S’mores Dessert Date Ideas

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S’mores Dessert Date Night

Who’s ready for S’more Lovin!? It’s summertime and that means its time for a S’mores Dessert Date… or two!! We’ve come up with four solid and super sweet s’mores dessert date ideas for you to choose from, plus some fun challenges that you can pair with any of these fun s’mores dessert date ideas! Go grab a big ol’ bucket and stock it full of all the s’mores supplies you can find because you’re gonna need ’em! Get ready for s’more fun ideas for date night, you’re gonna love these!

These S'mores Dessert Date Ideas are so fun and easy! Can't wait to have S'more! #S'moresDesserts #S'moresBar #SummerDateIdeas

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We’ve been slightly addicted to s’mores lately. Ever since I filled up our s’mores bucket (yep, its official, we have a s’mores bucket stocked and ready at a moments notice), we’ve been having s’mores at least once a week! We’ve tried almost all of the s’mores combinations on this s’mores menu.

So far we’re really lovin’ the grasshopper combo with these new Hershey’s Mint Cookie Layer Crunch bars and chocolate graham cracker. We’re also pretty big fans of the Reese’s and Almond Joy S’mores. Mmmmm… It’s been a fun family project testing out all these s’mores combos.

S'mores Bar Date Night

Making s’mores is a great way to connect with your spouse, whether you do it by a firepit or over the stovetop! It can be as simple as grabbing a roasting stick {we have these awesome extendable roasting sticks, they are so easy to store, we love ’em and toasting your marshmallows together. But we’ve got a few ideas you might want to check out to take s’mores-making to the next level. We’ve got a s’mores dessert date for everyone and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t matter which date you choose, you really can’t go wrong with s’mores!

Before we get started, a huge thanks to Messes to Memories for designing these gorgeous s’mores printables.

S’mores Date Basket

Do you and your spouse want a more relaxing and simple s’mores dessert date?

Start by attaching our tag with the cute s’mores love note to a basket filled with your s’mores ingredients for your spouse to find. Don’t forget to fill out the back of the tag with s’more reasons why you love your sweetheart! They’ll be SO excited for a simple night of s’mores… this would be perfect for a night cuddling by the firepit in the backyard! Or do indoor s’mores and a game night!

S'mores Dessert for Two

The options are endless for a simple S’mores Dessert date night. We also have this Build A S’more Date Night that would pair perfectly with a simple s’mores Date!! Just spin the wheel and create a fun s’more for your spouse.

S’mores Challenges

Use our S’mores Task Cards for s’more fun with your spouse! The s’mores challenges would work great for any fun s’mores night you have planned. These tasks are also perfect for a double date or group date too! See our s’mores group date idea below. 😉

S'mores Challenges

S’mores Bar

Summertime + S’mores = the perfect time to gather with friends for a fun S’mores Bar. But really, it’s always a good time for s’mores! So this S’mores Dessert Date works any time! We’ve provided a fun S’mores Bar menu to frame and set out that gives all kinds of ideas for s’mores combinations.

S'mores Menu Printable

S'mores Bar Printable

Send out the S’mores Bar digital invite to all your friends with a text letting them know all the details. You can even ask friends to bring their favorite s’mores combinations.

S’mores Dessert Challenge

There are so many s’mores recipes out there and its fun to try some new ones! We decided to create a s’mores dessert challenge to last all summer long! Use our s’mores dessert list and choose a treat each week to make and enjoy together (you can do more than one a week if you want). After trying them all, rank the s’mores desserts from your least favorite to absolute favorite and compare notes with your spouse.

S'mores Dessert Challenge

We’ve linked to all the s’mores dessert recipes below so you can find all of these delicious treats super quick. But of course, feel free to find and use a different recipe! We chose 12 different s’mores desserts, but there are tons more out there… S’mores Milkshakes, S’mores Cheesecake, S’mores Brownies. We’ve included a blank S’mores Dessert list so that you can create your own S’mores Dessert challenge.

S’mores Dessert Recipes

These are some delicious s’mores recipes that we love! Pin these to save them for later, we promise you’ll want to try pretty much ALL of them.

S'mores Dessert Recipes

  • Skillet S’mores – Make this s’mores dessert in your oven!
  • S’mores Bark – How easy is this s’mores bark?? Make a bunch to share!
  • S’mores Bites – Oh, these little s’mores bites look heavenly. Pair these with a game night!
  • S’mores Cupcakes – Want a little fancier s’mores dessert? Have a little competition to see who can decorate the best s’mores cupcake!
  • S’mores Cheeseball – This is so easy, so yummy and perfect to make for a crowd!
  • S’mores Muddy Buddies – Talk about the perfect snack for a movie night! Check this s’mores dessert list off your list and cuddle up to a movie!

S'mores Desserts to Try

  • S’mores Frozen Pops – Feel like a kid again enjoying these frozen s’mores pops!
  • S’mores Caramel Popcorn – I feel another movie night coming on with this delicious S’mores Caramel Popcorn.
  • Fluffy S’mores Dip – Whoa! Take a look at that ooey-gooey marshmallow, this is a MUST for your s’mores Desserts challenge.
  • S’mores Cookies – You know our list wouldn’t be complete without cookies, these giant s’mores cookies are worth a try.
  • S’mores Fluffernutter Bars – These no-bake s’mores bars are perfect for a quick and delicious date night treat!
  • S’mores French Toast – Change it up a bit and have dessert for breakfast or breakfast for dessert!

S’mores Dessert for Two

Want to mix it up a bit? Try a different take on the traditional s’mores dessert! Make this a more intimate S’mores Dessert Date just for you and your sweetheart with some candles and music! Retire to the bedroom early for s’more Lovin’! We’ve put together a fun s’more-themed banner to decorate the bedroom! 😉

S'mores Sexy Tasks

S'mores Dessert Sexy Banner

Flip over each cute s’more saying on the banner to reveal your own s’more themed bedroom tasks. This is all about intimacy and it could be a great way to end any s’mores date night!

Now that you’ve been inspired with all these delicious s’mores desserts and date ideas, go plan a sweet date night with your spouse. Don’t forget to grab the printables below!



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S'mores Dessert Date

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas
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Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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