50 Just Because Gift Ideas For Him!

Gift Ideas For Him

Birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas are all great excuses to shower your husband with gifts galore, but what about giving him something “just because”?! There’s no rules to gift-giving, so if you’re in the mood to randomly show your hubby some love, we’ve got 50 just because gift ideas for him!

Love these awesome gift ideas for him! There are cute gifts for boyfriends, cheap gifts for men, and cute things to do for your boyfriend or husband! SO many ideas it's hard to choose! #TheDatingDivas #GiftIdeasForHim

There’s so much quick and easy goodness in here you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. What’s even more exciting, most of these ideas come with FREE PRINTABLES! You can click on the link, print off what you love, grab a few supplies from the store and just like THAT your hubby’s day is made! Below you will find the following gift idea categories {you know, to make your life even easier}:


Are you pumped yet?! Let’s dive in, shall we!!

10+ DIY Just Because Gift Ideas for Him

There’s just nothing better than a sweet, handmade gift!

Easy Gift Ideas For Husband

DIY Just Because Gifts for Him
1. Motivational Bundle This is just TOO cute not to pass up! And since it’s the little things that mean the most, this adorable list of gifts with meanings will definitely warm your hubby’s heart!

2. We Love You To Pieces This one can be from the kiddos OR just you! Switch up the wording a bit and grab a jar like one of these and you’re set!

3. Sharpie Mug Nothing more personal {or permanent!} than a sweet note written with a sharpie on a cozy mug!

4. 52 Reasons Why I Love You that’s a lot of reasons! He’ll DEFINITELY feel the love!

5. Be Happy Printable this FREE printable can be wrapped around just about anything!

6. 10 Things I Love About You ring make a cute flip book your husband can carry with him using recycled material you can find around the house and a binder ring.

Cute Gifts for Boyriend
7. Of All The Fish In The Sea I’m glad you chose me! {awwwww!}

8. Won The LotteryA good husband is JUST like winning the lotto, so let him know you’re glad you won!

9. You Float My Boat Root beer floats and love notes, doesn’t get much better than that unless of course you have them in one of these adorable mason jar tumblers-because let’s face it, everything tastes better in a mason jar!

10. Brown Paper Packages Give him a few of his favorite things {and he won’t even care if he doesn’t get the reference!}

11. Stud Muffin OK. What man doesn’t love a yummy home baked treat? Especially when it makes him feel like a stud!

12. Meaningful Moments Gifts for the SUPER creative minded, add some personalized notes to meaningful gifts!

10 Cheap Gift for Men (Under $20)

Saving your pennies never goes out of style, that’s why we’ve got these awesome gift ideas that won’t break the bank! You can be spontaneous and thoughtful without having to spend a fortune. Win/win, right?!

Cheap Gift Ideas For Him


Just Because Gifts for Him under $20
13. Shower Coozie the coolness speaks for itself, and your man would be CRAZY not to feel loved getting this!

14. Best Husband Ever say it like it is with this fabulous T! {and it comes in other awesome colors, too}

15. Gun Shaped Ice Molds make his drinks just a little more refreshing with these super masculine ice molds.

16. Headphone Beanie ok, this one isn’t QUITE under $20 {it’s $24.99} but it is TOTALLY worth every penny!

17. Men’s Journal (1-year) surprise your husband with a magazine subscription to his favorite reads.


Cheap Gifts for Men
18. Custom Guitar Pick for all those musical husbands, give him this beautiful custom made guitar pick!

19. Hand Healer Lotion and for all those hard-working husband, help him relax and rejuvenate.

20. Emergency Tactical Flashlight if it’s “tactical” it’s cool, and your hubby will love you if gave him this!

21. Man Cave Sign is there a man out there that DOESN’T want a man-cave? I think not!

22. Multitool tell your man you love him {and hand him a honey-do list} with this awesome multitool!



10+ Just Because Gift Ideas For Him in Less Than 10 Minutes!

He certainly doesn’t have to know your ‘just because’ gift only took you 10 minutes, and with these AMAZING {and FREE!} gift idea printables he will NEVER guess!

Quick and Easy DIY Gift Ideas For Husband


Just Because Gifts for Him

23. The All About YOU Basket it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a few simple things around the house put into a cute basket like this one, with some love-notes attached!

24. Video Slideshow put together a slideshow of your favorite memories together and have him press play!

25. Shower Him With Love literally! These adorable raindrops will shower your husband with all the love in your heart.

26. Lucky In Love Card let your husband know you are the luckiest to have him.

27. Shower Curtain Love Note with just a few small supplies you can make your husband’s morning!

28. Secret Message In a Bottle- build the suspense with this top secret love note tucked inside a bottle.

29. Madly In Love Mad Libs- give him a good laugh and lots of love with this.

30. 10 Ten Reason Why I love you! This love note narrows it down and makes it clear.


Easy Gifts For Him
31. Post-It Note Surprise leave your husband sweet love notes hidden all around the house.

32. Our Love Keeps Running for the fitness fanatic! This sweet gift basket will win his heart all over again.

33. I Love You Photo download a sweet surprise right to his smartphone.

34. Download A Song or you can download a sweet love-song for him to listen to on his way to work.

35. Post-It Note Pictures leave sweet love notes all over the pictures on your walls.

36. Origami Shirt & Tie a sweet gesture that will put a smile on his face.

37. Origami Heart another sweet option!

38. Custom Concert Tickets invite him to the big show, featuring your LOVE!


10+ Just Because Sweet Treat Gift Ideas For Him

Candy Gift Ideas For Him


Easy Gift Ideas For Him
39. You Are My Happy what man doesn’t love fresh baked cookies? And with a love note attached?? Perfect!

40. Brownie Points or maybe your husband is more of a brownie man? Here ya go!

41. Edible Morning Messages start his day off with a full belly AND a full heart!

42. Clever Candy Sayings we’ve thought of them ALL. Any candy bar you might like and a cute saying to accompany it.

43. U R Hot!- even men want to know they’re hot!

44. 14 Days of Love- we’ve got the perfect prescription for your love.


small gift ideas
45. The Bee’s Knees- a sweet love note for your honey!

46. I Need S’more of You!- s’more season is in full swing, why not turn this yummy treat into a love note or take it one step further with this s’more machine and keep the s’more lovin’ lasting all year long.

47. Custom Cold Stone Creation give your sweetie this tasty sweet creation.

48. Sobe Surprise- this fun play on words will speak right to his heart.

49. Banana Love Note slip this into his lunch just because you can!

50. Miss You Very Much- work days are long, let him know you miss him when he’s gone.


And there you have it! TONS of great ideas to show your husband love just because you feel like it. Which really, is the greatest reason of all! Now, if you’re looking for some gift ideas for a specific reason, check out our 50 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas, 101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him, or The Ultimate Gift Guide For Him.

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  1. Chrissy, Great round-up of gifts!! It can be SO HARD sometimes to think of something fun to give my husband that he will really like. There are tons of great ideas in here for me to choose from- thanks!!

  2. These all look like really great ideas. I love that most of them have to do with food. My husband thinks the best present to receive is food. His birthday is coming up and I’m not sure what to get him. He would be satisfied with anything, but that makes finding him a gift even harder. I may end up getting him a bunch of treats and then finding him a real gift later.