101 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Spouse!

Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Spouse!

Showing gratitude to your spouse just might be the biggest secret to having a happy marriage {yep, we’re giving away ALL our secrets, folks!} Even just the day-to-day tasks like laundry, cooking, and working in the yard deserve a ‘thank you’. How great does it make you feel just knowing that your spouse appreciates all those dinners you’ve planned, shopped for, and whipped up nice and hot every night?? Well we want to make sure that the love KEEPS spreadin’ around even, and especially, when it’s least expected! After all, that’s when it feels the best! And what better time to start saying, ‘Thank you’ than during Thanksgiving season? We here at The Dating Divas are SO dedicated to helping you have the BEST and HAPPIEST marriage possible, we’ve rounded up OVER ONE HUNDRED quick, thoughtful, and loving ways to tell your spouse ‘Thank you!’ for ALL you do! You can consider this your ONE-STOP SHOP for any and all ideas you’ll need to spread the love with the ones you love!

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That’s right!! Over ONE HUNDRED ideas and ALL in ONE PLACE!

Below you’ll find:

  • Ideas from the Dating Divas themselves.
  • Ideas we’ve gathered from TONS of different sites.
  • Ideas to show EACH OTHER gratitude.
  • Ideas to show HIM gratitude.
  • Ideas to show HER gratitude.

So without further adieu… We give to you:

101 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Spouse!

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1. Take dinner up a notch and say thank you, with a Fancy Dinner!

2. Start a gratitude journal as a couple.

3. Create your own gratitude journal all about your spouse! {be sure to share a couple entries!}

4. There’s nothing better than getting mail! Why not mail a love note to your spouse?!

5. Roll up a surprise thank-you note in some rolls at dinner.

6. With the weather getting colder, take a second to warm up his car before work.

7. Make him a heart-y breakfast {get it?!}

8. Instead of saying, ‘no’, dedicate an entire day to saying ‘YES’ to your spouse! {imagine the possibilities!! :-)}

9. Take advantage of how amazing technology is and text your spouse a sweet love-note VIDEO!

10. Use these free printables to write love-notes at your thanksgiving dinner.

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11. List your spouse’s BEST qualities from A-Z.

12. Slip this sweet banana love-note into their lunch.

13. Use this free printable to ask your spouse what special requests they have for dinner.

14. Print off these tear-away tags full of special compliments by yours truly!

15. Use these free printables to create an ADORABLE fall-themed basket just for them!

16. Start a tradition EACH day to say why you love your spouse.

17. Make your spouse King or Queen of the day, and treat them like royalty!

18. Take over their chores for the day.

19. Use this free printable coupon book to help them sit back & relax.

20. Who doesn’t love s’mores? Print out and put together this adorable box and fill it with a special treat for them.

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21. Not everyone wants treats to feel special, so for your special health-nut, print off these free love note tags.

22. Slip a sweet note into his favorite go-to snacks where he’s sure to find it!

23. Write a quick love note on his car windows.

24. Surprise them the next time you order take out with these custom made fortune cookies.

25. Say it like it is with this free ‘You Are My Happy’ printable {and a fresh batch of cookies on the side}.

26. Take a blank frame to create a place for daily thank-you’s.

27. Show some gratitude and spare some calories by filling a candy box with sweet thank-you’s.

28. Hang a thank-you board to write daily notes where they’ll be sure to see.

29. Who doesn’t love a restaurant gift card? Say thanks with a hand made card and a meal out.

30. Print off this free Certificate of Gratitude and fill it in with what your grateful for MOST!

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For those of you that are looking for a quick idea but don’t have the time to make it yourself, here’s some AWESOME gifts you can order!

31. Show your spouse how irresistible they are with this set of glasses. {and hurry! They’re on sale for a limited time!}

32. Don’t have time to make a card? Buying a thank you card is still just as sweet! {plus, if you enter the code 20offGIFTS you’ll get 20% off all gifts or you’ll get free shipping on orders over $30 with the code shipping30}

33. Have a picture of your spouse printed onto a mug to enjoy his favorite drink with a special memory. {And get FREE shipping on orders $20 or more!}

34. Say Thank You with a FREE custom made mouse pad with the code MOUSEPADGIFT! {that saves you $8.99!!}

35. Make them a custom LoveBook full of all the things you’re grateful for about them. {And you can get 10% off with this code!: GOTWED10}

36. Thank them with an 8×10 photo canvas and get 50% off with the code: CANVASGIFT {But hurry, this one ends Nov.11!}

37. Show your gratitude with an 11×14 custom poster for ONLY $1 with the code: POSTERGIFT {that saves you $7.49!!}

And now that you’ve got a FABULOUS list of gifts and gestures you can make for your spouse, here’s a list of easy, every day things you can implement into your life that will be SURE to make your spouse feel appreciated:

38. ALWAYS say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

39. LISTEN with your full and undivided attention.

40. Ask each other how their day was.

41. Tell your spouse you are proud of them.

42. Laugh at each other’s jokes.

43. Be quick to say, ‘I’m sorry’.

44. Greet each other as soon as they come home.

45. Always kiss goodbye.

46. Be optimistic.

47. Be understanding.

48. Tell your children how great your spouse is.

49. Brag about your spouse in public.

50. Encourage each other.

51. Learn more about the other’s hobbies.

52. Recognize each other’s hard work.

53. Express faith in each other’s abilities.

54. Focus on each other’s good qualities.

55. Help keep the house clean.

56. Smile.

57. Respect each other’s ideas.

Here are some quick and simple ways you can show gratitude to HIM:

58. Ask him if he’d like anything when you make a trip to the kitchen.

59. Make sure the gas tanks are always full.

60. Organize his sock drawer.

61. Mend his clothes.

62. Throw his favorite treat in his lunch.

63. Buy him a gift certificate to his favorite lunch spot.

64. Polish his shoes.

65. Clean his car.

66. Buy him YOUR favorite cologne.

67. Make sure his razors are sharp.

68. Keep fresh reading material in the bathroom.

69. Keep the fridge stocked with his favorite beverage.

70. Make sure his whites are WHITE.

71. Encourage man time.

72. Buy snacks for the weekend’s sports game.

73. Ask for his input when you plan the meals.

74. Slip some cash into his wallet for a special treat for himself.

75. Take pictures of you and the kids during the day to show him when he gets home from work.

76. Look nice for him when he comes home.

77. Speak positively about yourself.

78. Surprise him with a subscription to his favorite magazine.

79. Buy him a new car freshener.

80. Have his favorite snack and drink out for when he comes home.

And now some quick and easy ideas for you to show your gratitude for HER:

81. Pick up after yourself.

82. Lock the windows and doors at night.

83. Give her flowers just because.

84. Leave work problems at work.

85. Plan dates.

86. Keep the bed warm and covered on cold nights.

87. Buy her YOUR favorite perfume.

88. Help with the dishes/after dinner chores.

89. Ask how her day was.

90. Include her in your plans.

91. Hold her hand.

92. Brag to your buddies about her cooking.

93. Make her smile.

94. Ask her to dance.

95. Don’t rush her.

96. Don’t compare.

97. Ask her how you can help.

98. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

99. When you disagree, listen first and then calmly explain how you feel.

100. Come home from work quickly.

101. Be interested in what she has to say.

And there ya have it folks! Over one hundred ways to start showing gratitude to your spouse!! Once you start making the effort to express more appreciation in your marriage, you’ll be amazed at how close and even MORE in love you two will be!!

‘Tis the season to give thanks,

Make sure to thank your spouse today!!!

About the Author: Chrissy

I am a busy wife and Mother to three beautiful children! I was raised in California but I now call Texas home, and I love being with my family more than anything in the world! I have LOTS of different interests and love learning new things. Photography and being a wife/mommy are what make me the happiest, but water skiing on a hot summer day isn’t a bad second choice!

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  1. I love this girl!!! Such great ideas! My favorite way to show gratitude is in small and simple ways because I feel that they can really make a huge difference in my marriage. I’m definitely saving this link forever!!! xox