101 Ways to Flirt With Your Spouse

101 Ways to Flirt With Your Spouse

Everyone has to admit that FLIRTING is a HUGE part of dating, and yet, it is one of the first things to go out the door after one gets married.  Don’t let that happen to YOUR marriage! Use these 101 ideas to get the flirt back in your marriage!!!

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I have broken these 101 ideas into categories to make it easier for you to navigate.  Below you will find:

  • Thoughtful Ideas
  • Romantic Ideas
  • Simple Gifts Ideas
  • Fun Ideas
  • Bonus: Reader’s Ideas



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1- Thinking of you Printable: Use the free printable and take pictures of yourself doing your daily routine letting your spouse know you are knowing of him/her.

2- Message in a Bottle: Write a mysterious and flirtatious note to your spouse to keep your spark alive.

3- 10 Reasons I’m Thankful For You: Write 10 reasons you love your spouse – but spice them up and make them flirty and HOT!

4- Post-It Note Surprise: Use these free printable post-it notes to flirt with your #1.

5- DIY Memory Game: Design your own game of memory – but make it super flirtatious and fun!

6- You are my Happy: Flirt with your spouse by letting him/her know that he/she is your happy place :).

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7- I Love You Surprise: Change your spouse’s autocorrect on his/her computer to be super flirty.  Leave a sexy message to really spice it up.

8- I Love You a Hole Punch: Use the ‘dots’ from a hole punch and write a fun message to your spouse.

9- Menu Magic: Give your spouse a huge surprise with cooking his/her favorite meal.

10- Initials in a Tree: Carve a HOT message in a tree for your spouse (or initials) to flirt with your spouse.

11- Edible Messages: Make your spouse breakfast but write a flirtatious note to go along.

12- Printable Google Card: Get on Google and write an awesome, spicy card for your spouse.

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13- Shower Curtain Love Note: Write a sexy love note on your shower curtain.

14- Sassy Desktop Photo: Take a HOT pic of yourself and save it on your spouse’s desktop.

15- Word Art: Use word art to write a flirty message to your spouse.

16- I Love You Pic and Text: Take a sexy pic of yourself and text it to your spouse.

17- Car Scavenger Hunt: Send your hot hubby on a flirtatious scavenger hunt in his car.

18- Post-It Pictures: Put flirtatious post-it notes on your pictures for your spouse to find later on {WINK}.

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19- Custom Crossword Puzzle: Make a custom, sexy crossword puzzle!

20- I Love You Because…: Keep your flirt on with this new tradition – before going to bed tell your spouse why you love them.

21- Download a Quick Surprise: Download a hot and sexy song to your spouse’s phone or computer.

22- Coded Love Message: Give your spouse a love message that he/she has to decode.

23- Lucky in Love: Tell your spouse 10 HOT reasons you are lucky to be in love with him/her.

24- St. Patrick’s Day Love Notes: Even though it’s not St. Patrick’s day, that doesn’t mean you can’t flirt with your spouse using these cute, free printables.

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25- Mail a Love Note: Mail your spouse a flirtatious letter.

26- A Hearty Breakfast: Fry your spouse some eggs, but make them in the shape of a heart.

27- I Love You Signal: Come up with a flirtatious I love you signal that only you and your spouse will know.

28- Spritz the Bed: Give your spouse a special surprise by spraying the sheets to freshen the bed.

29- Post-It Note Heart: Put post-it notes with reasons why you are attracted to your spouse in the shape of a heart somewhere he/she will notice it.

30- Check for 100 Kisses: Give your spouse this flirtatious, kissable printable.

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31- Red Light Kisses: At every red light, kiss your spouse until the light turns green.

32- Warm Up His Car: On a cold day, warm up his car before heading off to work.

33- Love Poem: Use the website provided to write your spouse some poetry.

34- Keep Your Crush Alive: Remember the game MASH? Play with your spouse to keep the flirtations going.

35- You are the…Fill in this blank with any sexy message to your spouse

36- Say Yes!: Try saying yes to everything your spouse asks of you for one night – even in the bedroom {WINK}!

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37- Merry Kiss-mas: So it’s not Christmas time…who cares?! Do you really need an excuse to kiss your spouse? Go at it!

38- Christmas Love Song: Send your spouse a link to a fun and flirty music video about how much you love and want him/her

39- Mistletoe Love: You can use mistletoe any time of year to have an excuse to kiss your spouse.

40- Video Message: Record a video of yourself telling your spouse why you love them.

41- Chores for Spouse: Do some chores for your spouse and see how grateful he/she is.

42- Quick Massage: A quick massage is always a great way to flirt with your spouse.

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43- Wedding Email Surprise: Email your spouse a wedding picture and your thoughts about how special that day was for you.

44- May I Have This Dance?: Have romantic music playing when your spouse gets home for the two of you to dance to.

45- Dry Erase Doodles: Write some cute messages to your spouse using dry erase markers and a framed picture.

46- Pillow Talk: Use these conversation starters to really flirt with your spouse.

47- Slow Dance Songs: Use these top 10 slow dance songs to woo your spouse.

48- Secret Love Message: Use books and a code to write a flirtatious message to your spouse.

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49- You are Loved: Write a flirty message on a plate and give it to your spouse. What’s perfect is you can use it over and over!

50- Lucky to Have You: St. Patrick’s Day or not, you will always have 10 reasons you love your spouse.  Go ahead and let him/her know why you are lucky to have your spouse.

51- Hidden Love Notes: Write some love notes and hide them in objects you know your spouse will use.


This section is dedicated to ideas that are all about the ‘bedroom’, so proceed with caution if you are one that blushes when reading these ideas.

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 52- Do More of What Makes You Happy: Invite your spouse to do more of what they like in the bedroom 🙂 {WINK}.

53- Lucky in Love Card: Give him/her a special card and box full of bedroom items to finish off the night.

54- Sealed With a Kiss: Use fake tattoos to dress up your lips and kiss away!

55- Hot Cocoa Love Note: Flirt with your spouse with an awesome hot chocolate mug and printable.

56- Whisper Sweet Nothings: Whisper anything that you want to your spouse – to invite them to your bedroom later on.

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57- Red, White and You: Use some strawberries, whip cream, with YOU being the real dessert :).

58- Parking Ticket To Love: Leave a parking ticket on your spouse’s car that he/she will never forget – inviting him/her to the bedroom later on.

59- Printable Love Notes: Leave these cute love notes next to some sexy lingerie you want your spouse to wear for you.

60- Romance Novel Star: Put your spouse’s picture on the cover of a sexy romance novel.

61- National Nude Day: You have got to celebrate the best holiday of the year – that gives you an excuse to see your spouse in his/her birthday suit!

Simple Gifts

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62- Missing You Card: Give your spouse this awesome card to let them know you miss them – no matter what the time frame is.

63- Boy You are HOT: Let your spouse know that you think he/she is hot with this cute printable and cold drink.

64- I Donut Want to be Without You: Leave your spouse a tasty donut with a cute note attached.

65- U R Hot Thermometer: Give your spouse this thermometer letting them know how hot they really are.

66- Love Note Wreath: Make this cute love note wreath and write some awesome notes to your spouse.

67- I Love You Banner: What better way to tell your spouse you love him/her than to hang a banner saying just that?

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68- Love Quotes: Use any or all of these 10 love quotes to tell your spouse how amazing he/she is.

69-  My Whole Heart: Give this printable and box of cereal to your spouse letting him/her know he/she has your heart.

70- Pumpkin Pie Love You: It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to give your spouse this cute printable and a pumpkin pie.

71- Easter Egg Basket: Your spouse needs an Easter basket just as much as your kids do. Send him/her on a little adventure to find his basket with flirty clues along the way.

72- I Fall For You Basket: Flirt with your spouse with this Fall basket of cute gifts.

73- Brownie Points: Cook some brownies and let your spouse know he/she earned some brownie points for something they did.  You could even take it one step further on the flirtatious scale and have your note be something romantic they did for you.

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74- Our Love Keeps Running: If your spouse is into exercise then this is the perfect way to flirt with him/her – by giving a cute basket of exercise equipment and other items.

75- Love Nutrition Label: Print off this printable and attach it to your spouse’s favorite food.

76- Kit Kat Love Note: What better way to flirt than with chocolate and a cute printable card?

77- You’re the Bee Knees: Let your spouse know how awesome you think they is with these cute honey bee related items.

78- I Need S’more of You: Mmm, mmm, mmm you definitely do need s’more of your spouse!

79- Love Mad Libs: There are 4 different mad libs that you can do with your spouse, but why not make it extra special and fill one out with your hubby in mind.  Funny and flirtatious!

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80- Custom Cold Stone: Make your own cold stone ice cream flavors and maybe even take it in the bedroom with you! {WINK}

81- Superior Spouse: Fill out this card about how superior your spouse really is.

82- Origami Hearts: Your spouse will love these awesome and cute origami hearts.

83- Sobe Surprise: Flirt with your spouse using Sobe drinks and a printable card.

84- Banana Love Note: This is super easy – get a banana and a toothpick and write a flirty note to your spouse on the peel.

85- Suite Retreat Kit: Fill this basket with hot items you will use with your spouse in your bedroom.

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86- Step Card Tutorial: This card is cute and can be extra special by adding a little flirty wording on it’s pages.

87- My Two-Lips: Make these tulips and then give him/her your 2-lips later on!

88- Missing You Very Much: It doesn’t matter how much time as passed since seeing your spouse, this cute printable will let him/her know you miss them a lot.

89- Love Magnets: Print these love magnets and write flirtatious notes to your spouse with them.

90- Kiss Flip Book: Give your spouse this flip book so they will always take your kisses with them, no matter where he/she is.

91- Orbit the Moon: Flirt away with a cute printable and some gum.

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92- Worth 1,000 Words: You can flirt, no matter how many miles separate you and your spouse.

93- Halloween Love: Spell out flirty notes to your spouse using candy left over from Halloween OR whatever you may have lying around the house.

94- Favorite Symphony: Flirt away by letting him/her know that they are your favorite symphony.

95- You’re Dynamite: In your eyes, your spouse is dynamite so let them know.

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96- S’more Lovin: Let your spouse know you need s’more of him/her.

97- Breakfast in a Bag: Make your spouse a beautiful breakfast with a wonderful thought behind it.

98- Basket of Healthy Love: For the spouse that is more health conscious, this is the perfect gift for him/her.


cami-flirt with spouse-collage99-101

99- Pillow Fight: A pillow fight is the perfect way to flirt with your spouse!

100- Photo Booth Fun: A photo booth could be a HOT, sexy booth OR every picture could be of the 2 of you kissing.

101- Shower Surprise: While your spouse is in the shower, go squirt him/her with water guns.  Maybe they will pull you in with them. {WINK}


So, we wanted to give all our readers the opportunity to showcase how you all flirt with your spouses.  I think that you all came up with FABULOUS ideas!


Here are all YOUR ideas of how you flirt!

– Leave old fashioned notes all over the house: in the shower, medicine cabinet, by the coffee pot, pillow or car.

– Send flirty pics of yourself via text.

– Give him a really passionate kiss before he leaves for work so I’m all he’s thinking about until he gets home!

– Play dress-up.

– Tell him you miss him and what you’re going to do to him when he gets home.

– Write messages on the mirror in the bathroom or on the microwave with dry erase markers.

– Send flirty texts or sexy pics to him. Tell him you can’t wait till he gets home. Or say “look what’s waiting for you when you get home!”

– My husband loves words of affirmation. So I’m constantly telling him how sexy, good looking or hot I think he is. Especially when he is dressed up looking sharp. I load him up with tons of compliments. Which still to this day makes him blush.

– Smack his butt. Leave silly messages on his phone.

– I tease him while driving. (Nothing dangerous or over the top) I’ll just slide my hand along his leg or tap his shoulder and wink. Little things that the kiddos don’t notice but sends a private message.

– I use my son’s bath tub crayons and right a message on the shower wall so he will see it when taking a shower. I also leave messages on the mirror written in lipstick.

– Show up at his work take him to lunch. Play footsie under the table or sit beside him and touch his leg, run your hand down his thigh.

– A wink and a smile.

– Throwing out inside jokes or references to them that only he would get.

– Walk into a bar where people dont know you. Sit at different ends and tell the bartender that man that just walked in is buying.Then write down your phone number and have the bartender give it to your hubby.

 ALL of these ideas are SOOOOOO amazing and I am excited to be able to share them with you.  Now, go pick your favs and get your FLIRT-on with your spouse! {WINK}

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I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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