Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse

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Ways to Love Your Husband or Wife

Here at The Dating Divas we firmly believe in being proactive in your marriage and taking every opportunity you can to love your spouse a little harder! Show them you love them—daily! Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? If not, then stop right here for a quick commercial break!

{Jump on over and order The 5 Love Languages book… PRONTO!! We promise that the 5 Love Languages will help you understand your spouse and give you clear ways to show love to your spouse! This book can help struggling marriages get back on the right track and help already fantastic marriages become over-the-top amazing!! …end commercial break.}

100 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse... Using EVERY Love Language! The best list of great ideas for fully implementing the Five Love Languages and making it as easy as possible. #datingdivas #lovelanguages #waystoshowlove

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And we’re back!! Thank you for sticking with us through that amazingly inspiring break and now we are going to continue!

First off, keep in mind that this is just ONE tool, just ONE way to approach making a greater effort to love your spouse. The Love Languages simplify things so that everyone can be successful in showing their spouse a little love in a way that their spouse will feel loved. Whether you have already read this book, or you just ordered it, I would like to give a small synopsis of what the 5 Love Languages are all about!

Ways to Show Love with The 5 Love Languages

  1. Receiving Gifts: If this is your primary language then you feel most loved when your partner gives you a gift. This doesn’t mean that you are materialistic but feel love through the fact that they thought of you and the love that went into choosing the gift for you.
  2. Quality Time: This language is all about time. You feel most loved when you get the chance to spend good quality time with your spouse. You love when you and your spouse get to spend 100% uninterrupted time with one another!
  3. Words of Affirmation: If this is your love language you want to hear that you are cared for.  You love being told that you are appreciated and it means an extra lot to you for your spouse to take the time out of their day to tell you how much they love you.
  4. Acts of Service: This love language means that you care about actions and truly believe that actions speak louder than words.  For your spouse to take the time to help you with a task that you are faced with, or help you check something off of your to-do list means the world to you!
  5. Physical Touch: If this is your love language you crave physical contact and appropriate touch in your relationship. You love being close to your spouse and whether it be a hug, holding hands, or more, you feel loved when there is physical contact in your relationship.

Not sure what your love language is? Take this quiz with your spouse so that you can find out one another’s today!!

Now that you know each other’s love language, we have gathered up 100 ways to show your spouse love in THEIR language!!

We have sifted through all of the amazing ideas on our blog and found 100 ways to love your spouse in their love language! Now that you have all taken the quiz and brushed up on your love language, let’s get started into these over-the-top ideas!!

Ways to Show Love with Gifts

If your husband or wife loves to be surprised with a little gift… check out this section where we highlight a ton of amazing ideas for giving unique and special gifts that show your spouse that you care. Gifts are a great way to show love because it lets your spouse know you’re thinking of them and takes a little extra effort, so it’s easy to notice!

Ways to Show Love with Gifts

Ways to Show Love with Quality Time

Quality time means something different to everyone, but when you spend time together you make memories and strengthen relationships. Spending time together is what marriage is all about, here are some ways to increase the quality of your time with your spouse! Show love by making a little extra effort and planning something special.

Ways to Show Love through Quality Time

Ways to Show Love with Words of Affirmation

Words are powerful if this is your spouse’s love language. Build them up with compliments, notes, and reassurances of your love for your spouse… especially when they’re not expecting it. Here are a few fun ways to show love with words.

Ways to Show Love through Words of Affirmation

Ways to Show Love with Acts of Service

Serving your spouse can really make a difference in your marriage. Service often seems a little mundane and ordinary, but it can definitely be something meaningful and special. Here are some ways to show love and make service even more fun and exciting in your marriage.

Ways to Show Love through Acts of Service

Ways to Show Love with Physical Touch

Isn’t this most peoples’ favorite love language? You better believe that we have the best ideas for showing love through physical touch! There are tons of ideas on our site, but here are a few of our favorite ways to show love with a little sexy time.

Ways to Show Love through Physical Touch

Did you love all of these ideas as much as we did?!? Oh my goodness what a fun collection!

We also collect our favorite ideas for love languages on our Pinterest Boards:

{Just a little FYI if you are LOVING the 5 Love Languages as much as we do! Did you know that there is also a book written specifically about finding your children’s Love Language!? – Talk about amazing! You may just want to snatch up this book as well!! The 5 Love Languages of Children}

Looking for more amazing ideas? Make sure that you check out our fabulous Sexy Bedroom Games round-up for even more fun or connect with our Couples Boredom Busters and you know we’ve got you covered on gifts for your hubby with this post of Just Because Gift Ideas!!





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