Easter Egg Hubby Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt for the Hubby


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Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner?!

And we have the perfect fun AND easy idea to surprise YOUR Hunny Bunny with.  

{That’s right- Easter is not just for the kids.  Even husbands get visits from the Easter Bunny!}  

This year, you’re going to…


Yep, get ready to send your hubby on a fun and flirty Easter Egg Hunt!  

And here’s the best part- Leah Aldous (one of our FAVORITE designers) has hooked you up with all of the free printables you’ll need!  The clue cards even fit perfectly into a large Easter egg.  Check ’em out…




All you need are…


First, you’ll leave this note out somewhere you know your hubby will find it.  It says,

“Happy Easter, My Dear!  You’ll have to hunt for your basket this year.”


Next to the note will be an egg with…

Clue #1

“No Bunny is as sexy as you! Now go and look inside your shoe.”


Inside his shoe will be…

Clue #2

“You are my very favorite Peep!  {The next clue’s hidden where we sleep.}


On the bed will be…

Clue #3

“I think you are EGGS-tra hot! {Go and look with the pans & pots}


Inside a pot or pan will be…

Clue #4

“Tulips are better than one!  {Look by the TV.  You’re almost done.}


By the TV will be..

Clue #5

“You make me Hoppy, yes you do. {Your prize is hidden by the shampoo.}”


Inside the bathtub, he’ll find…

His Easter Basket!  Along with a note that says,

“You did it!  You found your prize. I hope you enjoy this little surprise.”


See?  Totally easy AND fun!  

I decided to put together more of a “manly” Easter Basket for my husband, since I know he’s been dying to get new camping gear.  But you could also put together a romantic and sexy Easter Basket too!  If you decide to go that route and are looking for a little somethin’-somethin’ to add, here are some…


Well, what are you waiting for?!  

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Besides my hilariously witty husband, I love a good book, sappy songs, old black-and-white movies, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four (seriously adorable) little kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN!

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17 Responses to Easter Egg Hubby Hunt

  1. Was doing some spring cleaning yesterday and found plastic eggs and basket to use. Was thinking I needed to find something to do, but this will be perfect! Thank you so much for the printable. Makes this first time pregnant ladies job a little easier!

  2. My husband and I just moved from Michigan to Virginia this March. I found your site around Christmas in 2013, and I thought I’d come back again tonight for some fun ideas to get us back in the date night routine. When I saw this post while browsing, I thought it was perfect! I wanted to also thank you for putting the text of the clues in the post itself, because I am completely blind and cannot see the images. This is a perfect way to make Easter fun this year! We don’t usually do Easter baskets since we don’t have children yet, but I want to this year just for the fun of this awesome idea. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the idea! I just set mine up… I’m tired but excited for hubby to discover it in the am. Of course basketball was on tonight so he was up until 1am! Good night and Happy Easter!

  4. I did an Easter Egg hunt for my boyfriend last year and he LOVED it. Even his [then] roommate and friend who had been staying at their apartment got in on it and were clearly envious. I decided then that that was going to have to become one of our traditions.

  5. So excited to try this! I’ll be putting a little onsie in his basket. Perfect way to tell the hubby about the new addition to the family <3 Thanks a ton for the best idea EVER!!!!!!