How to Have Perfect Easter Pictures

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Photo Booth Props for Easter Pictures 

Anyone else enjoy getting Easter pictures in the springtime? It’s the most beautiful time of year! Everyone is wearing their pastels and ginghams, and the Easter backdrops prove the world is coming alive again!

We love scrolling through the perfectly posed Easter pictures and the funny Easter pictures posted by friends and family. This year we thought we would add a little extra spice to said photoshoots with some Easter printables in the form of photo booth props! And by the way, they’re totally FREE!

I can't wait to take some adorable Easter pictures! These egg prints are ADORABLE! | The Dating Divas
Family Easter pictures using photo booth props.

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This Easter printable set is going to give you so many options: bunny ears, an Easter basket, and the most adorable eggs you can find! Keep scrolling to check them out!

How to Prepare Your Easter Picture Printables

Because you want these to look the brightest and boldest they can be, we usually suggest sending them to a printing service and requesting cardstock. The colors come back so bright, and the stronger paper makes them perfect for props!

Print out these cool props for fun Easter pictures. | The Dating Divas
Photo booth printables for Easter pictures.

Once you have your Easter printables ready, cut out each item. We tried to squish as many different objects as we could on to the page and ended up with over 20 options for you and your family!

Once everything is cut, start taping your sticks onto the back of each printable prop. You can use popsicle sticks, but my personal favorite is using skewers. They are slimmer, so they are easily hidden in a photo, plus they are longer, which helps with prop placement. I also like using packing tape for its durability.

I think the Easter basket is so cute, so I wanted to point out that it can be done a couple of different ways:

Take cute Easter pictures with these printable props. | The Dating Divas

Bright, printable Easter picture props
  1. Cut the whole thing out, including the center. There is an egg in the middle of this one that you could then add to a separate stick. Cutting out the center will allow you to use it as part of your other Easter backdrop items by hanging it on things or holding it through the handle.
  2. Or, you could just cut around the outside and use a pen blade to cut horizontally along the top of the basket. This will allow you to use the egg in the center as part of the Easter background of the basket. Simply slide other props through the slit and build a beautiful basket for your Easter pictures.

Funny Easter Pictures

Now that you have your props all ready, it’s time for those cute Easter pictures! Anyone who has ever tried to take photos with children knows that it can be … trying! The kids are over it faster than you can click your shutter. That’s where the photo props come in!

Funny Easter pictures will make precious memories. | The Dating Divas

Funny Easter pictures are easy using these props.

Simply set up your Easter background—inside or outside, and use the following tips to help your pictures turn out best.

Tips for Outdoor Photography

  1. Take photos when there is enough natural light outside.
  2. Find a spot that has indirect lighting. Avoid areas of dappled shade, which lets the light filter through the tree leaves. This adds weird shade spots to the photo.
  3. Check the ground before sitting. You don’t want your Easter clothes to get damp from any remaining dew!

Tips for Indoor Photography

  1. Find a window that has sunlight coming in and step about 3 feet back. This would be the perfect spot to take your picture!
  2. If you want a blank backdrop, try hanging up a solid-color sheet or tablecloth to make your own “photo booth.” Of course, you can add anything to these easy backdrops to make them fit your needs.
Use your Easter printables to create memories together. | The Dating Divas

Perfectly cute Easter pictures.

The biggest tip we have? KEEP IT FUN! If you want funny Easter pictures, you can’t be annoyed at each other. Play with the props, enjoy your time, and remember these are for memories, not a magazine spread.

Other Easter Suggestions

Check out a few of our other Easter posts that can make this special day even more memorable for your family. Keep Easter Christ-centered with this Easter tradition countdown. Or create these resurrection eggs to remind everyone of the reason behind our celebrations.

Of course, we love a good Easter brunch and you can’t go wrong with this steamy Easter gift for your spouse.

Happy Easter!

Enjoy Easter pictures with printable props. | The Dating Divas
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Easter Picture Printable Photo Booth Props

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful Easter photobooth printable props. They made our Easter a lot more enjoyable, as we continued with the isolation and not having family around.

    1. Oh, we LOVE that!! Thank you for your sweet comment! We’re happy to hear that they were a hit for your family’s Easter celebrations!! XOXO

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