I’m Lucky To Have You

St. Patrick’s Day “Lucky” Idea

I have been SO excited to share this post with you for St. Patrick’s Day! I saw something similar to this for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest (via How Does She) , so I decided to put together the free printable, “I’m Lucky to Have You” for St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t wait to surprise my spouse with ten notes of why I consider myself LUCKY to have him!


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  • Green scrapbook paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Free printable, I’m Lucky to Have You!


  1. Download the printable and cut out each ticket.
  2. Then, using a large piece of green paper, glue the “I’m So Lucky to Have You” box on the front.
  3. Next, cut straight up from the box leaving a bit of green paper as the border.  (You will basically be using half of the scrapbook paper.)
  4. You will now want to create a pocket for your tickets. Fold your strip of paper in half, but be sure to leave about two inches of green paper on the back of the pocket.
  5. Finally, add a little line of glue to each side of the paper to form your pocket. You can also add a little ribbon and a sticker to the pocket if you want to get super fancy!
  6. Place your tickets inside and give to your spouse!

There you have it…a lot of love for this St. Patrick’s Day!  I am not only doing this for my spouse but also my kids. 🙂

What makes YOU feel lucky about your spouse?

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28 Responses to I’m Lucky To Have You

  1. This would be great for a kid who reads this would be so fun! You could leave one in their lunch box everyday and then they could put all 5 into the cute little holder. (Might just make one for Hubs… I am a very lucky girl.) 😉 Great idea… thanks.

  2. You gals are awesome! I can’t say it enough! THANKS for all the work you put in to your site! BTW I bought your books and I am super excited about reading them!

  3. I just finished this for my boyfriend!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, so simply to make, but a real nice way to let your other half know really how LUCKY you are to have them!! I used gold glitter ribbon for my trim and it looked fabulous!!!! By the way im in love with this website, it has brought me and my man so much closer!! <333 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!


  4. […] This month they posted some fun printables to use for St. Patrick’s Day.  Even though I’m not Irish, thought it would be fun to give my husband some special Lovin’s.  So I looked through the printables and I picked a project that seemed like it would be easy for me to put together – I’m Lucky to Have You! […]

    1. My husband LOVED this and the Love Notes I posted around the house for him on St. Patty’s Day. Thank you! I look forward to future holiday printables from the Dating Divas.