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Tell Your Spouse How Thankful You Are

We love that November inspires everyone to really evaluate how #blessed we all are. Seriously – no sarcasm there. As amazing as it is to blast social media with all the different things we have to give thanks for, we also think it’s important to share your gratitude at home, in private, with the one you love. To help that happen we have a gratitude journal for you! And since everyone is such a big fan of a good challenge – we are challenging you to journal your gratitude for your love!

Fabulous gratitude journal to share the love for your spouse through the month!

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The most amazing Leah Aldous of January and May designed these adorable prints to help you on the gratitude journal journey! Getting it all prepped is super easy! Grab your favorite paper cutter and a composition notebook. All the cuts are square! So simple!

An adorable cover and prompts takes a composition notebook to a beautiful spouse gratitude journal.

The cover fits right on the front of the composition notebook and can be easily adhered with glue dots!

Help your love grow by sharing your gratitude for each other.

Next, put the instructions on the inside page. You can stick it on with glue dots again or double sided tape. {Just keep that on hand actually, you’ll need it again!} We totally cheated washi tape by using double sided tape on some coordinating scrapbook paper. If you have any cute paper sitting around, add it to your gratitude journal to jazz it up!

Prompts for your spouse gratitude journal.

We have 14 quotes or prompts to inspire you! This will allow you to each respond to the prompts on your own day and take you through to Thanksgiving! So I might answer the first prompt, then the next day my husband would answer. The next day when it’s my turn again I get to see why my love is grateful for me! {All the heart-eyes!} Of course you can figure out a schedule that works for you. You could always use the gratitude journal prompts for even days and improvise on the odd days.

Write every day during the month of November to tell your spouse THANKS!

Enjoy building your spouse up with your words of affirmation and being built up as well!

A beautiful journal for showing your spouse gratitude.

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  1. It’s really cute. I love showing gratitude, it always gives the other person a good feeling that he is doing the right thing. Thank you for these adorable downloads