Romantic Wallet Surprise!

Romantic Wallet Surprise

Such a darling idea from one of our amazing readers, Sarah! It took me a while to get it up, but this is a good one!! Pin this for the perfect holiday OR do it just because. It is awesome!!!

Romantic Wallet Surprise
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Whether your man needs a new wallet or not, he is going to LOVE this awesome surprise for him when he gets in that leather beast next!! I thought it was the perfect gift idea for the man who needs a new wallet, after all, which  man doesn’t NEED a new wallet?? Aren’t they like purses? One for each outfit?


Our talented designers MerryMint Design, created this cuteness!!

Secretly slip it into his wallet – they fit in perfectly – sized like a credit card. If his wallet is falling apart, this would be the perfect opportunity to purchase a new one… and slip a few of these in before wrapping it up!

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22 Responses to Romantic Wallet Surprise!

  1. I love all of the fun ideas you have! I’ve added my own St. Pat’s twist on your ‘Heart Attacked’ project. I made several lucky coins with shamrocks and sayings on them for my guy to find around the house. I’ll even tuck a few into his wallet when he’s not looking. He loved the hearts so I know he’ll adore these!

  2. Oooh! Such a fab idea, and a wonderful design on the cards too – this could be a great gift for father’s day as well, maybe with the cards written ‘from the kids’ 🙂

  3. I love this idea! However, I am in my teen years and so is my boyfriend and I was wondering if you guys could possibly do a teenager friendly version of this? I think it would be really cute, thanks for you time!

  4. LOL! You guys got me in trouble with this one – The Wallet Surprise. Hubby saw the loop-hole. All cards are valid basically for one time use… Except for the scandalous picture one… It’s now laminated and in his wallet permanently! Love your work ladies!

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  6. I love this! I am making it a little different for my boyfriend but I want to keep the style similar. What its the font you used for the “movie night” or “clothing item” part?