50 Gifts for Boyfriends That They Actually Want!

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Best Gifts for a Boyfriend or Husband

Whether you’ve been together for 3 weeks or 5 years, coming up with good gifts for your boyfriend or husband can be such a challenge, right? Well, not anymore! If you’re looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday, anniversary, or just because, these boyfriend gift ideas will show him just how much you love him. Plus, all of them are quick and easy. Let’s take a look!

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Table of Contents
  1. Best Gifts for a Boyfriend or Husband
  2. DIY Gifts for Boyfriends
  3. Cheap Gifts for Boyfriends
  4. Just Because Present Ideas
  5. Sweet Treats for Your Honey

DIY Gifts for Boyfriends

When we think of gift-giving, we often think of spending money. However, not all gifts are bought. Creating some DIY gifts for your boyfriend will show him how much you love and care – without having to spend much at all!

1. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream (Food for My Family) – Pampering your sweetie with some homemade shaving cream will make him feel like a king!

Homemade shaving cream and grooming gifts for boyfriend | The Dating Divas
Homemade shaving gifts for boyfriend.

2. We Love you to Pieces (A Pumpkin and a Princess) – Boyfriend gift ideas don’t get any easier than this! Simply fill a jar with some Reese’s Pieces, add the printable label, and you’re set.

Gifts for boyfriends that use Reese's Pieces | The Dating Divas
Gifts for boyfriends that you can give in a candy jar.

3. Sharpie Mug (Sister’s Suitcase) – There’s nothing more personal {or permanent!} than a sweet note written with a sharpie on a mug.

Sweet notes and gifts for boyfriends that are written on a mug | The Dating Divas
Gifts for boyfriends and notes that are written on a mug.

4. 100 Reasons Why I Love You Book – That’s a lot of reasons you love your sweetheart, right? Write them down!

Gifts for boyfriend that you can print and write love notes in | The Dating Divas
A printable book of love notes to give as gifts for boyfriend.

5. Origami Pocket Hearts (Kate’s Creative Space) – Give your love a big smooch with these cute origami hearts.

Origami heart gifts for boyfriend | The Dating Divas
Paper heart gifts for boyfriend.

6. Love Coupons (Something Turquoise) – Make a flipbook of coupons that your boyfriend or husband can carry with him! You could even try sliding them all onto a binder ring for easy flipping.

Printable love coupons to give as gifts for boyfriend | The Dating Divas
Printable coupons to use as gifts for boyfriend.

7. Of All the Fish In the Sea (The Cheerful Space) – Create this one-of-a-kind, fishing-themed gift box – filled with treats for him!

Fishing-themed gifts for boyfriends who love to fish | The Dating Divas
Tackle box-themed gifts for boyfriends who like fishing.

8. Bacon Gift Jars (Snixy Kitchen) – What man wouldn’t love these bacon-infused concoctions?

Homemade bacon jar gifts for boyfriend | The Dating Divas
DIY bacon gifts for boyfriend.

9. You Float my Boat (Thirty Handmade Days) – It doesn’t get much better than root beer floats and love notes! Be sure and add some of these adorable mason jar tumblers to the basket.

Gifts for boyfriends who love root beer floats | The Dating Divas
Root beer float gifts for boyfriends.

10. Red Hot Care Package (Kimspired DIY) – Give him a few of his favorite things, and let him know how red-hot he is!

A box of red-themed gifts for boyfriends | The Dating Divas
Gifts for boyfriend that are the color red.

11. The Date Jar (Tastefully Eclectic) – What man doesn’t love a jar full of date nights? No more wasting time trying to come up with ideas!

A jar filled with date night gifts for boyfriends | The Dating Divas
A jar of date ideas to use as gifts for boyfriends.

12. Meaningful Moment Puzzle (Leap of Faith Crafting) – If you’re feeling super creative, try your hand at making a puzzle out of a favorite picture!

DIY gifts for boyfriends who like puzzles | The Dating Divas
Homemade puzzle gifts for a boyfriend.

Cheap Gifts for Boyfriends

No matter what your budget, we’ve got you covered. There are so many inexpensive gift ideas for your boyfriend that will still make him feel like a million bucks. Keep reading for some great ideas that are all under $20!

13. Shower Coozie – The coolness of this gift speaks for itself!

Cute gift ideas for boyfriends to hold their drink in the shower | The Dating Divas
In-shower gifts for boyfriends.

14. Best Husband Ever – Say it like it is with this fabulous T-shirt (or this “Best Boyfriend Ever” T-shirt if that’s more applicable!)

T-shirt gifts for boyfriends and husbands | The Dating Divas
T-shirt gifts for boyfriends to wear.

15. Gun Shaped ice Molds – Make his drinks just a little more refreshing with these ice molds. They would make super cute gifts for boyfriend, especially if he’s a gun nut.

Ice mold gift ideas for boyfriends who love guns | The Dating Divas
Ice shape gifts for boyfriends who enjoy guns.

16. Headphone Beanie – At just over $20 {the actual price is $24.99}, this headphone beanie is worth every penny.

Winter beanie gift ideas for boyfriends | The Dating Divas
Cold-weather gifts for boyfriends.

17. Men’s Journal (1-year) – Surprise your sweetie with a yearlong magazine subscription to one of his favorite reads. That’s 12 gift ideas for boyfriend that are mailed right to you!

Magazine subscription gift for boyfriends | The Dating Divas
A magazine gift for boyfriends.

18. Custom Guitar Pick – Musical boyfriends or husbands will love this beautiful, custom-made guitar pick.

Customized guitar pick gift idea for boyfriends who like music | The Dating Divas
An engraved guitar pick to give as music-themed gifts for boyfriend.

19. Hand Healer Lotion – This hand cream will help your hard-working man relax and rejuvenate.

Cute gifts for boyfriends who need a lotion massaage | The Dating Divas
Lotion gift for boyfriend to help him feel pampered.

20. Emergency Tactical Flashlight – This nifty flashlight is a real tactical treat.

Tactical flashlight to give as boyfriend gift ideas | The Dating Divas
Tactical flashlight and box to give as gifts for boyfriend.

21. Man Cave Sign – We don’t believe there’s a man out there who wouldn’t enjoy this witty sign.

22. Multitool – Tell your man you love him {and consider handing him a honey-do list} with this awesome multitool!

Just Because Present Ideas

Besides the traditional gift-giving for birthdays or holidays, all of our sweeties deserve a little something just to tell them we love ’em. However, finding cute things to do when you are short on time can be tricky. Try these last-minute gifts for your boyfriend or husband. We promise you’ll make their day!

23. The All About You Basket  – Try grabbing a few cute gifts for your boyfriend / husband from around the house and popping them into a basket (like this one!).

24. Video Slideshow – Put together a slideshow of your favorite memories together and have him press play!

25. Shower Him With Love – These adorable raindrops will shower your boyfriend or husband with all the love in your heart.

26. Lucky in Love Card – Let him know you are the LUCKIEST to have him.

27. Shower Curtain Love Note – With just a few small supplies, you can make your sweetheart’s morning amazing!

28. Secret Message in a Bottle – Use the message in a bottle idea from this date night to woo and surprise your sweetie!

29. Mailed Kisses (Glued to My Crafts) – Give him a good laugh and lots of love with these mailed kisses. This is a great option for when he is out of town!

30. 10 Reasons Why – This cute love note narrows down the top ten reasons why you love him.

31. Post-it Note Surprise – Leave your sweetheart some love notes hidden all around the house.

32. Our Love Keeps Running – This sweet gift basket is perfect for the fitness fanatic!

33. I Love You Photo – Download a sweet surprise right to his smartphone.

34. Download a Song – You can download a sweet love song for him to listen to on his way to work.

35. Post-it Note Pictures – We love these cute gifts for boyfriend because they’re SO easy. Simply leave sweet love notes all over the pictures on your walls.

36. Origami Shirt and Tie – A sweet gesture that will put a smile on his face.

37. Origami Heart – This is another fantastic option for all of you origami lovers out there!

38. My Life Would SUCK Without You (A Joyful Riot) – What better gift than a jar of lollipops with the CUTEST saying!

Sweet Treats for Your Honey

As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We believe this is so true, and we’ve gathered some of the very best sweet treats out there! Whether you’re a seasoned cook or not, these edible gifts for a boyfriend or husband will fill their heart – and their stomach!

39. Fondue for Two – What man wouldn’t love an ooey-gooey fondue night?

40. Brownie Points – Is your guy more of a brownie man? Here ya go!

41. Edible Morning Messages – Start his day off with a full belly AND a full heart!

42. Clever Candy Sayings – This post has notes for any candy bar he might like.

43. You’re So Hot! (The Frugal Girls) – Men want to know they’re hot, too. Give him this clever reminder!

44. 14 Days of Love (So Festive!) – We’ve got the perfect prescription for your love: 14 days of pure bliss.

45. You’re the Bee’s Knees (A Blossoming Life) – Stick this cute printable on a jar of honey or a basket of rolls.

46.Love You S’more! (Five Marigolds) – S’more season is in full swing so why not give this fun idea a try?

47. Custom Cold Stone Creation – Give your sweetie this tasty and sweet creation.

48. I’ve Got a CRUSH On You! (Caramel Potatoes) – This adorable drink set will speak right to his heart and belly!

49. Banana Love Note – Learn how to make this edible note, and slip it into his lunch.

50. I Miss You (Gingersnap Crafts) – These are great gift ideas for boyfriend to let him know you miss him when he’s gone.

Without question, you won’t have any problem finding gifts for your boyfriend or husband anymore!

For more great gift ideas, be sure and check out our 50 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas and our 101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him.

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