How To Flirt With Your Spouse

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How to Flirt With Your Husband or Wife

Think back to your dating years. Flirting was likely a HUGE part of the reason you fell in love with your spouse, right? Ironically, it is commonly one of the first things to go out the door after a couple gets married! That being said, we are bound and determined to not let that happen to you! We think being flirtatious and fun with your spouse is a critical component of marriage. Therefore, we put together an amazing list of ideas for how to flirt with your husband AND how to flirt with your wife. Basically when it comes to flirting, we’ve got you covered!

Learning how to flirt with your husband or wife just became easy with this amazing list of ways to flirt! #HusbandandWife #Flirting #MarriageMatters

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually find a way to flirt with your spouse in almost any situation! Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down the easiest (and most effective) ways for your convenience! 😉 We’ve come up with the following categories:

Yep, we’ve thought about the most important times and reasons to flirt with your spouse and now we’re ready to share them! Are you ready?

How to Flirt With Your Husband or Wife Romantically

There’s something to be said about a grand, romantic gesture in dating or in marriage. However, grandiose gestures don’t make up the day to day. That being said, we have some of the best ideas for how to flirt with your spouse below that will truly show your love and adoration in small, simple ways. Not to mention, these are mutual ideas for how to flirt with your husband AND how to flirt with your wife in a gender neutral and romantic way. Needless to say, get ready to get all sorts of flirty with your sweetie from these romantic ideas!

How to Flirt With Your Husband Romantically

  • Romantic Cuddle Kit – If you think cuddling is great, you’re going to LOVE this romantic cuddle kit! It’s the perfect way to get flirty AND cuddly!
  • Post-It Note Surprise – These free printable post-it notes contain cute flirty quotes that are a snap to put together!
  • I Love You Surprise – Ready for a super flirty techy idea? Change your spouse’s autocorrect on his/her computer or phone to something sweet and flirty. To learn how, just check out this post!
  • I Love You a Hole Punch – Try flirting with your husband or wife with this simple idea! Use the ‘dots’ from a hole punch and write a fun message to your spouse.
  • Menu Magic – Surprising your spouse with his/her favorite meal is an excellent way to flirt! (In addition, it shows off your cooking skills!)
  • Initials in a Tree – Carve a cute message or your initials in a tree for your spouse to find. Better yet, do it together as a date!
  • Edible Messages – Kids aren’t the only ones who love it when their pancake shapes are out of the ordinary! Make your spouse’s day right from the get go with this flirty idea!
  • Shower Curtain Love Note – If you think flirting with your husband or wife only has a time and a place, this idea will change your mind! Write a sexy love note on your shower curtain for them to find next time they get clean!
  • Sassy Desktop Photo – Take a cute pic of yourself and save it as your spouse’s desktop image. Nothing says flirty like this idea!
  • I Love You Pic and Text – Need an idea for a flirty text to send to your husband or wife? This one is perfect!
  • Car Scavenger Hunt – Not only is this idea flirtatious, it’s super unique and fun! Send your sweetie on a hunt around their vehicle to a special, flirty surprise!
  • Post-It Pictures – Another Post-It idea because they’re just that good! Put flirtatious post-it notes on pictures of your spouse throughout your home!
  • Custom Crossword Puzzle – Does your spouse love a good puzzle? Make a custom, sexy crossword puzzle for your sweetheart to solve all about the two of you!
  • Coded Love Message – Try creating a romantic love message that your spouse has to decode.
  • A Hearty Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Let that be the most flirtatious too! Fry your spouse some eggs, but make them in the shape of a heart.
  • May I Have This Dance? – Have romantic music playing when your spouse gets home for the two of you to dance to. BONUS: Have your wedding song playing!
  • Dry Erase Doodles – Flirting with your husband or wife can be done with things you already have around your house! For example, write some cute messages to your spouse using dry erase markers and a framed picture.
  • Pumpkin Pie Love You – It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to give your spouse this cute printable with piece of pumpkin pie!
  • Brownie Points – How about whipping up some brownies to let your spouse know he/she earned some brownie points recently! Don’t forget this cute note to go with them!
  • Orbit the Moon – Next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a pack of Orbit gum for this flirty idea!
  • S’more Lovin – Lastly, let your spouse know you need s’more of him/her with this romantic gesture!

Thoughtful Ideas For Flirting With Your Husband or Wife

Without a doubt, flirting is romantic, fun, and often gives you butterflies. However, when thoughtful flirting goes down in your marriage, doesn’t it makes you grateful for an attentive and loving spouse? With this in mind, we’ve compiled some of the most thoughtful ideas for how to flirt with your husband or wife. Not only do these ideas show some extra thought and attention, they communicate what we all want to hear and say most: “I love you!”

Cute Flirty Quotes in Lunchbox

  • Lunchbox Love Notes – These lunchbox love notes are about the cutest things you’ll ever see! In addition, any of these cute, flirty quotes is a WIN when it’s paired with food!
  • Thinking of You Printable – Using this free printable, take pictures of yourself doing your daily routine while also letting your spouse know you are thinking of them!
  • 10 Reasons I’m Thankful For You – Write 10 reasons you love your spouse, but spice them up and make them flirty and fun too!
  • You are my Happy – Does your spouse make you happy? Show them! Leave this cute note and an easy treat. There’s no question they’ll feel the flirtatious vibes from you!
  • I Love You Because… – Would you believe us if we told you this idea will transform your marriage? Simply tell your spouse AT LEAST one thing you love about them before going to bed. Try to never miss!
  • Lucky in Love – This idea is perfect around St. Patrick’s Day, but also works ANY day! Tell your spouse 10 unique reasons you are lucky to be in love with him/her with this cute printable!
  • Mail a Love Note – These days, it’s easy to send a flirty text to your husband or wife. But why not take some time and mail your spouse a letter instead?
  • I Love You Signal – This flirty idea is fun and sneaky! Come up with a special “I love you” signal that only you and your spouse will know and understand, then use it in when you’re out in public!
  • Post-It Note Heart – If you couldn’t tell, we love Post-It notes! Here’s another flirty way to use them! Put post-it notes with reasons why you are attracted to your spouse in the shape of a heart somewhere he/she will notice it. We recommend the bathroom mirror!
  • Video Message – Record a video of yourself telling your spouse why you love them. You could also include one or two sexy texts for your husband or wife to keep the flirting going!
  • Wedding Email Surprise – Wanna bring back all the feels from your wedding day? Email your spouse a wedding picture and your thoughts about how special that day was for you!
  • Pillow Talk – Things can actually get really flirty and fun when your heads hit the pillow at night! Use these conversation starters to get some good conversation going!
  • You are Loved – Growing up, did you have a special “birthday plate”? This DIY idea is similar but involves flirting with your husband or wife with a sweet message on a plate. BONUS: It’s reusable!
  • Missing You Card – Are you apart from your sweetie? This “Missing You” card would be the perfect sweet and sentimental way to flirt with them a bit while you’re long distance!
  • I Donut Want to be Without You – Did someone say donuts? Yep! Flirting with your spouse is possible, even with donuts! Most importantly, leave one of these cute, flirty quotes attached so the message is clear!
  • Love Quotes – Use any or all of these 10 love quotes to tell your spouse how amazing he/she is.
  • Origami Hearts – D0 you know how to fold origami? This may take some practicing but your spouse will love these origami hearts!
  • Banana Love Note – Flirting with your husband or wife is as easy as grabbing a banana! First, pick out your freshest banana. Then, grab a toothpick and carve a flirty note in to the peel.
  • Breakfast in a Bag – If your sweetie typically runs out the door in the morning, then make him/her a nutritious, on-the-go breakfast with this flirtatious note attached!

Sexy Ways for Flirting With Your Husband or Wife

Now for the ideas we’re sure you’ve been dying for: Sexy ideas for how to flirt with your husband or wife! Since we firmly believe that flirting can happen anywhere, you better believe we find it important to flirt your way into the bedroom! These ideas below will most definitely get you there and set the right mood at that. We’ve even included ideas that involve sexy texts for your husband or wife!

Sexy Survey to Flirt With Husband

  • Sexy Survey – Would you like to know all your spouse’s sexual desires? Well, this survey can tell you that! Not only that, it’s one heck of a flirting tool! 😉
  • Check for 100 Kisses – Nothing says flirtatious more than a check for 100 kisses! We are sure your husband or wife will redeem it immediately!
  • Red Light Kisses – This adorable idea used for flirting with your husband is one of our favorites! At every red light, kiss your spouse until the light turns green.
  • Mistletoe Love – Even if it’s not Christmastime, this idea is the cutest! Grab some mistletoe and hang it over your sweetie’s head. They’ll know what comes next!
  • Quick Massage – A quick massage is always a great way to flirt with your spouse!
  • “Do More of What Makes You Happy” Sexy Note – Invite your spouse to do more of what makes them happy…Ahem, the answer to that is YOU! {WINK}.
  • Lucky in Love Card – This St. Patty’s Day inspired card would work any time of year! PLUS it’s a perfect way to flirt with your husband or wife!
  • Text Message Pack – Yep, phones are a great way to keep the flirting going! Use a flirty text to send your husband or wife the message that you can’t wait to see them later!
  • Sealed With a Kiss – Anyone remember these cute lip tattoos that used to be popular? You can easily use them to dress up your lips and get your kissing on!
  • Hot Cocoa Sexy Love Note – This cozy note would be a perfect way to flirt during the colder months! Not to mention, everyone loves hot cocoa!
  • Red, White and You – Try this festive and flirty idea when you’re really feeling patriotic! Most importantly, use some strawberries and whip cream, but make YOU the real dessert! 😉
  • Parking Ticket To Love – Warning: This idea may cause immediate panic! However, don’t let that stop you because this flirty parking ticket idea is too cute!
  • Romance Novel Star – Without a doubt, everyone has seen a romantic novel cover that screams sexy and seductive. Why not creatively put your spouse’s picture on one as a way to flirtatiously get things heated up between you two?
  • National Nude Day – Don’t forget to celebrate the best holiday of the year, National Nude Day! By the way, it’s clothing optional!
  • Boy You are HOT – Let your spouse know that you think he/she is HOT with this cute printable and a cold drink on a hot day!
  • Kit Kat Sexy Love Note – Of all the ideas on how to flirt with your husband or wife, this idea is by far the catchiest! AND it includes a free printable card!
  • Sexy Mad Libs – Ready for a funny AND flirtatious game idea? This Sexy Mad Libs will have you laughing AND flirting from start to finish!
  • Valentine’s Day Sexts – Valentine’s Day or not, this set of sexy texts for your husband or wife is steamy! You’ll definitely want to use one of these!
  • Photo Booth Fun – Everyone loves a good photo booth! Additionally, this cute idea will bring out all sorts of kissing, laughing, and flirting!
  • Steamy Shower Games – Most people consider a shower to be their alone time. However, we think otherwise! 😉 These steamy shower games are flirty X 10!

Gift Ideas That Are Fun and Flirty

Flirting with your husband or wife can happen spontaneously, and that’s great! But what about those moments where you want to send your sweetie the message that they are everything and more to you? That’s where these flirty gift ideas come in! Not only are they full of cute flirty quotes and adorable ideas, they say to your spouse, “I’m crazy about you!”

All About You Basket for Gift

  • All About You Basket – Isn’t this basket cuter than words? It would absolutely indicate to your spouse that you love everything about them!
  • The Man Can – If you want to learn how to flirt with your husband in one easy gesture, then try out this idea! It’s designed for a MAN to receive and it’s 100% husband approved!
  • 5 Senses Gift Basket – How do you say, “I love you with all my senses?” You give them a basket of flirtatious items that surround all of the 5 senses! This gift idea is perfect!
  • Love Note Wreath – If you’re crafty, then this is the perfect flirty gift idea! Create this cute love note wreath to display cute, flirty quotes and notes!
  • Hubby Easter Egg Basket – Don’t forget your hubby on Easter! Send him on a little adventure to find his basket using these flirty and creative clues.
  • I Fall For You Basket – During fall (our favorite season), what better way to let your sweetie know how hard you fell for them than with this adorable, seasonable basket?
  • Our Love Keeps Running – If your spouse is into exercise, then this is the perfect way to flirt with them involving one of their hobbies!
  • Staycation Kit – Getaways as a couple are a MUST! But sometimes they just aren’t feasible. If a staycation is more doable, you NEED this kit to really make it perfect!
  • Long Distance Love Kit – First off, when two hearts are separated by distance, extra effort is required to keep the spark! Secondly, you want something to feels like THEM in your life! Thank goodness for this Long Distance Love Kit to communicate all those feelings!
  • Basket of Healthy Love – For the spouse that is more health conscious, this is the perfect gift for him/her.

Is it just us, or did this whole list make you feel all sorts of FLIRTY? The good news is that with all these ideas, you’ll be covered for a LONG time in the flirting department! Wahoo!

BUT, before you go, here’s another quick list of BONUS IDEAS we collected from our readers!

BONUS Ways to Flirt:

  • Leave old fashioned, handwritten notes all over the house: in the shower, medicine cabinet, by the coffee pot, pillow or car.
  • Send flirty pics of yourself via text.
  • Give your sweetie a really passionate kiss before he/she leaves for work so you’re all they’re thinking about until they get home!
  • Play dress-up.
  • At some point during the day, tell them you miss them and what you’re going to do to them when they get home.
  • Write a flirty message on the mirror in the bathroom or on the microwave with dry erase markers.
  • Send flirty texts or sexy pics to them throughout the day. Additionally, tell them you can’t wait till they gets home, or say, “Look what’s waiting for you when you get home!”
  • “My husband loves words of affirmation. Therefore, I’m constantly telling him how sexy, good looking, or hot I think he is, especially when he is dressed up looking sharp. I load him up with tons of compliments, which still to this day makes him blush.”
  • Smack their butt or leave silly messages on their phone.
  • “I tease him while driving. (Nothing dangerous or over the top) I’ll just slide my hand along his leg or tap his shoulder and wink. Little things that the kiddos don’t notice but sends a private message.”
  • “I use my son’s bath tub crayons and right a message on the shower wall so he will see it when taking a shower. I also leave messages on the mirror written in lipstick.”
  • Show up at their work and take them to lunch.
  • Play footsie under the table or sit beside them and touch their leg, running your hand down their thigh.
  • A wink and a smile.
  • Throw out inside jokes or references to them that only he/she would get.
  • Walk into a restaurant where people don’t know you. Sit at different ends and tell the waiter that the man that just walked in is buying. Then write down your phone number and have the waiter give it to your hubby.

Well, we can now confidently say that you’re ready to flirt with your husband or wife after reading this list! On that note, go pick out your favorite ideas and get your FLIRT ON! 😉


I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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