywed Game and laugh together over your answers.
  • Couples Appreciation Journal – Take your conversation down on paper! Create a couples journal and talk about all of the things you are grateful for. It will give you both a chance to focus on and talk about the good.

Intimacy Ideas for Healthy Relationships

When you are tired, stressed, and busy often intimacy is the first to go. Don’t let it! Healthy relationships make intimacy a priority. Even when you are busy you should make time to be together and to be intimate. Spicing things up will turn things around and make both of you feel more connected and in sync. We believe healthy relationships take time to make intimacy a priority so much that we even wrote out 8 Reasons You Should Have Sex Tonight! Now that you’re convinced, try out some of these fun ideas to bring the fire and fun back to the bedroom!
Intimacy Ideas for Healthy Relationships
  • Glowing Blacklight Bath – You have to shower or bathe anyway! Why not sneak in some sexy, fun couples time while you’re at it?! This is one of those couples activities that you will never forget!
  • Sexy Kissing Game – Make some time for a little smooching! This idea is can be super quick, but still intimate, and much better than spending your few moments together distracted, or on your phones!
  • Sexy Midnight Snack – Healthy relationships change things up and keep things exciting! Prepare a yummy midnight snack neither of you will ever forget!
  • Bedroom Taboo – Play a classic game, but put a little twist on it–a sexy twist! This game is a great way to get you talking… and a little more!
  • How Many Licks? Sexy Game – Get ready to start blushing. This idea is HOT. It also has some of the cutest printables ever, so it’s a win all around!
  • Jenga Love Game – This idea for healthy relationships is perfect if you want to enjoy your partner’s company, play an intimate game, and have some sexy time together!
  • Sexy Spin the Bottle Date Night – Bring back those giddy, excited middle school feelings with this sexy game that is sure to make your night super hot.
  • Sexy Dice Intimate Date Night – If you just want to get right down to business, THIS is the sexy game for you. Roll the dice and have a night your spouse will be begging for again and again!
  • A Sexy Matching Game – Games are so much fun. They ease any tension, make you feel comfortable, and in this case, make for a night of very sexy fun!
  • Win it in a Minute Sexy Games – Our Win it in a Minute are SO much fun. Why not take a peek at this sexy version?! You will feel playful and bring a bit of renewed excitement to the bedroom with this fun idea.
  • Never Have We Ever in the Bedroom – This game is so much fun! It will get you out of your comfort zone and into a much sexier zone! This is a sexy spin on a classic party game.
  • You Played Your Cards Right – This intimacy game for healthy relationships is so much fun. Start with a card trail leading to the bedroom and then play one of 4 sexy card games!
  • Deck of Desire – While we’re on the topic of sexy card games, this one can’t be missed! Try out this super fun, and sexy intimacy idea.
  • Love is Sweet Bedroom Game – This game will get you started on your night of reconnecting after busy schedules have kept you apart, but chances are you won’t be able to finish it… You’ll see!
  • Bedroom Bucks – Play this game and earn bedroom bucks to pay for EXACTLY what you want.

How to Improve Your Relationship While Apart

When you are in a relationship where one or both of you are very busy, it can feel daunting to cultivate a loving, meaningful connection. However, even when you are apart, you can take steps to improve your relationship. Over time the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule can lead to a feeling of disconnection. One of the best ways to ward off that type of tension is to make efforts to show your spouse that you love them. Luckily, that doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money. Healthy relationships use gestures of love to make their partner feel special and thought of, even when they can’t spend all of their time together. Choose some of these simple ideas to surprise your sweetie with and make them feel extra loved.

How to Improve Your Relationship While Apart

  • Newspaper Love Note – An easy, quick, ultra-sweet way to show your sweetie love with minimal effort. Circle letters from a newspaper or article to spell out a message that will let your sweetie know that you love them!
  • 10 Minute Marriage Challenge – Sometimes being together more is just not possible. Instead, make the most of your time apart by having sweet and fun gestures to do for your spouse sent right to your phone! This is just the boost you need to make your marriage even better despite the busyness of your schedules!
  • I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walk on – When your spouse is out, set up this romantic idea to make them feel super loved from the moment they walk in the door. There’s nothing better than being surprised by the one you love. It’s equally as fun to set up the surprise and anticipate their excitement!
  • Couples Weight Loss Challenge – Work on something together! That way when you’re apart you will be thinking about each other and checking in! Something like this weight loss challenge can be productive for both of you while also drawing the two of you closer together even when you’re not physically together.
  • I Love You Today Because… – Healthy relationships establish meaningful ways to connect throughout the day, especially when you can’t be together. This is a sweet little tradition that will keep you thinking of each other throughout the day.
  • The 5 Love Languages – Read your way to a better marriage! Improve your relationship while you’re apart by figuring out your love languages and gleaning as much insight as possible. Use the reading schedule to make it through this and our other favorite marriage books!
  • Wife Ringtones – Steal your spouse’s phone and set a special ringtone for yourself. The next time you call, they will be in for a little surprise! It will make them smile and give you a reason to laugh together!
  • Gratitude Journal – Keep a gratitude journal to keep your mind focused on the positive. Be sure to include what about your spouse you are grateful for. By doing this every day you are training your brain to think of the good.
  • 101 Long Distance Relationship Ideas – Maybe work, or other circumstances have forced you into a long distance relationship, or maybe you are still in the same house, but you just feel distance because of the busyness of life. Regardless of the specific situation, this post has SO many great ideas for keeping the love alive.
  • 100 Lunch Box Notes – Pack your spouse’s lunch as a thoughtful way to show them that you care about them. Slide in one of these lunch box notes to give it that extra sweet touch!
  • A Surprise Break – Give your tired, busy, overworked partner the most valuable gift of all–a break! Gift your sweetheart an evening of relaxation and peace with this super thoughtful idea.
  • “All About You” Basket – Make a basket with some of the needs and wants your spouse has, all with sweet notes attached. There is nothing sweeter than that! It’s thoughtful and it’s practical.
  • Open When Letters – Have letters ready for all of the different occasions that could arise. Your spouse will love hearing sweet words from you and knowing that you thought of them.
  • Create Your Own Storybook – Small gestures make a tremendous difference in a relationship. This post gives several ideas for making a book of love for your relationship. Sending this to your spouse is sure to brighten their day!
  • Quick & Easy Video Slideshow – Maybe you are not seeing your love much due to busy, ever-changing schedules, but this is a quick and easy way to bring those loving feelings even when you can’t be together!
  • Custom Couples Illustrations – Choose an illustration from these printables that best suits your relationship. Color it in and give it as a gift to your sweetheart.
  • Heart-Shaped Picture Poster – This will be your new favorite piece of decor! A huge engineer print filled with your happiest memories. Your spouse will love to see this gift hanging daily.
  • “Just Because I Love You” Book – Make a cute, little book with hand-drawn love pictures drawn by you or you and your kids! This will be a special treasure that will make your spouse smile–and give you a big smooch!
  • Gamer Gift Basket – Is your spouse a gamer? Show them a little love with this unique gift basket. It is a thoughtful way to show your interest in their interest. If this isn’t the basket for your sweetie, have no fear, we have SO many gift basket ideas, find one that’s a perfect fit!
  • Romantic Wallet Surprise – This idea is so simple, it will take you no time at all! But when your spouse opens their wallet to find thoughtful coupons, their heart will flutter! There is even a version for him and a version for her!
  • Breakfast in a Bag – Gifts don’t have to be big, expensive, or even purchased! Pack a breakfast in a bag and send your sweetheart off with a little extra love.

Helpful Hacks to Be on the Same Page

One of the most difficult challenges to having a healthy relationship when busy is being on the same page. The day-to-day management of your home and other responsibilities is difficult when you are busy. Things fall through the cracks, then you may become frustrated. Simple things that you once knew with certainty become unclear as your time apart grows. Putting your relationship first becomes difficult. Don’t let that unhealthy tension mount! Be proactive and create a healthy relationship using these helpful hacks that will get you on the same page!

Helpful Hacks to Be on the Same Page

  • Weekly planner – Sometimes the most efficient use of your time together is to sit down and plan out what is to come! Understanding each other’s schedules gives you an appreciation for what your spouse is going through AND it helps you identify when you can spend quality time together!
  • Marriage Core Values Couples Game – Reevaluate what’s most important to you in your marriage. Use these insightful couples activities to get your marriage back on track or to get you both on the same page.
  • Dating Guide: How to Date Your Spouse – Use this date night guide to get you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to date night! The questionnaire, survey, and planning guide will give you everything you need to make date night a habit that lasts–no matter how busy life gets!
  • Vacation Planning Date – Getting on the same page has never been more fun! Plan out your dream vacation and enjoy a date at the same time! Tell us that’s not a healthy relationship tip you can’t get behind?!
  • Date Night Request Form – Your time is limited, get right down to business with these forms that let you know exactly what your spouse is thinking and what they want out of date night.
  • Couple Workout and Active Date Ideas – One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get healthy and fit. Why not get on the same page and do it together? Efficiency is the key to life when you are in a relationship filled with busy schedules!
  • Menu Planning Date Night – Plan your menu for the month while spending time together! That is a pretty efficient use of time for busy couples. You get to be productive and spend quality time together!
  • Financial Tips for Marriage – One of the most helpful things you can do to have a healthy, happy marriage is to get on the same page financially. Relieve any tension by getting ahead of the conflict and figuring out how to best manage your finances. These tips for a healthy relationship will help you find a resolution so you can spend your limited time together enjoying each other’s company rather than arguing about money!
  • Date Night Jar – Don’t resort to a simple, boring night in binge-watching shows when you could spend that time bonding and building your relationship. Create a date night jar and when time frees up, draw out an idea and spend your time on a fun couples activity that will make you feel closer.
  • Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse – The bottom line is, there is no schedule so busy that it is ok for your spouse not to feel loved. No matter how stressed, tired, or busy you are, take some time to show your love just how much you love them! It’s amazing how many problems can be solved with just adding a little extra love to the mix!
  • 101 Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse – The most helpful hack for any marriage is to flirt! There is something about keeping that playful love alive that gives life to a marriage. People in healthy relationships take time to flirt with each other. Now you have 101 ideas to get you started being more flirty with your sweetheart.
  • 365-Day Love Calendar – Stay on the same page, and stay in healthy relationships with a calendar that keeps you both on track. You both will enjoy feeling loved and the reminder to give love every single day of the year.
  • Ways to Reconnect in One Minute – Stay connected! Don’t let the stresses of life tear you apart. Take the time to reconnect. Even one minute can leave you feeling more in sync and better able to stay on the same page and conquer the world together!
  • Look Up and Light Up – When your spouse arrives home or walks in to meet you, you look up from whatever you’re doing and light up. Show them that you are happy they are near you, this one piece of advice can change your marriage for the better immediately.
  • Adopt the 6-second Kiss – Rather than a simple peck to say hello or goodbye, commit to each kiss you share being at least 6 seconds long. Your kisses will take on so much more meaning and passion. You’ll be amazed at how 6 seconds out of your day will change everything.
  • Go to Bed at the Same Time – This is a habit that will make all the difference in a busy relationship. This may be the only quality, and quiet time you have together all day.
  • Express Your Gratitude – Simple as it may sound, over time you can begin to take your relationship for granted. Even saying a simple thank you can make a big difference in the overall dynamic of your relationship. Doing so also makes both of you more willing to continue to do nice things for each other.
  • Find a Way to Serve Your Spouse Daily – Ask your spouse, “what can I do for you today?” as explained in this post. That single gesture will make your spouse feel genuinely appreciated, loved, and cared for. Serving your spouse can include following through with any of the great ideas listed in this post. All of these couples activities are a great way to show your sweetheart how much they mean to you.

Great, healthy relationships are built up day by day with each partner taking time to do the little things that nourish the relationship. You’ve heard the common saying, marriage takes work. The work it takes is the little gestures and building of positive habits over time. Worry about your spouse’s happiness and do all you can to improve their day. Especially when you are in a busy season of life, having ways to connect throughout the day can be the difference between a superbly happy marriage and a struggling one. Consider incorporating these 101 ways to keep your love alive and well despite the chaos of life.

There you have it! 101 Couple Activities and Tips for Healthy Relationships. When you feel disconnected and overtired from the woes of life and a busy schedule, that’s the time when your relationship needs an extra boost. Put in a little effort to do one or several of these ideas and watch your relationship grow despite the craziness of life!


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