21 Best Ringtones for Your Spouse’s Phone

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The Best Ringtones for Your Phone

So here’s a fun way to surprise your man, change your ringtone on his phone! Choose one of these fun, FREE downloads to set as the ringtone for you in his phone. Next time you call him, he’ll be totally surprised by his ring! This is a fun way to make him laugh and think of you when you’re apart. So just click the titles below to choose your own “your wife is calling ringtone.” We have many funny wife ringtones if you want to make him laugh. However, we also included several that would make for a sweet wife calling ringtone So let’s get to it!

I am totally going to add a secret, "your wife is calling" ringtone to my husband's phone as a surprise! So funny to have a special wife ringtone! #wiferingtone #wifecallingringtone

Make Sure He Knows Who is Calling

Whether you want a funny wife ringtone that will make your man laugh when he first hears it, or you want a sweet wife is calling ringtone to make him think of you, we’ve got a great selection for you here! We have different sections depending on what you are looking for. So click one of the links below and download the ringtone to your man’s phone! Which do you think is the best ringtone for a wife?

Wife Calling Ringtone

Grab your husband’s attention with one of these your wife is calling ringtones. Certainly, your hubby will hear loud and clear that his #1 girl is trying to reach him. Tell me, is that not the best ringtone for a wife? Imagine him hearing this for the first time without any warning!

Your Wife is Calling Ringtone

  1. Your Wife is Attempting to Reach You – This one has a little robotic flare to it, but is also very official sounding.
  2. My Wife is Calling – This one really builds up to telling you your wife is calling as a ringtone.
  3. I Repeat, Your Wife is Calling You – This one won’t scare his pants off, but will make him laugh out loud!
  4. Hey, Hey, Hey, Your Wife is Calling You – Certainly, a little country flair never hurt nobody! This wife calling ringtone will not alert every single person around since it’s more subtle
  5. Good Morning Beautiful – Do you just want a sweet reminder that you love him to play each time you call? So download this one!
  6. Smooth and Simple – This sounds like a real love song I’d listen to. I’m thinking this may be the best ringtone for a wife.

Funny Wife Ringtones

Surprise him with a noise that will immediately make him crack up! So many funny rings to make his day. Now all you need to do is find a time to secretly assign one of these hilarious downloads to you in your hubby’s phone. So which one will you choose?

Best Ringtone for Wife

  1. Your Sexy Wife is Calling – Yes, she is! So let the whole room or office know who’s on the line!
  2. Your Beautiful Girl is Calling – So this may be the best ringtone for a wife, of all time!
  3. Just Run! – If you’re searching for funny ringtones. THIS is it.
  4. Hip Hop Ringtone – Make him dance a little each time you ring!
  5. Best Pick it Up – “If you don’t answer it, you’re asking for a beat down.”
  6. What Does She Want? – With so many funny wife ringtones, you really can’t go wrong.
  7. Reminder – Simply a little reminder that you definitely want to pick up this call!
  8. From a Sexy Lady – The ending is too funny–“that’ll ding, dang, do for me.”

Attention-Grabbing Ring for Your Spouse

Announce your call with a bang! Grab his attention and startle him with your call! What will he think when he hears his phone ring for the first time? There are so many choices that will make him jump and wonder, “what is that noise?!”

Funny Wife Ringtones

  1. Warning! – Shouldn’t sirens blare every time you need your man?
  2. Horror Music – Grab his attention and put a little fear inside with this creepy wife ringtone.
  3. Alert! – This will startle him and make sure he knows the importance of the call.
  4. Secretary – Make your husband feel like he has an assistant forwarding his calls along.
  5. Ring, Ring – So simple and to the point! Just what it takes to make the cute as a wife calling ringtone.
  6. Jam Out – Make your man shimmy and shake a bit each time you call, especially with this jammer!
  7. Newsreel – Officially invite your hubby to answer, not doing so is not an option!

Ringtone Ideas

Please report back with your stories of how the ring switch went down! Keep in mind a husband could totally pull this off on his wife’s phone as well. I hope this adds a little playfulness to your marriage. So much of life is serious, a funny ringtone here and there and do wonders for a marriage! It’s also a fun way to think of your wife when you’re apart.

Someone is Calling

If you’d rather try some other quick and easy ideas to make your spouse think of you during the day, peek at our simple love note ideas you could kiss the ground they walk on.


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