Day of Romantic Ideas for Him or Her

Service & Romantic Ideas for Him & Her

We all love spoiling our sweethearts! After all, gifts, treats, and other romantic gestures are great ways to show love to your sweetie. But what if we said we can help you plan an entire DAY around everything your spouse loves to do? This service-based date is packed with romantic ideas for him and her and is THEIR day! We promise nothing says ‘I love you’ more than romantic service ideas that are all about them. Surprise your wife or husband with this fabulous service-themed date idea and they’ll be singing your praises again and again. Let’s take a look!

What an AMAZING day of service & romantic ideas for him and her! My hubby will LOVE this! #romanticideasforhim #surpriseyourwife #waystoshowlove

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But first, we have to give a huge “Thank you!” to Diva Elizabeth for whipping up these darling printables for us. She totally nailed it!

Day of Romantic Ideas for Him & Her

We’ve included everything you need to make your day run smoothly. Begin your day of romantic ideas for him or her by printing off the Spouse Service pack. It includes the most darling little brochure you ever did see plus several snazzy inserts.

Romantic Ideas for Him or Her Day

Simply print, cut, fold along the lines and slip everything on in! The inserts include everything from an instruction sheet for your sweetie (so they’ll know exactly what to expect!), a service request form, and a reminder tag (for you to fill out later!). Take a peek before you pass it on to your spouse so you know exactly how everything will go.

Romantic Ideas for Him or Her Guide

Romantic Ideas for Him or Her Requests

Leave the Spouse Service brochure on your sweetheart’s pillow, side table, or somewhere they’re sure to find it! The instruction sheet will tell them exactly how to proceed.

Spouse Service Romantic Ideas for Him and Her

Their big job is to fill out their Spouse Service request form. This sheet is PACKED with ideas for ways to show love and the best part is you’ll know their exact preferences! Once they’ve filled that in, they’ll insert everything back in their brochure and send it back to you. So easy peasy!

Day of Romantic Ideas for Him and Her

Service-Based Romantic Ideas for Him or Her

When the request menu is filled out and returned, you can start planning your spouse’s special day. The great thing about this date is how easy it will be to plan! They basically did it for you and all you need to do is implement the plan. There may not be time to do everything they have listed, but do your best to make as many of their requests possible! Surprise your wife or husband with their service-based romantic ideas by taking a close look at those requests and be sure to make note of any specific supplies you might need to get (ie. ingredients for their requested meal).

Romantic Ideas for Him and Her Day

Use those notes to determine the best day to make those romantic ideas for him or her happen! Write that down on the included reminder card and slip that back to your sweetheart.

Reminder Romantic Ideas for Him or Her

How To Surprise Your Wife or Husband

Once the big day arrives, it’s time for some serious service-based fun! Wake your spouse up at their preferred wake-up time with kisses and maybe even breakfast in bed. Send them off to do their super fun activity while you complete a chore they dislike and greet them when they come home with a special meal of their choice! Their request card will guide you in all of this! Remember, this day is all about ways to show love to your sweetie so do whatever you can to make that happen.

Even More Ways to Show Love

If you’re looking to spice things up, we’ve even included a special sexy version of this idea. Complete with a sexy request form and reminder card, this spicy version is all about the bedroom!

Sexy Romantic Ideas for Him or Her

Does this sound like a service-packed day of lovin’ or what?! For even more ways to spoil your spouse, be sure and check out our 7 Days of Spoiling Kit and our Sexy Room Service! You AND your spouse deserve it!

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17 Responses to Day of Romantic Ideas for Him or Her

  1. These are really cute ideas. I know that when my husband asks me what I want to do on a date, I always feel guilty if I suggest something I don’t think he will like. This will make that obstacle a lot easier. If I know the date is just for him or just for me, neither of us have to feel bad about what we choose.

  2. These are great!!! I will make these up as a gift to my couple friends. Please consider to make these for single people in the dating world. Would love to have something like this for my man that I like to spoil.
    Thanks for your time in creating these great ideas.

  3. This is such a great idea! So many wives talk about that they feel like during dates one person has to compromise and the other doesn’t get to enjoy it. This is a great way to be all about being a servant lover. It is all about the other person. And that is totally okay to do sometimes!