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To Do List for Couples

Marriage is all about being someone your partner can rely on! There are many tasks that sometimes we just REALLY don’t want to do and we’d love to ask our spouse to help us out, but we also don’t want to always be nagging our spouse! This Tic-Tac To Do game will help you solve that problem! Create a fun to do list for your spouse – okay, maybe “fun” is not the right word for the to do list! But racing to blackout and cashing in for favors makes it a whole lot more fun than your normal to do list…

Tired of the same old tasks? Try this easy Tic Tac To Do List idea for couples! #ToDoList #DatingDivas

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Our cute Tic Tac Toe boards were designed by Messes to Memories. These to do lists are editable so that you can customize them yourself and use them again and again!

Why Make A To Do List?

The other day I was listening to Brad Upton’s Honey Do List Dry Bar Comedy set. It’s hilarious, by the way – you should definitely listen to the full special if you ever just need some clean, relatable humor. Anyway, I got to thinking about it and it is kind of funny how wives give husbands lists of things to do to help out around the house, but you really don’t see husbands giving wives to do lists all that often! Why is that?

For me and my spouse, it’s simple! He wants to help out but often doesn’t remember what he can do or what would be most helpful for me. I don’t necessarily sit down and create a list for him, but we do chat about our needs each week. Maybe your spouse is the same way…

Next time you are putting together a to do list for your sweetheart, try this out instead! Your spouse might be a bit more motivated with some fun to do list favors…

To Do List Favors

Whether you give your spouse to do lists (honey-do lists) or not, this could be a fun way to swap to do lists with your spouse. Maybe your to do list is getting a little monotonous and you just need a break from the same ol’ tasks… try this out!

Editable Tic Tac Toe Printables

Edit your TIC-TAC TO DO boards with the tasks you need help with before printing. All you have to do is download and save the file to your computer. Once you save you can click on an editable text box and type. Easy-peezy and now it fits for you and your spouse!

Tic Tac Toe Editable Printable

You might even want to add in a few FUN to do list items for your spouse—like planning date night 😉

Tic Tac To Do List

Ready to trade tasks with your spouse in a fun way? Once you’ve added in the tasks and printed out the board (we suggest printing on cardstock!), decide who will be X’s and who will be O’s! Now it’s time to start knocking out your spouse’s to do list! You could just go for 3 in a row… but we suggest helping your spouse with the whole list and going for a blackout!

Tic Tac To Do List for Couples

Your spouse will love ya a whole lot more if you dominate that whole entire to do list.

Tic Tac To Do List Favors

Work together with your spouse to decide on favors to add to the to do list jar for after you get a BLACKOUT. Once you get a blackout, draw a favor to cash in with your sweetheart! With our editable file it’s all up to you and your spouse’s wants and needs.

Tic Tac To Do Favors

We’ve provided some great favor ideas for you if you don’t want to think about it! But we highly suggest coming up with favors that will motivate you and your spouse since you really want to get these things off your list this week.

Tic Tac To Do List Favor

Hopefully, you’ll come up with some fun favors that will make it easy to breeze through the to do list! I for one would love a little shopping spree (kid-free, of course).

Change it up a bit and grab your Tic Tac Toe To Do List below!

Free Download

Tic Tac To Do Board

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Haha what a cute and fun way to do chores and to do lists! Just because marriage comes with some ‘boring’ things doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing them!